Year of Wonders
by Geraldine Brooks
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An unforgettable tale of a brave young woman during the plague in 17th century England from the author The Secret Chord and of March, ...

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  "Growth of female character through the plague times in england." by Cathy (see profile) 12/02/06

Loved this book up until the very end.

I hated the ending. It was an abrupt ending that seemed like it was from another book altogether. I thought it was very unlikely that she would run to an Islamic country. It would me more in character to go to the colonies where she could speak the language and communicate with her patients as she worked as a midwife. Could not believe that she would agree to a loveless, sexless marriage when she was so aghast at the pastor and his wife's arrangement!

  "Great Book!" by Cooper1277 (see profile) 12/02/06

Our group thoroughly enjoyed this selection. We could all identify and sympathize with the heroine in the story. It was a sad and gripping tale. We were cheeering for Anna the whole way. There were some events towards the end of the book that we felt did not enhance the tale. The ending disappointed all of us. For that reason, we gave it a 4 out of 5 stars.

The author tells a beautiful story, though, and we highly recommend it to all.

  "This book is great at demonstrating one woman's empowerment through the darkest challenges that were thrown to her during the 1666 plague in Eyam, Derbyshire." by Kat777 (see profile) 06/16/07

This book is so engaging. At first, I was a bit hesistant when the book was chosen for our book club, but once I started reading, could not turn the book down. To see Anna's journey in one year and to see where she came from and where she ended is enlighting!

  "Great book!" by cottagegirls (see profile) 11/02/07

This book challenged me to think about how I view circumstances around me. I was dreading reading about death, death and more death but this book is about so much more. It is about strength, courage and hope. Great character development. It is a must read!

  "Tells the story of Anna, a servant, in a small town near London. As the plague ravages their town, the town begins a self-imposed quarantine." by alexisscott (see profile) 01/18/08

The story doesn't sound thrilling, but it turned out to be much better than I expected. I enjoy historical fiction, and this one was well-written. The langauge Brooks uses gives the book the "feel" of a period peice, as does the subject matter (obviously). There are MANY plot twists, and while the book seems to plod along unnecessarily at times, the conclusion is satisfying, and I felt my time well spent in reading this novel

  "lots of twists and turns" by Annie05 (see profile) 01/19/08

This book is full of suprises. Our book club isn't too big on lengthy discussions and we all really got into this one. One of my favorites.

  "Could not put down!" by JSRoss (see profile) 02/03/08

I wasn't sure what to expect with this book and thought it was going to be difficult to get through. Instead, I found it was an engaging read that I could not put down because I had to know what happened next! There are lots of twists in the plot. My book club loved it and talked about it for quite a while, which is unusual because we rarely talk about the book for a lengthy period of time.

  "Hard beginnings to love story" by jayneroper (see profile) 03/12/08

Bolt of cloth carries the plague into a remote Derbyshire village creating havoc, death and riots. Fabulous story that is thought provoking and heart rending in places.

  "Although it is a very sad story, it kept my interest. to the very last page." by karenad10 (see profile) 06/09/08

The Year of Wonders is a book with many twists and turns. Some of the outcomes are a surprise.

  "And you thought YOU had it tough!" by loishobart (see profile) 06/29/08

Year of Wonders is a creepily delicious book. the story is quite riveting and, once one can get used to the rhythm of the older language, it really draws you in. alas, it's about the plague, so "it ain't pretty" - but it's a strong story filled with loads of twists and turns and a bit of gross stuff, too. alas, the ending was a little weaker than the rest of the book and while it had its smack of "happily ever after", it also left us with many unanswered questions. which, actually, helped fuel the discussion. i highly recommend this historical novel by a powerful journalist.

  "Wonderfully written" by mcdotreader (see profile) 10/24/08

An interesting book. Enjoyable read

  "excellent book" by pennyslager (see profile) 10/24/08

I really enjoyed this book. Apparently a first for the author--kudos to that! The writing was awesome. One thing was that is was predictable, i.e., you know over half of the villagers will die, you know there is something going on between the Rector and Anna. There are a few surprises, but not many. The writing really carries the book, however. A good pick for clubs, with lots to talk about--sacrifice, redemption, understanding of disease and medicine, women's issues.

  "one woman's triumph over disaster" by [email protected] (see profile) 11/22/08

The writing is luminous, the story both overwhelming sad and triumphant. A tailor unwittingly brings the plague into the house of the young widow who offers him lodging. The rector of the town church asks the town to seal itself of to save the surrounding countryside from the pestilence. Anna not only survives, she thrives, becoming a healer and friend.

  "what was it like?" by Netzel (see profile) 01/14/09

Fantastic book--with exception of rather unconnected ending which made it seem like author just wanted to tie up loose ends in record time! We all thought the writing was amazingly vivid. Loved and hated the characters in turn-highly recommend this book

  "The setting and the characters, as well as the style of writing, led to a good discussion among the members." by djn4comm (see profile) 02/20/09

Everyone in the club liked the book and thought it was well-written and thoroughly researched. The only negative comments were that some members had difficulty with the author's use of 17th century terminology and phrases and some members felt the ending was too rushed and unrealistic. Other than those few negative comments, all members felt the book was well worth reading.

  "A small town in the 1660's quarantines itself with the plague killing someone new every day. Anna, a young widow, learns a lifetime of lessons in a single year, and grows into a confident woman fille" by janvbarnes (see profile) 04/25/09

Excellent story. Filled with fascinating characters and lots of drama. Great for discussion groups. You will learn a lot about people, the plague, and yourself.

  "Year of Wonders" by bbrunelle (see profile) 09/19/09

Enlightening re the Plague in Great Britain.

  "Love this book, and love this author." by tneher123 (see profile) 09/25/09

  "Year of Wonders" by kdr4xmom (see profile) 10/03/09

  "Great historical fiction" by kulagunter (see profile) 10/22/09

  "Year of Wonders" by MicheleGoggin (see profile) 11/25/09

Wonderful written book. I would read more books by this author.

  "Read it right through!" by cherublace (see profile) 11/25/09

  "Year Of Wonder" by lollygil (see profile) 01/03/10

A personal account of life in a small village during the plague. I enjoyed reading the book, that was written in old English dialogue.

  "Year of Wonders" by moihart (see profile) 01/22/10

Nicely written. It was a revelation to many of our group members that the town isolated itself not to keep the plague out, but rather to try to contain the disease.

  "Year of Wonders" by Midnightreader (see profile) 03/16/10

I found this book to be very interesting and the historical element of the book took you to the streets of the plague. I highly recommend this book.

  "Year of Wonders" by anjpotter (see profile) 04/19/10

  "Year of Wonders is above all about strength." by NoelleScheff (see profile) 04/23/10

I loved this book, being a mother myself, Anna's story really touched me, and made me wonder how I would fare after so much loss. Anna's strength is inspiring. I loved it!

  "Beautifully crafted and Addictive Tale" by lakmanel (see profile) 05/01/10

Our book club LOVED this book, and we read it upon recommendation from another book club. The writing is wonderful, and it's a very fast paced book. The author is quite upfront that it's fiction based on historical events, and it led to an intense discussion about choices and how each of us would have responded if faced with a similar situation.

However, the consensus was that the ending was terrible and does NOT do justice to this book. Personally, I found the ending improbable and left me with a sour note. The author could have done a much better job of tying up loose ends, and crafting an ending, which in keeping with the rest of the book, would have been more historically accurate.

  "Year of Wonders" by acraighead (see profile) 05/03/10

  "Year of Wonders" by KKSSLC (see profile) 05/30/10

I was surprised how the beginning was some what dragging and then BAM, it all took a dramatic turn. At first I had a hard time with the ending but then taking into account of Anna's confusion with her religion it all made sense to me.

  "A woman ahead of her time" by melanieseibel (see profile) 06/21/10

Fascinating reading; great historical fiction and you could feel the plight of the characters. Gripping and excellent attention to detail. I feel I could 'cook' up remedies myself now!

  "Year of Wonders" by lhollander (see profile) 08/30/10

Once I got into this book, I couldn't put it down! I think the ending could have been developed a little more, but overall, a great book!

  "LOVED IT!" by jver_steeg (see profile) 09/03/10

Thought the book was fantastic, and it held my interest throughout. Didn't necessarily care for the ending though. It felt like it belonged to a different book. All in all, it was fantastic!

  "Year of Wonders" by egibson129 (see profile) 09/17/10

This book was beautifully written and I really enjoyed reading it, despite the depressing subject (Plague). It made me want to read Geraldine Brooks' other novels as well.

  "Wonderful" by Happyreading (see profile) 09/27/10

  "Year of Wonders" by ChrisA (see profile) 10/08/10

It surprised me that I really loved the book despite the less than intriguing excerpt/description; which normally makes you want to pick up the book. I thought the characters were interesting and the author really was able to make you feel you were going through the events with them. Lots of group dynamics and character strengths/flaws are illuminated when the community is forced into an isolated environment.

  "Page turner, well written" by kkazonovitz (see profile) 11/16/10

  "Year of Wonders" by mkrupiak (see profile) 01/18/11

A very good story about the plague which devestated a little town in England in 1666. It is wonderfully written. In the midst of all the death a beautiful story unfolds. I would definitely recommend this story.

  "Year of Wonder" by kindlegal (see profile) 02/08/11

I read this book in book club and thought, "How can a book about the plaque in England be something I would like to read?" Well, let me tell you it is fantastic! I picked it up and could not put it down. If you are looking for a tale of lords and ladies, its not here. It is about a small rural town during the middle ages, steeped in superstition, religion, and THE PLAGUE.

  "Year of Wonders" by kkmcclelland (see profile) 03/02/11

  "year of wonders" by CindyW (see profile) 03/09/11

  "Interesting Story" by v6nittany (see profile) 03/10/11

Good book, but a bad ending.

  "Year of Wonders" by nbknight (see profile) 03/11/11

Brilliantly written! Well developed central character. Events and details fascinating. It's not just a "book about the plague."

  "Year of Wonders Review" by an_murray (see profile) 03/16/11

  "Year of Wonders" by sheldon41 (see profile) 03/19/11

Our book club found this book to be fairly interesting discussion material and most felt the historical content was worthwile. Overall most did not especially like the book for it's gloomy atmosphere and anti-Christian bias. We also felt that the author put too many of her modern and secular viewpoints into a historical context where they did not belong.

  "Years of Wonder" by LoriHeavner (see profile) 06/17/11

Our bookclub felt it was 5 out of 10....We all hated the ending and felt the author could of done more. We did not feel connected to the people....Difficult to finish....

  "Years of Wonder" by Mary60 (see profile) 09/30/11

It was a very descriptive review of the plague with an interesting story surrounding the events. The ending was not plausible for that time and her character development of the minister was not consistent. It did generate a great deal of discussion which was good.

  "Year of Wonders" by mmurf101 (see profile) 02/22/12

A bit hard to get into since I was not interested in reading about the plague and at times very detailed, but then again hard to put down. The book is based on a true event which makes it much more interesting and very well researched. The story was very true to the time period. I just can't imagine a woman going through so much pain and hardship to survive. It is so well written with so much details that I was amazed at the sparse ending. I wanted to know more. Great discussion book for clubs.

  "What can you say about the plague?" by msharry (see profile) 03/08/12

What can you say about the plague—it was depressing and heartbreaking—then heart- numbing and despair-the human spirit can only handle so much. It reminded me of ON THE BEACH-disaster released and everyone sitting around waiting to die. However, characterizations were well done. The ending was a complete surprise if somewhat artificial and unbelievable. I thoroughly enjoyed PEOPLE OF THE BOOK, This was definitely a completely different story.

  "Much to Discuss" by tajdel (see profile) 03/09/12

Our book club found there was much to discuss about this book. Everybody enjoyed it.

  "Good Read" by SherryGoodall (see profile) 04/30/12

  "Tragic" by Katha (see profile) 05/14/12

  "Year of Wonders" by Annasnana (see profile) 10/07/13

This book is based on true story of an English village during the plaque. It was very interesting and informative!

  "Year of Wonders by Geraldine Brooks" by cbraud (see profile) 11/22/13

The subtitle of 'A novel of the plague' really says it all. This book details how Anna Frith and her fellow townspeople survive a plague year in their small village. After deciding that they will quarantine themselves to stop the spread to surrounding areas, we watch how this fateful decision affects them physically and mentally as the year (and the plague) goes on.

  "" by Yvonnejoyce (see profile) 11/10/15

  "Year of wonders. " by [email protected] (see profile) 10/10/16

The ending was too quick & unrealistic. Very well written.

  "Year of Wonders" by [email protected] (see profile) 10/15/16

Very informative, with a mysterious angel and surprise ending.

  "Year of Wonders" by [email protected] (see profile) 01/30/18

I've read her other fiction, but not this first novel until now. Brooks knows how to tell a good story, from a bit of historical fact. I would recommend her to any friend who enjoys reading historical fiction.

  "" by BeaSou (see profile) 01/03/19

  "" by krilljack (see profile) 07/04/20

  "" by kcharba (see profile) 10/21/20

  "" by [email protected] (see profile) 05/09/21

  "Great author, great topic, not so great ending" by [email protected] (see profile) 03/28/22

Geraldine Brooks is a great story teller and Year of Wonders is a great story about the plague in 1666, told from the point of view of Anna Frith. As a child Anna escaped an impoverished and abusive home by marrying out at the age of 15. Her husband Sam is a miner and his death at work leaves her a widow with 2 young boys. Then the plague happens and in one year she learns to read, learns Latin, and learns medicine. The village loses half of itself to this hideous disease plus a lot of its collective sanity and integrity. I like how we see Anna's transition into brainiac heroine, but the ending just got too wacky, so it didn't even feel like the same story to me anymore.

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