Home Front
by Kristin Hannah
Paperback- $11.59

"Home Front is Hannah's crowning achievement." ?The Huffington Post

In this powerhouse of a novel, Kristin Hannah explores the intimate ...

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  "home front" by stmartingirl (see profile) 01/08/13

This was very gloomy and depressing. Our bookclub did this book otherwise I would have quit in the middle.

  "Home Front" by teachgiftedkids (see profile) 01/08/13

I thought this was one of Hannah's best books! I learned so much about the heartache of war and how families are affected. I appreciate our military and what they do for us even more now that I've read this book. I loved the characters and felt their emotions right along with them. Everyone should read this book. Be sure you have some Kleenex handy though!

  "Another powerful book from Kristin Hannah" by jennktaylor (see profile) 01/30/13

In a word, the book was compelling.

I didn't want to put it down. I actually cried in public.

It's a gripping tale about a mother who is called to war and the emotional toil that has on her and her family.

Hannah did an excellent job and I liked reading the part at the end where she had a military woman read the manuscript and provide feedback.

I truly love Hannah's ability to bring out the emotional fragility of her characters.

  "Home Front" by ThatGirlLeah (see profile) 02/04/13

  "Home Front" by alihowe (see profile) 02/08/13

Home front was a good book, but a bit slow to get into. Nice character development. Struggles with moral decisions.

  "Home Front" by dogdmc49 (see profile) 02/21/13

This was a very well written and well researched book about a subject that we don't often think about if we don't have anybody in the armed forces. We really enjoyed the book--it was just so sad.

  "The affects of PTSD on our military and their families" by fastreader (see profile) 04/29/13

Although the book starts out somewhat slow, its pace picks up mid-way. This book would be an excellent starting point to share personal experiences as well as help educate club members who have not been affected by a loved one suffering from PTSD or raising their family alone while their partner serves overseas.

  "Home Front" by traveler1 (see profile) 06/12/13

An interesting look at the problem for deployed service members and their families. I imagine it is more difficult than pictured in this book but it was informative nevertheless.

  "Home Front" by ncvlib (see profile) 06/13/13

Great discussion book! So many issues and controversies...be ready to stay a little late.

  "Home Front" by katyangello (see profile) 06/24/13

This is a good old fashioned tear jerker. If you're in need of a good cry, this book will do it. moves a bit slow at first but then gets going. It's very sad, but I did like it.

  "Home Front" by jannieschwerin (see profile) 01/31/14

This book gave me a more real understanding of what our soldiers sacrifice and endure during their service to our country. I have more empathy for them after reading this realistic story about some of the struggles they endure.

  "Home Front" by pagersp (see profile) 06/09/14

This book gave me a new perspective on military families and what they may go through while their loved ones are away and when they return. It was interesting to see how the characters dealt with these difficulties.

  "Home front" by Muzver (see profile) 11/18/14

there was much to be said for tackling such a complex subject, and I thought the author did it very well. However I felt the husband was not real, as if he had been created to fill in the holes. The rest of the family seemed real to me.

  "" by pblake (see profile) 07/15/15

  "" by SandyTomlinson (see profile) 01/06/16

  "" by dlcox (see profile) 01/07/16

  "Heros are created by the moments" by kpeltier (see profile) 04/01/16

You will find how military life shapes a family's dynamic and their hearts. Beautifully written! Will give you insight in to the men and women who serve our country. You will be moved to frustration, anger, sadness, grief, and shock. Highly recommend.

  "HOME FRONT" by merrillee (see profile) 03/31/17

Found it hard to put the book down. Have the tissues handy. Very informative, Should be mandatory reading.

  "Informative regarding PTSD and its affect" by AZBEVRUTAN (see profile) 04/02/17

Informative regarding PTSD and it's affect on veterans and their families. Our servicemen and woman deserve better treatment when returning home from service.

  "" by [email protected] (see profile) 12/05/18

  "" by [email protected] (see profile) 09/01/19

  "" by [email protected] (see profile) 04/15/20

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