A Mighty Long Way: My Journey to Justice at Little Rock Central High School
by Carlotta Walls Lanier, Lisa Frazier Page
Hardcover- $24.33

When fourteen-year-old Carlotta Walls walked up the stairs of Little Rock Central High School on September 25, 1957, she and eight other ...

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  "A Must read if you no little or nothing about Little Rock Nine" by Wits-End (see profile) 03/11/11

“A Might Long Way” was emotional from the forward by President Bill Clinton to the last page. Mrs. Lanier book is well written and seems like she has been writing books forever. She told her story of integrated an all white High School in Little Rock, Arkansas. The book read like a novel and only if it was fiction it would not hurt as bad to relive her struggle to get a better education for herself which help all Americans to get a better education. “A Might Long Way” had no bad qualities. The story was told with enough detail setting you up for the next event in the author’s life. “A Mighty Long Way” made me proud and grateful that these nine young men and woman endured the spiting and tripping and other awful things so I could have a better life. It taught us that this was not a one day event or a one year event this was a minimal four year event and probably longer for those who followed in their footsteps. It also educated me because I was really ignorant on the history. Yes I have heard of Little Rock Nine but I did not know the details of the story. Mrs. Lanier story was one of courage and struggle. It reminded me of the struggles I go through with being a minority in my own profession. The book made me think of the barriers that are still in front of minorities and made me wonder would there be a time that all barriers would fall for good. President Obama election has brought out the worst in race relations; so not even a minority president has brought down barriers. “A Might Long Way” reminded me of how many people before me has pave the way so I can have the life I have now. It also gives me the strength to try and fight my way through a field where minority still struggle to be recognize. I enjoyed learning so much about Little Rock Nine’s struggle to integrate Central High School that I would consider reading books by any of the other eight that may have written their stories on Little Rock Nine.

  "Inspiring" by Leslii (see profile) 03/14/11

This book was very well written. The descriptions of events were vivid; felt like I was walking the halls of Central with the 9 students. This story pulls at your heart as you read the courage and strength of 9 kids (students) wanting the same opportunities as their white counter parts. This book is great for discussions.

  "Changing" by jayon (see profile) 03/15/11

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