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One Amazing Thing
by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

Published: 2010-02-02
Paperback : 240 pages
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"Divakaruni is a brilliant storyteller; she illuminates the world with her artistry; and shakes the reader with her love."
--Junot Diaz

Late afternoon sun sneaks through the windows of a passport and visa office in an unnamed American city. Most customers and even most office ...

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"Divakaruni is a brilliant storyteller; she illuminates the world with her artistry; and shakes the reader with her love."
--Junot Diaz

Late afternoon sun sneaks through the windows of a passport and visa office in an unnamed American city. Most customers and even most office workers have come and gone, but nine people remain. A punky teenager with an unexpected gift. An upper-class Caucasian couple whose relationship is disintegrating. A young Muslim-American man struggling with the fallout of 9/11. A graduate student haunted by a question about love. An African-American ex-soldier searching for redemption. A Chinese grandmother with a secret past. And two visa office workers on the verge of an adulterous affair.

When an earthquake rips through the afternoon lull, trapping these nine characters together, their focus first jolts to their collective struggle to survive. There's little food. The office begins to flood. Then, at a moment when the psychological and emotional stress seems nearly too much for them to bear, the young graduate student suggests that each tell a personal tale, "one amazing thing" from their lives, which they have never told anyone before. And as their surprising stories of romance, marriage, family, political upheaval, and self-discovery unfold against the urgency of their life-or-death circumstances, the novel proves the transcendent power of stories and the meaningfulness of human expression itself. From Chitra Divakaruni, author of such finely wrought, bestselling novels as Sister of My Heart, The Palace of Illusions, and The Mistress of Spices, comes her most compelling and transporting story to date. One Amazing Thing is a passionate creation about survival--and about the reasons to survive.

Praise for One Amazing Thing

"The plot of Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni's new novel could be ripped from the horrifying headlines about Haiti in a strange case of art imitating life. ...One Amazing Thing, which was written well before the Haiti earthquake, is receiving high praise."
--USA Today

"The appeal of these life stories, like that of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, is that they throw the spotlight onto varied lives, each with its own joys and miseries. Together, the stories show how easy it is to divert young lives into unforeseen and restrictive channels, and how hard it is for people to realize their early dreams. Their shared experiences and fears form the frame that holds together this compendium of short stories into an absorbing novel. ...At the end of her novel, her readers are fully engaged in what will happen to those nine people."
--Washington Post

"Hauntingly beautiful. ...One Amazing Thing is a page-turner with high drama, elegant writing, and lots of helpful tips for teamwork in a crisis."
--Houston Chronicle

"Her fiction is so intimate that it often seems as if cultural context is irrelevant. Her character's dreams and disappointments are paramount... The karmic energy of One Amazing Thing revolves around Divakaruni's gifts as a novelist."
--Seattle Times

"Masterful storyteller Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni examines such stories in an apropos novel for our times. Her suspenseful tale of nine souls who suddenly don't know if they will live or die is a tribute -- on many levels -- to hope and survival. But it is also, most successfully, a ringing rebuke to rushes to judgment. It's an adult, literary version of The Breakfast Club, with dire circumstances. 'Hell is other people,' Uma thinks as she looks at one of her fellow distraught victims. But redemption can be other people, too, Uma and the others soon understand. One more amazing thing we've learned from Divakaruni."
--Miami Herald

"Divakaruni portrays in beautiful prose, haunting characters, and a luminously and ominously developed plot, the universal and individual qualities of the search for meaning in life, as well as the search's timelessness. We see the parallel as soon as Uma does: as in The Canterbury Tales, where Chaucer's characters are pilgrims to a holy site, the visa applicants are also pilgrims, on their way to India. Divakaruni is a beautiful writer, using words as lithely and effortlessly as breathing, and while she breathes, she sings."
--Huffington Post

"One Amazing Thing collapses the walls dividing characters and cultures; what endures is a chorus of voices in one single room."
--Jhumpa Lahiri, author of Interpreter of Maladies and The Namesake

"I was up very late. I read straight through because this is the sort of book that pulls you along. Divakaruni is so adept with her characterizations...I wanted to be in any of the beauty salons described so lovingly. I wanted to eat the bits of food described with such delicacy."
--Louise Erdrich, author of Love Medicine and A Plague of Doves, from her blog at birchbarkbooks.com

"Ingeniously conceived and intelligently written, this novel is a fable for our time. The characters, troubled or shattered by their past, vibrate with life whenever they begin to speak. The book is a fun read from the first page to the last."
--Ha Jin, author of A Free Life and the National Book Award-winning Waiting

"Chitra Divakaruni understands the power of stories to heal us, make us laugh, and comfort us in the most difficult of circumstances. One Amazing Thing is one powerful and beautifully written book. I loved it, and I'm sure that readers everywhere will embrace it too."
--Lisa See, author of Shanghai Girls

Praise for Chitra Divakaruni

"[Her] sentences dazzle; the images she creates are masterful."
--The Los Angeles Times

"Divakaruni beautifully blends the chills of reality with the rich imaginings of fairy tale."
--The Wall Street Journal

"Authentic and complex . . . Sophisticated and compassionate . . . Moving . . . [It is] a vision of what it means to be human, and in that resonance lies this collection's triumph."
--The Washington Post

"Divakaruni's stories will touch everyone who reads them . . . It is her gift of language and her ability to cast sentences of exquisite beauty that make her such a high-performance writer."
--USA Today

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Discussion Questions

Suggested by Members

How does author build up suspense?
Why does each character wish to visit India?
Discuss cultural differences as characters tell their stories.
by gica1comcast.net (see profile) 01/11/15

Notes From the Author to the Bookclub

No notes at this time.

Book Club Recommendations

group of characters trapped in Indian consulate after an earthquake
by gica1comcast.net (see profile) 01/11/15
each character tells his/her story: all different culturally, happy or sad, inspirational or not.
Use discussion questions
by janeburt (see profile) 04/23/12
The book offers discussion questions that can really initiate some lively debates!
share your own "one amazing thing"
by debbie1962 (see profile) 11/16/10
To end our discussion, we had members share "one amazing thing" from their own life. Fun and a bit awe inspiring in some cases. Worth the extra time!

Member Reviews

Overall rating:
by April D. (see profile) 06/10/15

  "One Amazing Thing"by Diane A. (see profile) 01/11/15

This is a well written story wihin a story. There are nine people trapped and you do not know if they are going to be rescued or not. Telling stories about one amazing thing in their life is how they... (read more)

  "one amazing thing"by Gilian C. (see profile) 01/11/15

the author kept reader interest going by varied group of characters and their stories who never blur into each other. suspenseful earthquake makes us want to know what will happen, but we never know for... (read more)

  "What if..."by Jane B. (see profile) 04/23/12

This book inevitably asks the reader to look at their own lives and ask "remember one amazing thing." Then, it answers with "we all have one." This writer is one of my favorites and truly knows the art... (read more)

  "One Amazing Thing"by Lynn W. (see profile) 09/09/11

I like One Amazing Thing. Book clubs should have no problem finding discussion topics. My biggest complaint stems from the fact that the book STOPS rather than ends. I understand the literary technique... (read more)

  "One Amazing Thing"by julie h. (see profile) 04/02/11

  "Great Read!"by Sandy M. (see profile) 11/16/10

  "An "amazing" book!"by Deb G. (see profile) 11/16/10

This book was easy to get into and difficult to put down. It is easy to see a little bit of yourself in almost every character. Beautifully written.

  "Unique and Beautiful"by Ricki M. (see profile) 08/09/10

An amazing and original tale of how we all may be different, but we are all the same on some level.

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