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The Replacement Wife
by Eileen Goudge

Published: 2012-03-27
Paperback : 340 pages
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Camile harte makes her living as a matchmaker. When she receives the diagnosis she's dreaded and learns she has only six months to live, she decides to do the unthinkable: Find a replacement wife for her ...

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Camile harte makes her living as a matchmaker. When she receives the diagnosis she's dreaded and learns she has only six months to live, she decides to do the unthinkable: Find a replacement wife for her husband.

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Chapter One

“We had a nice time,” Kat said.

Camille Harte felt her heart sink and the fizz go out of the celebratory bottle of champagne she’d mentally uncorked. In her line of work, she’d learned to read nuances and inflections the way a fortune-teller did tea leaves. It did not go well, she thought. Damn. She’d been so sure. ... view entire excerpt...

Discussion Questions

1. What is the significance of Angie's cooking class?
2. How would you describe Edward’s evolution of feelings towards Camille as the story develops and comes to an end? Please explain.
3. What— or who— do you think began to drive Edward and Camille apart?
4. Do you think the title of this book is ironic? Please explain why or why not.
5. Do you believe that Camille will ever find a new love? How might her skills as a matchmaker help or hurt her ability to find someone new?
6. In your opinion, did Camille do the right thing by trying to replace herself? Explain. Also, what would you do if you were in her situation?
7. Why did Edward begin to agree with Camille's plan? What prompted his change of heart?
8. The book gives us an extensive look at Camille's family. Why was it that Kyra began to act older while Zach began to act younger? What observation about male and female behavior might Goudge be making?
9. Goudge juxtaposes past and present a great deal in this novel. How do you think the theme of old vs. new relates to the notion that Camille’s father started trying to reconnect with her? How does this event strengthen or weaken the story?
10. If you could write a sequel to The Replacement Wife, what would be the main plot points that you would want to write in? Why? Do you feel like Goudge left anything out of her ending, or do you find the ending appropriate? Please explain.
11. Why do you think the story was set in New York City, as opposed to any other city? What significance does this particular setting have for this story?
12. Which part of the novel did you enjoy most, and why?

Notes From the Author to the Bookclub

Note from Eileen:

I got the idea for THE RECPLACEMENT WIFE some years ago when I became very ill and nearly died. Lying in the hospital, I wondered “what would happen to Sandy (my husband) if I died?” Flash forward: I’m happy to report I’m once more in good health. The idea, however, stuck. What if, I thought, you found out you had only six months to live? And you’re a professional matchmaker. Would you feel compelled, given your unique skill set, to embark on a search for the ideal “replacement” wife? The answer, for my fictional matchmaker wife, is yes. What she can’t predict, however, is how it will come together…or unravel.

I would love to be a fly on the wall at book club meetings, when the discussion gets going on THE REPLACEMENT WIFE! I imagine it will spark a lively debate. Would you, could you? And, perhaps more importantly, would HE?

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Overall rating:
  "THe Replacement Wife should be replaced"by lizblair (see profile) 11/01/15

I could not get through this boring poorly written story.

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