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Waiting for Snow in Havana: Confessions of a Cuban Boy
by Carlos Eire

Published: 2004-12-24
Paperback : 400 pages
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“Have mercy on me, Lord, I am Cuban.” In 1962, Carlos Eire was one of 14,000 children airlifted out of Havana—exiled from his family, his country, and his own childhood by Fidel Castro’s revolution. Winner of the National Book Award, this stunning memoir is a vibrant and evocative ...
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Winner-2003 National Book Award for Nonfiction
Narrated with the urgency of a confession, "Waiting for Snow in Havana" is both an ode to a paradise lost and an exorcism. More than that, it captures the terrible beauty of those times in readers lives when they are certain they have died--and then are somehow, miraculously, reborn.

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Discussion Questions

Suggested by Members

Do you agree with the opening of Cuba to Americans and can you understand the concerns of the people who grew up under Castro's regime?
What role did religion play in the author's life and how important was it to this story?
Discuss reincarnation and the many different lives of the author and his family.
by rms516 (see profile) 05/19/16

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Book Club Recommendations

We skyped with a man who was one of the 14,000 children to leave Cuba for the US.
by gazzingo (see profile) 05/19/16
His story was very similar to that of the author's and simply fascinating and heart wrenching.
Cuba Brought to Life
by rms516 (see profile) 05/19/16
We were fortunate to have someone facetime with our group who lived almost the same story as the author. He was sent away from Cuba as an eight year old in 1962 and his emotional story helped bring this book to life. He lived close to where the author lived and also recalled hearing gunfire in the streets. The airlifting of 14,000 children is called The Peter (Pedro) Pan Project and any research would help your discussion. We served Guava jelly and cream cheese on crackers, which was mentioned in the book. Guava pastries, coconut and rum flan, and sangria. Cuban coffee could also be served.

Member Reviews

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by Katherine P. (see profile) 05/23/20

  "Waiting for Snow in Havana"by Maryann G. (see profile) 05/19/16

Amazing telling of Castro's takeover of Cuba. And the resulting migration of 14,000 Cuban children to the United States.

  "A Cuban Story That Must Be Told"by Rosemary S. (see profile) 05/19/16

In the early 1960's 14,000 children were airlifted out of Cuba, alone and afraid. Imagine being a small child leaving your parents, schoolmates, and the only country you've ever known behind and being... (read more)

by Leslie A. (see profile) 11/07/14

  "Spoiled boy mourns end of life as he knew it"by Sue I. (see profile) 07/17/12

I've rated this book "fun" but also "boring" and "pointless". Some of the descriptions are comic enough to make you smile, though not laugh out loud. They go on, however, much too long. In the end, the... (read more)

  "Excellent, but . . ."by Donna M. (see profile) 07/17/12

This is a beautifully written memoir, combining humor and the pain of a child's exile from his parents. Yet I found myself wishing at times that the editing had been tighter, that there had been a little... (read more)

  "Good read!!"by Helga L. (see profile) 04/11/12

  "Waiting for Snow in Havana"by cindy s. (see profile) 04/11/12

  "Waiting for Snow in Havana"by gay d. (see profile) 07/31/11

This book is so well written. From the very beginning you can almost see the sun, smell the air and you definately feel when the author is angry or happy. Our book club loved it. I personally learned so... (read more)

  "Too wordy"by Cheryl J. (see profile) 07/28/11

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