Inferno: A Novel (Robert Langdon)
by Dan Brown
Hardcover- $17.38

In his international blockbusters The Da Vinci Code, Angels & Demons, and The Lost Symbol, Dan Brown masterfully fused history, art, codes, ...

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  "inferno" by anderson2 (see profile) 05/28/13

  "Deja Vu" by theejpageturners (see profile) 06/05/13

  "inferno" by bhale (see profile) 06/10/13

  "History, travel & conspiracy theories" by skinnyatlas (see profile) 06/18/13

Back to the classic Dan Brown format; a page turner with interesting travel tips for Florence and Venice. Quirky interpretaion of Dante\\\'s Inferno. For the Venice bound: Also try the City of Falling Angels

  "Fun if you are a Robert Langdon fan" by Caragraves (see profile) 06/22/13

This was similar to Dan Brown's other books in the Robert Langdon series, with even more face paced action. It is great if you are a fan of art history and/or Dante's Inferno. The descriptive writing was very accurate as were references to Dante's novel. The plot of human overpopulation adds extra drama & makes the reader pause to consider "what if"......

  "Inferno" by mmcbride (see profile) 07/01/13

Another DaVinci Code, interesting in that it makes the reader become interested in the classic writing, art, and the locations mentioned in the book. The book brings out some interesting items to discuss but most novel readers won\\\'t discuss the important issues brought up in this book, sadly.

  "Long descriptions of art" by Kristini426 (see profile) 07/09/13

There's so many details about the art in Italy I used my kindle to look up pictures of what was being described to get the full picture.

  "Infidel Review" by blblanton (see profile) 07/10/13

Will make a great movie! Loved it!!!!!!

  "Inferno" by grandexaulted (see profile) 07/15/13

Found this fascinating reading while I was touring Florence. The historic sites were completely described, along with their history, which made a fascinating summer read.

  "Inferno" by sa (see profile) 07/20/13

  "close calls and constant danger abound" by [email protected] (see profile) 08/01/13

INFERNO by Dan Brown
INFERNO continues Brown’s tightly plotted, though rather incredulous, tales. The intrepid Robert Langdon is in Florence suffering from a head wound and amnesia. His foil is the intelligent and beautiful Sienna. Together they must save the world.
Brown’s characters are fairly wooden and never quite become knowable. His digressions to tell us about the history or architecture of the places the unfolding plot takes Robert and Sienna are interesting and generally accurate. It is not necessary to know anything about Dante’s Divine Comedy as we are told all that is needful to follow the plot.
Those who enjoy a convoluted and constantly changing plot line will enjoy this romp through Florence, Venice and Istanbul chasing a flawed master mind out to destroy the world.

  "INFERNO" by katamin (see profile) 08/23/13

  "Inferno one of Brown\\\'s best" by robynbridges (see profile) 09/13/13

  "Inferno" by martyh52 (see profile) 10/10/13

I enjoyed this book, as it named many places I've been to in Italy. Was rather fun to join in the adventure and reliving past travel.

  "Inferno" by herschede (see profile) 10/24/13

  "Inferno" by lseriksson (see profile) 10/24/13

  "Inferno: A Novel (Robert Langdon)" by fairchmm (see profile) 10/24/13

The book was very rapturing and hard to put down. The book inspires you to want to travel to Florence, Italy and either retrace ones steps or experience it for first time! Many twists and turns and I have not read other dan Brown books, however I understand this is his style.

  "Inferno" by madority (see profile) 01/12/14

  "Inferno" by sdriscoll3 (see profile) 01/15/14

I enjoyed this book but don't think is was as well written as The Davinci Code. The descriptions of Florence and Venice were great. Our book club had a very lively and thought provoking discussion which was a bit bit surprising.

  "Another great book by Dan Brown" by Jmd111 (see profile) 01/23/14

Dan Brown weaves so much art and history in his novels that I feel as though I\\\'ve personally revisited Florence and Venice by the time I finally arrived at the startling conclusion. Can\\\'t wait to see Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon in the movie version of this novel!

The storyline piqued my interest sufficiently in Dante Alighieri to read The Divine Comedy, which I found surprisingly readable.

  "inferno" by aliciafaierman (see profile) 01/25/14

VG fast! informative-scary art-filling

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