Can't Wait to Get to Heaven: A Novel
by Fannie Flagg
Hardcover- N/A

Combining southern warmth with unabashed emotion and side-splitting hilarity, Fannie Flagg takes readers back to Elmwood Springs, Missouri, ...

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  "Absolutely loved this book" by joanpeiffer (see profile) 03/15/07

A great read. Fannie flagg can tell a good story that keeps you entertained and interested in the characters.

  "Not for everyone" by RuthieA (see profile) 04/18/08

Our club members thought this book was a dull read. Most felt the first half was slow with too much character description. Only a few, including myself, enjoyed the book. I liked the colorful characters and thought the book had passages that brought a laugh. Everyone agreed that Ulna impacted everyone she met in a good way and all would like to live in a town like Elmwood Springs.

  "very slow moving" by kwillis04 (see profile) 04/23/08

The beginning of the book moved very slowly. The plot at the end of the book somewhat tied it all together.

  "Not so funny" by K8Tullamore (see profile) 06/28/11

We were looking for a more comedic break, and while this is a fun, quirky, inspiring little book with a view into small town life, we didn't find it to be the knee slapper we were expecting.

  "Seemed a bit simplistic" by pcarlsonbowen (see profile) 01/24/14

The writing just seemed like it was talking down to the readers a bit.

  "Can\\\'t Wait to Get to Heaven." by barbchickweed (see profile) 02/24/14

This is a lovely counterpoint to many of the usual book club books used for discussions. It is humorous, warm, G-rated and entertaining. You might think that means nothing to talk about. You would be wrong. The story deals with family relationships, the right or wrong of secret keeping, views of the afterlife, anxiety and panic attacks, modern hospital life and life in general in a small midwestern town. The story follows the repercussions of the death of an elderly woman. She herself is a delight; however trying to be her caretaker in modern times can be trying to her loved ones. I wish I could be as optimistic as Elinor. She lives in the present moment - maybe that is what contributes to her longevity. The humor is delightful. I would recommend this to book clubs looking for a quick read and a breather between other, heavier, more somber topical books.

  "Can\\\'t Wait to Get to Heaven" by McCague (see profile) 02/26/14

This book makes me laugh out loud every time I read it. It is so sweet. The main character really is a character, and an optimistic, happy, cheerful, forgiving one at that. All of the active characters in the book are likable - only the mentioned in passing are not - and the Heaven that exists in this book is the one I hope there actually is.

  "A very sweet book" by bayleaf (see profile) 03/16/14

Members of our book club loved this book. For me it's a good in-between book to read. Doesn't require much out of you, makes you smile, and gives you a breather before you start on the next really intense book. Refreshing.

  "Light reading" by sisters4 (see profile) 08/05/16

Small town story full of characters that pulled you in to the book. I enjoyed the book but I had to get a third of the way through it before I really started to enjoy it.
It was an easy book for discussion at our meeting.

  "" by iluv2nit4u (see profile) 08/31/16

  "" by kbatson (see profile) 04/27/19

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