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Wildflower Hill
by Kimberley Freeman

Published: 2011-08-23
Kindle Edition : 546 pages
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Hailed by bestselling author Kate Morton as “a gorgeous story of family and secrets and the redemptive power of love,” Wildflower Hill is s compelling and romantic novel spanning three generations and half the world, from modern day London to Australia in the 1930s.

Emma is a prima ...
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Hailed by bestselling author Kate Morton as “a gorgeous story of family and secrets and the redemptive power of love,” Wildflower Hill is s compelling and romantic novel spanning three generations and half the world, from modern day London to Australia in the 1930s.

Emma is a prima ballerina in London and at a crossroads after an injured knee ruins her career. When she learns of her grandmother Beattie’s death, and her own strange inheritance—an isolated sheep station in rural Australia—Emma is certain she has been saddled with an irritating burden. But when she returns to Australia, forced to rest her body and confront her life, she realizes that she had been using fame as a substitute for love and fulfillment.

Beattie also found herself at a crossroads as a young woman, but she was pregnant and unwed. She eventually found success—but only after following an unconventional path that was often dangerous and heartbreaking. Beattie knew the lessons she learned in life would be important to Emma one day, and she wanted to make sure Emma’s heart remained open to love, no matter what life brought. She knew the magic of the Australian wilderness would show Emma the way.

Wildflower Hill is a compelling, atmospheric, and romantic novel about taking risks, starting again, and believing in yourself. It’s about finding out what you really want and discovering that the answer might be not at all what you’d expect.

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Discussion Questions

1. Which story did you enjoy reading more, Emma’s or
Beattie’s? How did you relate to both of them?
2. Early in the novel, Beattie’s friend Cora tells her: “There
are two types of women in the world, Beattie, those
who do things and those who have things done to
them.” How does Beattie adopt this motto throughout
her life? Does Emma live by the same credo? Do you
agree with Cora’s theory about women?
3. How did you feel when Margaret went behind Beattie’s
back to let Henry see Lucy? How do you feel about
Mary, Henry, and Molly’s determination to “keep Lucy
away from sin”? Is this just a selfish excuse to keep Lucy
away from Beattie?
4. Discuss how religion is treated in the novel. Being a
good Christian is emphasized by characters such as
Mary, Henry, and Molly, but Lucy feels closer to God
when she prays privately, and Beattie seems to feel more
in tune with the land. Talk about each character’s concept
of God and “good vs. evil.”
5. Beattie remarks that it doesn’t matter how she earns
money, as long as she can feed her child: “Children can’t
eat morals.” Do you agree? Do you think Beattie did the right thing working for Raphael and serving drinks illegally?
6. Discuss the poker game that leads to Beattie’s ownership
of Wildflower Hill. Why does Beattie come up with
such a risky proposal? Why does Raphael agree to it?
7. Beattie often blames herself for letting Lucy be taken
away. Did she do the right thing by relinquishing more
and more control to Henry? Should she have filed for
sole custody? Which is more important, for a child to
have contact with both of her parents or to be raised in
the most stable, “proper” way possible?
8. Compare and contrast Beattie’s relationships with
Henry, Charlie, and Ray. Do you think Beattie should
have told Ray about her former relationships? How do
you think he would have reacted?
9. How do you think Beattie would have reacted if she
knew Charlie’s death was actually a murder? Do you
think Leo was right to keep the truth from her?
10. Why do you think Beattie kept every record from her
past at Wildflower Hill? Was it, as Emma muses, that
she was clinging to every scrap, or do you have a different
11. The setting of the book is described beautifully through
the vivid description of Wildflower Hill and its contrast
to the city of London. What was your favorite scene?
12. How does Emma’s sense of identity, priorities, and relationships
change throughout the novel? What event has
had the most impact on her? Compare and contrast her
transformation with Beattie’s.
13. Discuss Mina’s father’s reluctance to see Mina perform.
Do you understand his embarrassment? Why does Patrick
refuse to get involved?
14. Emma decides finally to visit Lucy and deliver her
grandmother’s letter even though her grandmother
never intended to send it. How do you think Lucy will
receive her? What do you envision happening after the
close of the novel?

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by hmgrogan (see profile) 09/12/13

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wildflower hill
by Amysue1112 (see profile) 09/25/12
I think this is a fantastic book club book because it would likely appeal to readers with different tastes. Also, I think it brings up many interesting topics that will lead to great discussions.

Member Reviews

Overall rating:
by Amy T. (see profile) 09/14/20

  "Good Read!"by Tami P. (see profile) 05/30/14

Our book club has been struggling as we have read many dark books. This book was selected on the basis that we did not want to read another dark book.
The book is about two characters, Em
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  "wonderful!"by jenni D. (see profile) 02/06/14

  "Epic Adventure Story of Love and Loss!"by Heidi G. (see profile) 09/12/13

Very well written! Loved the alternating stories of Beattie, who struggled to raise her daughter while running a sheep farm in Tasmania during the depression, along with Emma, a self-absorbed prima ballerina... (read more)

  "Beautiful Wildflower Bouquet"by Nancy B. (see profile) 03/13/13

This was a beautiful story of a woman who overcame obstacles to find her inner strength, the ability to say "I can" and true love. This was a rich story that made you feel compassion for the character... (read more)

  "Beautiful Story"by Kristi F. (see profile) 10/23/12

Wildflower Hill is a throughly enjoyable read, full of mystery, romance and heartbreak. It is multi-generational historical fiction at its best. I loved both of the antagonists, Emma prese... (read more)

  "Satisfying read"by Teresanne R. (see profile) 09/27/12

Beautifully written about generations linked and misunderstood. It's an adventure to help discover the family secrets of a past generation. Has all of what I like, romance, history, past and present coming... (read more)

  "Wildflower Hill"by Amy R. (see profile) 09/25/12

This was a fantastic book! It was written very well, and I loved the characters. Both stories were intriguing, and I loved the way she wove them together as the book went along. I think this book will... (read more)

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