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The Memory of Lemon
by Judith Fertig

Published: 2016-06-14
Paperback : 304 pages
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The author of The Cake Therapist returns with another sweet and emotional tale featuring Neely, the baker with a knack for finding exactly the right flavor for any occasion...
A crisp tang of citrus that is at once poignant and familiar, sharpening the senses and opening the mind to ...
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The author of The Cake Therapist returns with another sweet and emotional tale featuring Neely, the baker with a knack for finding exactly the right flavor for any occasion...
A crisp tang of citrus that is at once poignant and familiar, sharpening the senses and opening the mind to possibilities once known and long forgotten...
Claire “Neely” Davis is no ordinary pastry chef. Her flavor combinations aren’t just a product of a well-honed palate: she can “taste” people’s emotions, sensing the ingredients that will touch her customers’ souls. Her gift has never failed her—until she meets a free-spirited bride-to-be and her overbearing society mother. The two are unable to agree on a single wedding detail, and their bickering leaves Neely’s intuition frustratingly silent—right when she needs it most.
Between trying to navigate a divorce, explore a new relationship, and handle the reappearance of her long-absent father, Neely is struggling to make sense of her own conflicting emotions, much less those of her hard-to-please bride. But as she embarks on a flavorful quest to craft the perfect wedding celebration, she’ll uncover a family history that sheds light on both the missing ingredients and her own problems—and illustrates how the sweet and sour in life often combine to make the most delicious memories...

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Chapter One
Millcreek Valley, Ohio
Late March
Lydia, the twenty-something bride-to-be, sat stony faced on the settee in my front parlor.
This was not the way I wanted to start the week. Since I’d opened my bakery in Millcreek Valley’s bridal district in January, I had learned a lot about wooing, in the business sense. When I did wedding cake tastings, I took potential clients away from the cheerful light and beveled glass cases of Rainbow Cake and drew them quietly, seductively into the more intimate setting of my home right next door. ... view entire excerpt...

Discussion Questions

1. A recent study from the Emory University School of Medicine shows that memories can be passed on to subsequent generations through DNA. What memories, abilities, or tendencies pass through the families in The Memory of Lemon?

2. Neely’s gift allows her to sense a flavor that is a hyperlink to someone’s hidden issue. The flavor leads to an emotion and then she sees a scene from someone’s past. When she tries to resolve a difficult and classic standoff—Bride versus Mother—no flavor comes to her for a long time. Why do you think that is?

3. Do you agree with Neely’s customers? Is pie more emotional, more nostalgic than cake? Which dessert is more attached to a certain memory for you—pie or cake?

4. In flashback scenes, we see characters who are Wanderers and Healers. Which one do you think best characterizes Neely? Are there any characters who started out as Wanderers and became Healers?

5. Neely’s father, the homeless Jack O’Neil, knows he has to face a terrible Vietnam War experience in order to begin his journey toward normal life. How can reliving a horrifying experience eventually bring healing?

6. How do characters’ perceptions of the river change over time? How does Abigail Newcomb feel about the river, contrasted with her granddaughter Little Abigail in later years? What does the river mean to Lydia? To Lydia’s mother Cadence? To Neely and Ben?

7. The artist John James Audubon wandered through the American wildness and also wandered through this novel. How do the responses of Lydia and her mother to Audubon influences in the wedding underscore their differences?

8. We sense, through one of Neely’s surprise flashbacks, that Sister Agnes might have had to give up a baby before she entered the novitiate. And that the child grew into someone Neely knows well. Were you surprised?

9. Some memories come back through flavor, some through song in this novel. What prompts memories for you? A certain aroma? A song on the radio?

10. Do dessert flavors run in families? If so, what flavor is the favorite in your family? Lemon? Spice? Chocolate?

11. In a world of instant communication, Neely is forced by circumstances to send snail mail letters to her father and to Ben. What is special about a letter? How do letters deepen the relationships between Neely and her father? Neely and Ben?

12. Gran, Jack O’Neil, and Neely all share the same gift of sensing a flavor that will lead to a story that reveals something that is hidden. But each of them has experienced the gift differently. Why do you think the young Gran tasted the bitter, inky flavor of a story that had yet to happen? Why can’t Jack O’Neil “taste” things like Neely can anymore? Why does Neely have trouble deciphering the twin flavors of citrus and spice?

13. Why did Jack O’Neil feel he was helping his family by leaving them?

14. The Wanderers in this novel want to find a home. But when life changes might prompt us to move and lose touch with familiar places, where exactly is home? What is home? And how do we know when we’re there?

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Discussion questions at the end of book.
by Suehobbs (see profile) 05/02/17

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We had a brunch of eggs and lemon pastries.
by Suehobbs (see profile) 05/02/17
We thought later of restaurants in barn like settings.

Member Reviews

Overall rating:
  "The Memory of Lemon"by Suzie H. (see profile) 05/02/17

Too many characters. But it was beautiful thinking about this wedding and the vision of it was wonderful so much so that I wish I was there. The was invisioning of the tastes was interesting. Took me back... (read more)

  "The Memory of Lemon"by Elizabeth P. (see profile) 06/24/16

Neely is back, and her bakeshop is a pleasant, delicious, heartwarming way to spend an evening of reading.

The smells, the visuals of the baked goods, and the taste of everything Ms. Fe

... (read more)

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