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Safe Haven
by Nicholas Sparks

Published: 2011
Paperback : 0 pages
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Discussion Questions

Suggested by Members

In comparison with book & movie, which way to escape an abusive situation did you feel more comfortable with?
Why do you think the movie did not have the religious references?
by JudyRader (see profile) 03/13/13

What advice would you give Katie about her abusive marriage?
If you were Katie, would you tell Alex about your past?
by sammi_collins (see profile) 01/08/13

Discussion questions available online and in back of paperback version
by chebelove (see profile) 12/05/11

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Book Club Recommendations

Book Club Food Idea
by kelso1507 (see profile) 03/06/13
Southern style seafood fits this book best!
Comfort food and red wine!
by sammi_collins (see profile) 01/08/13
Boyfriend cookies (Google receipt) and red wine!
Keep it simple
by chebelove (see profile) 12/05/11
Discussion questions are a good activity for this book. We also wrote down our predictions for the ending.

Member Reviews

Overall rating:
by Bren S. (see profile) 09/01/15

by Kelly K. (see profile) 02/26/15

  "Safe Have - Book vs. Movie"by Judy R. (see profile) 03/13/13

Our group read the book and then went to see the movie. There were many differences and it made for some interesting discussion.

  "Perfect read!"by Kelsey O. (see profile) 03/06/13

This book kept me intrigued from the first page. Like all Nicholas Sparks books, there is a beautiful love story but there is also troubles along the way. Alex and Katie both have been through hard times... (read more)

  "Throughly Enjoyed!"by CAMILE C. (see profile) 01/31/13

Like all Nicholas Sparks books, it was a wonderful read and could not put it down!!

  "Loved it!"by Sammi C. (see profile) 01/08/13

A love story with a twist about a tough woman who is willing to leave her past to find true love and a man who treats her the way she deserves. But the past can haunt you... This was not like any of Nicholas... (read more)

  "Disappointed"by Theresa G. (see profile) 07/18/12

Completely predictable. Nora Roberts did pretty much the same story better.

  "More of a drama less of a romance"by Michelle C. (see profile) 12/05/11

Book centers around the issue domestic violence. The story goes into a direction that is not expected with a small twist at the end.

  "Nice Read"by Donna F. (see profile) 08/01/11

I enjoyed this book. I don't usually like the romance books because I feel if you read 1 you have read them all :/ I love the Nicolas Sparks books and this one was especially good. We had a good discussion... (read more)

  "Safe Haven"by chris h. (see profile) 05/08/11

Enjoyable as individual book but not much to discuss with a book club. A good escape book--very much a LIfetime movie but sweet anyway. Everything pretty predictable until the last several sections.... (read more)

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