The Next Thing on My List: A Novel
by Jill Smolinski
Paperback- $15.00

“You’ll be hooked by this charming story. . . . Smolinski gives us a quick-witted heroine . . . with just the right amount of romance ...

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  "Slow start, but had fun unexpected turns of events all the way until the end." by JackieK (see profile) 02/18/08

The book started off slow, but then got going... it had unexpected life events that June and those close to her encountered. Good easy read that holds the reader until the end, which is again unexpected. As June completes Marissa's list she finds herself and love.

  "easy read, great for a group discussion" by kprofancik (see profile) 02/25/08

Great book! Easy Read! We had a great group discussion on this book. Each of us made a list of 20 things. We each had some great things on our lists and some members even added a few things.

  "GREAT BOOK -ONE TO TAKE TIME TO READ" by nycrules (see profile) 02/25/08

  "Cute, easy read that creates a great discussion." by carlabarrowman (see profile) 03/03/08

  "Fun book to read" by starznmoongirl (see profile) 03/19/08

This was a lighthearted book even though the poor girl had a passenger die in her car during a car accident.

SOme of the things that June did from Marissa's list were hilarious!!

Definitely a good read for a bookclub.

  "Interesting and a good story line." by klt943 (see profile) 03/19/08

We had some good discussions with this book including who had a list or lists and what if anything would they change.

  "About a change brought to one's life due to a tragic turn of events." by gypsydm5453 (see profile) 03/22/08

Loved this book. It made you laugh and it made you cry. It made you think about your own existence and how you might change it if you wrote your own list

Loved the main character..she was somebody that you could easily be friends with.

I do recommend this book. It was a very enjoyable read.

  "Very light read with not much substance." by Leeny (see profile) 04/07/08

It took me awhile to get into the novel and the whole premise of the story was very predictable. Also, the main character was hard to relate to. She also seemed to be overly obsessed with sex.

  "The Next Thing on My List was a great book!!" by awyly (see profile) 04/25/08

This was the first book our club read and we couldn't have chosen a better book to read! It was easy to read, I couldn't put it down. It also lead us to make our own lists and have a great discussion! All book clubs should read The Next Thing on My List!

  "Easy, inspirational read!" by cgwschreiber (see profile) 04/25/08

This book will make you laugh and make you cry! It is a wonderful book to get you motivated to think about your own life goals and things you want to do with your life!

  "A great light read" by moretodaythanyes (see profile) 04/30/08

This book lead to a great discussion, we all did our own lists and tried to guess who's was who's. It was alot of fun and we got to know each other a little better and we we're all surprised to find out that we had alot of the same things on our lists! It was a fun read.

  "Very Light Reading Book" by cjb (see profile) 05/08/08

This could make for a good beach read. We found the questions for discussion were more deep and maybe even better than the book itself.

  "The questions were better than the book!" by julieborjon (see profile) 05/09/08

  "A light fun book that makes you laugh and think about your life" by red99lucy (see profile) 05/12/08

  "A light read with a heavy message" by cvmom (see profile) 05/19/08

This is a cleverly crafted novel with inherent life messages that will lend great discussion to any book club.

  "Light, Summer Read" by janaecrary (see profile) 05/22/08

This is a very cute, romantic comedy. It would be great to read by the poolside or on the beach.

  "finish a list of things to do before my 25th birthday" by maxine1960 (see profile) 05/30/08

not a real "gritty" read, but light and fun!

  "Lacked depth but insightful" by thefiverogers (see profile) 06/02/08

This was an easy read and gets one thinking about life lists!

  "The death of one woman causes another to appreciate her own life." by Delaine (see profile) 06/14/08

We all have lists, whether on paper or in our minds. This book caused me to remember my mental list and the things I once promised myself I would do someday. Some things I once thought impossible to achieve may actually happen one day, if not to me, to someone who understands my ambitions. Jill Smolinski has woven the stories of several lives and created a complex view of real life - sometimes tragic, sometimes wonderfully funny.

  "Seems like an easy read - well think again with discussions about death, future dreams fulfilled and unfulfilled and the fear of reaching out of one's comfort zone." by lefink (see profile) 06/16/08

This is a quirky and enjoyable read about some very deep and disturbing issues - death, grief, childlessness, unwanted pregnancy, culture clashes, expectations and healthy doses of reality.It is a breath of fresh air when the characters choose to open themselves up to the ride of life and people outside of their own experience and look for the commonness within - the shared journey's of humankind. Acceptance and open-mindness with a dash of great judgement.

  "Great Summer Read" by lauriefarmer (see profile) 06/17/08

The book is light and fun. Definately a beach/pool side read. Perfect for summer.

  "Wonderful - Enjoyable" by BusyReader (see profile) 07/01/08

Easy summer read. Enjoyable.

  "easy and fun read!" by apriljbrown (see profile) 07/15/08

fun, quick and easy read! I loved the character..not so sure it is a very realistic plot line though...

  "Fun summer read with great conversation potential!!" by chrissie60ca (see profile) 07/17/08

  "Excellent book for discussion!" by Kyta (see profile) 07/18/08

  "Fun read with lots of laugh-inducing sections" by allhdvm (see profile) 07/19/08

It's a nice, summery read, that makes you evaluate what is important in life, and what "legacy" you'd like to leave behind.

  "June blames erslf for Marissa's death & chooses to complete the life list for her" by melon (see profile) 07/19/08

the book is amusing but quite predictable

  "Enjoyable Summer Read" by Stephanie2913 (see profile) 07/24/08

Fun book, that makes you think about your own list.

  "Great fun book" by Wuerl92 (see profile) 07/24/08

  "Easy fun read" by teatime (see profile) 07/25/08

Great story and concept. Easy read but will generate discussion. Wonderful book for ladies.

  "We each did our own list, it was great fun." by cherylynnmartens (see profile) 08/05/08

Light read, but fun. We each did a list, did not put our names on them and had to guess whose list was whose. Made for a fun evening.

  "Entertaining and light. A fun read." by julialily (see profile) 08/13/08

Filled with witty dialog and an interesting storyline, this book is funny and a definite page turner. It is light but manages to hold your interest from first page to last.

  "Good beach read" by mks429 (see profile) 08/14/08

Was a quick easy read for myself. Some thought it was a slow start. Led to an interesting discussion and we all have life lists now.

  "Makes you look more closely at your life." by monicadelatorrekeenan (see profile) 08/18/08

  "Great story and an easy, fresh read." by katray (see profile) 08/28/08

Our club really enjoyed this book and it was especially welcomed after some previously heavy book selections. We all felt we could relate to the characters and story line. There are some suggestions in the back of the book for activities and games that work off the theme of making a life-list of things to do. Not only did that go over well, but we were able to arrange a telephone conference with the author and had a ball discussing the book with her!

  "It was a wonderful story of someone discovering who they are." by hollyc29 (see profile) 09/11/08

A fun read.

  "Doing someone else's list to change your own life!!" by kfoulks (see profile) 09/12/08

What a fun book! I loved that it was 'chick litty' but also focused less on finding a man than supporting a womans wishes. I laughed out loud several times at June's self depreciating comments, and loved most of the characters.
I understand that there are clubs out there that bring their own lists and, without divulging whose is whose, trade lists and do their friend's lists. WHAT FUN that would be!!!

  "Easy, enjoyable read" by LisaDav (see profile) 09/20/08

  "Fun read looking forward to the movie!" by Diane860 (see profile) 09/25/08

Our group loved The Next Thing On My List. It was an easy read and a lot of fun. I couldn't wait to find out who Buddy Fitch was. It was a light book where I found myself laughing out loud. The best part of our discussion was the author joined us via speaker phone. She is charming and talked about how she came up with the idea, the list and the character development. She even told us an hilarious story about Buddy Fitch. You need to contact Jill and see if she can arrange to join your discussion to hear that story.

Another fun thing we did the night of the discussion was create our own lists. Prior to book club I asked everyone to put together their own list of five things they wanted to do in the next five years. The lists were put into a basket (without names) when members came in. At the end of the night we pulled the lists and read them and tried to guess who wrote the list. It was a lot of fun.

From talking to Jill, there may be a movie based on the book. This book would make a great movie and we are looking forward to it.

Fun read and discussion. Add it to your list today!!!

  "I loved this book!" by wordjeanie (see profile) 09/25/08

I think Jill Smolinski did a great job creating believable, likable characters that you actually cared about. I couldn't wait to finish this book and was done in about three days. I would suggest this book to anyone who enjoys reading and who may be unsure of following their own dreams. This book encouraged our whole book club to write our own "to do" lists. Some were actually surprised with what they included. I look forward to Jill's next book.

  "This was a very interesting book" by suemoros (see profile) 09/27/08

This was a great book for a book club. There was a lot to talk about. I also enjoyed talking to the author at our meeting.

  "Excellant book to get everyone thinkning about their future and the impact they have on this planet whether with friends, family or themselves!" by Kathym (see profile) 10/13/08

  "Generally an easy read... too simple" by jewelysteward (see profile) 11/20/08

This book was cute and I don't regret reading it, but I didn't walk away with a new feeling of inspiration. It was just simply easy to turn the pages. I prefer a book with a little more meaning; one that I can actually learn from.

  "A quick and easy read" by newbs (see profile) 11/21/08

We enjoyed this book. It was a light read, and we would recommend it to other. It was fun to create a list.

  "An easy read with humor" by lollygil (see profile) 01/11/09

It is a light book about a woman, JUne, who kills a passenger in a car accident. She finds the woman's list of things to do before she turns 25, and June decides to honor her by completing the items.

Not a great discussion book, but it can certainly open up some discussion about your Bucket List.

  "This book is about one woman finishing another woman's "things to do" list after the second woman dies tragically." by LydOverby (see profile) 01/21/09

The premise behind the book is endearing. The reason I would not readily recommend this book is for the language content that "sneaks up on you". I flipped through it's pages prior to purchasing and saw no apparent reason why not to buy it. One f-bomb is perhaps more easily overlooked, but the characters in the story let loose later on with poor language. I firmly believe the filthy language detracted from the story line, not added to it. Also, there were unncessary "sexual" parts that could have been "suggested" rather than spelled out it detail.
Great story line Jill, poor choice of portrayal. We live in a world filled with sexual content and poor language. Let me escape into a good book without it.

  "A woman tries to finish a goal/wish list for a friend." by Samira (see profile) 02/06/09

I really enjoyed this fun book. June feels like a real person. The end is unexpected with lots of twists, not predictable at all. My book group inpired me to make my own goal list.

  "Author called into our meeting - and everyone LOVED the book!!" by djanszen (see profile) 02/26/09

This book is our favorite of the past year or so of book club selections. Every person rated it a 8-10 out of 10 and raved about it as being fantastic. The best part of our book club meeting was when Jill Smolinski called in to our meeting and talked to us for 20+ minutes. What a FANTASTIC lady. We were blown-away by her, the book and just the fun we had discussing it. We brought our own bucket lists and talked about why we have certain things on it. It was a wonderful time, and we all highly recommend it for all book clubs to choose.

  "Honest to God laugh out loud funny." by holliemae (see profile) 03/03/09

This book is so funny and such a wonderful, easy read. It makes for great discussion and a lot of wonderful laughs!! I can't wait to tell my friends about this awesome book!

  "Shallow, but an easy read" by nr55 (see profile) 03/08/09

This was a good first book for our first meeting. However, the book was very shallow and without and depth. It didnt really leave much room for discussion. It was easy to get through and fairly funny.

  "A story of Self-Discovery" by donnadeleon (see profile) 03/11/09

A light story with a little romance, but which generates some thought. Good for a club discussion... it would be interesting to learn what others would include on their lists. Might be a good ice-breaker for a club just starting up.

  "Good Book for Clubs" by jwoodley (see profile) 03/14/09

This book was a good read, not too heavy at all. I would recommend it for any club.

  "Loved It! Cute, fun, fast read!" by kklimenko4 (see profile) 03/23/09

  "great, easy, fun read!!" by pambs (see profile) 04/01/09

Our book club had a fun discussion with this book. We also enjoyed playing a few of the list activities. We appreciated the humor, and loved the many characters and side stories to the "list". While light, the book still offered solid advice regarding living and what it is that we really want to do in our lives.

  "Very funny and well written" by puppymom (see profile) 04/22/09

This was an easy read. The characters really popped off of the pages. The main character was trying to change other people's lives and instead had her own life chaged!

  "Funny, light-hearted, good message" by etena726 (see profile) 04/23/09

This is a great light-hearted read. It's funny and sweet and has a great ending. Their are alot of great discussion topics. My group had a good time with this book.

  "The Next Thing On My List" by sharen (see profile) 04/30/09

We enjoyed this selection because it was light reading. It wasn't the best book we ever read, but it wasn't the worst either. We liked the fact that the heroine grew with each item on the list she accomplished and, in the end, felt better about herself and her life.

  "The Next thing on my List" by robndenise (see profile) 05/09/09

Loved it! It was a fun, fast read.

  "The next thing on my list" by abbyeg (see profile) 05/15/09

this book was a surprise from the time i started reading it. i enjoyed it fully, it was inspriring, i highly recommend it, if your into light enjoyable reading.

  "Next Thing on the List" by eat3path (see profile) 05/15/09

Our book club really enjoyed this book because it made us really think about our own lives and changes we could make to get the most out of each day! The book really inspired alot of soul-searching and self-reflective discussion that the whole group really enjoyed.

  "Next Thing on My List" by salevine410 (see profile) 05/16/09

A very current and engaging book, however, it made you think about yourself and how you would handle different situations. Everyone in our club enjoyed it!

  "Great Summer Read" by ivy_lady_72 (see profile) 06/08/09

I wasn't sure what to expect when I picked up this book. I was pleased to find it was a fun read with substance. This is a great vacation book!!!

  "The Next Thing on My List" by cocobean04 (see profile) 06/23/09

  "The Next Thing on My list" by donnaferebee (see profile) 06/25/09

Well written, funny and an easy-read. Great summer reading!

  "Fun summer read" by Natty6782 (see profile) 08/15/09

Nothing serious or life changing here. This book is just fun and nothing else.

  "fun bookclub discussion" by judyk (see profile) 08/27/09

  "The Next Thing On My List" by lbohr22 (see profile) 09/22/09

I thought it was a fun book that made you think about some of the things you would want to do by the time you are a certain age. It made me think differently about what I would like to accomplish at some point.

  "The nest thing on my list" by mayra (see profile) 09/29/09

  "The Next Thing on My List" by kabarn (see profile) 11/05/09

The character isn't very likable at the beginning. We all agreed that she appeared to be just checking off the items on the list to get it done rather than getting the spirit of the list. It did make us reflect on our on lives and making time to get things done that matter to us and would be life defining.

  "The Next Thing on My List: A Novel" by Lauradf (see profile) 11/09/09

It was good light reading. Although the plot was good it didn't seem like the woman quite understood the point of the list and fulfilled it with things that weren't in the spirit of the list. It makes you think of what you would want to put on your list.

  "The Next Thing on my List" by yfgiggles (see profile) 12/03/09

This was a very easy read. The story line moved quickly and kept me reading, I didn't want to put it down. There was silliness, romance family drama and a hint of adventure. I would like to see a second book to take the characters further...

  "Too much fun!" by joyfulscrapper (see profile) 01/25/10

  "Fun quick read" by PECHEMAN (see profile) 02/15/10

I really liked was a fun read.

  "The Next Thing on My List" by dwoodard035 (see profile) 02/17/10

Tells the story of a young unmotivated young woman drifting thru life until a tragic accident suddenly gives her life meaning and direction.

  "The Next Thing on the List" by Kathy E. (see profile) 02/17/10

June Parker, works for L.A. Rideshare, adores her rent-stabilized apartment in Santa Monica, and struggles with losing a few pesky pounds. And her life is about change.
After a fatal car accident in which her passenger, Marissa, dies, June finds herself in possession of Marissa's list, “20 Things to Do By My 25th Birthday.” Even though they barely knew each other, June is compelled by both guilt and a desire to set things right and finish the list for Marissa. As June races to achieve each goal before the deadline, she learns more about her own life than she ever bargained for. This story inspired each of us to think of our own lists. A couple of us even made our own.

  "Liked It!" by nmbaker123 (see profile) 02/20/10

Very enjoyable! For a rather morbid subject, the book is surprisingly humerous. It's well written and a story that touches you. It's an excellent topic for book clubs - providing great topics to discuss from the story as well as to ponder your own list.

  "Good , Fun book" by michgano (see profile) 02/21/10

Interesting perspective on how one person turned a tragedy into something positive for both herself and the victim's family--and changed herself along the way. Easy read.

  "Do You Have a To-Do List?" by FtLaudGal (see profile) 02/26/10

A fun story about a serious subject. We had great discussions about what we would like to accomplish before we leave this earth. An easy read.

  "Fun and Inspiring" by jancweb (see profile) 03/14/10

Great, easy read. You have to like June as she fumbles through the list and it makes you think of "what do I want to accomplish"

  "The Next Thing on my List" by dehaven1 (see profile) 03/15/10

Thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was an easy read but also gets the reader wondering what would be on their "list" and makes you want to make a list NOW!

  "Fresh Outlook on Life and Values" by Cupcake_Princess (see profile) 03/15/10

Reading this book myself, and my book club all felt as though we needed our list. And agree it should only keep on growing and never end. This story takes you on a journey but it could have gone deeper however it is still a nice uplifting read.

  "Next Thing on My List" by Misfits (see profile) 03/18/10

Fast read. Everyone LOVED it.

  "Next Thing on my List" by ocreader (see profile) 03/19/10

A fun first book club book.

  "Great Book" by chazzababe81 (see profile) 03/23/10

I love lists so this book was great for me. I have similiar lists of things I want to achieve and it inspired me to achieve them.

  "Just o.k." by metalco (see profile) 04/09/10

It was just "o.k." not bad or good. An easy read but not much depth.

  "the next thing on my list" by natdeeluvsbooks (see profile) 04/18/10

really good book. I recommended this one to quite a gew folks.
it's a good fast read, and funny too.

  "The Next Thing on My List" by anurenberg (see profile) 04/26/10

  "The Next Thing on My List: A Novel" by Connieh67 (see profile) 05/03/10

  "The Next Thing on My List" by swiss11 (see profile) 05/06/10

I enjoyed this book very much. It got my attention from the very first page. It makes you think about life and how precious it really is.

  "Thought-provoking" by ozzily (see profile) 05/09/10

An easy to read story with humor about a serious subject. A victim herself of a car accident, the main character feels guilty for the death of her passenger. As she works her way through the items on the dead woman's list of things to accomplish before her 25th birthday, she opens up her life to new experiences, thoughts and feelings.

  "Very fun and quick read." by akaczkowski (see profile) 05/09/10

  "The Next Thing on My List" by avalongaladriel (see profile) 05/17/10

A cute vapid little novel - nice for an afternoon rainy day read, (and you WILL finish it in an afternoon, I did in 4 hours). This is something that is for entertainment, and not, in my opinion for a book club. There is really nothing truly interesting to discuss - everything is obvious and cliched. It does not force the reader to move beyond their comfort zone - unless the reader is male, has no intuition about females and lives under a giant rock (i.e. highly unlikely to exist).

  "Really easy read." by Dyna (see profile) 05/30/10

  "The Next Thing on My List" by dlapioli (see profile) 06/01/10

  "A Fun and Light Read" by elisamj (see profile) 06/12/10

  "A good read!" by cartc11 (see profile) 06/21/10

  "Fun, not heavy reading" by crashcutter (see profile) 06/29/10

  "The Next Thing on My List" by CarolN (see profile) 07/02/10

Perfect summer reading - take it on vacation - light reading but thought provoking. Would one of your friends (old or just had met) take on your "bucket list"? And if so would he/she find out more about his/herself than about you? These questions are answered in Jill's delightful book. I'm taking this book along on a family vacation to share with others.

  "Great for new book group" by aronan (see profile) 07/21/10

The book is about a woman fulfilling another woman's bucket list of things to do before she turns 30 -the woman with the list is killed in a car accident -the protagonist was the driver. Served as a great first meeting ice breaker as we each shared some of our "bucket list" items.

  "Fun and Light Read" by jbracey (see profile) 08/25/10

Wasn't a big discussion type book for discussion with the group.

  "The Next Thing On My List" by niteskye (see profile) 09/05/10

I liked this much more than I thought I would. An easy read, but with well developed characters and plenty of little twists to keep it interesting.

  "The Next Thing on My List" by LisaMCO (see profile) 09/07/10

An easy read, both laugh out loud funny and touching.

  "Shallow list" by ercourson (see profile) 09/12/10

Didn't feel the the nature of the accomplishing the list was sincere or inspiring

  "The Next Thing on the List" by sjones (see profile) 09/16/10

We really enjoyed it and want to read Flip Flopped

  "The Next Thing on my List" by jbennett562 (see profile) 09/16/10

  "The Next Thing on My List" by JoanneK (see profile) 10/06/10

We thought that this was a fun book overall.

  "made me think" by 8feetfast (see profile) 10/09/10

It really made me think about what I would like to do before I die and what should be a priority in my life. It was much harder to make a list than I thought. Club enjoyed the book and the discussion helped us get to know each other a little better.

  "The Next Thing on My List Review" by leanekp (see profile) 10/29/10

  "The Next Thing on My Lost" by amsilv04 (see profile) 11/01/10

Thought the book was an quick and easy read. Really Felt connected with the character. Jill did a really good job on potraying the characters in finishing the list

  "The List" by MimiH (see profile) 11/01/10

I listened to the audio book on a recent trip, and then I read the book. I thought the author did a good job of putting a positive spin on a tragedy. The novel was thought provoking and inspiring, because it made me think of things I wanted to accomplish before my next birthday.

  "The next thing on my List is a fast paced, inspiring read." by nascardc (see profile) 11/01/10

Very easy to get to know the characters and their necessary role in the storyline. Was inspired to create my own list and realized alt about myself. She took a tragic event in the beginning and turned it into a fun adventure into life.

  "Not so great for discussion" by v.skywark (see profile) 11/02/10

Our club members found this book so shallow that it did not sustain their interest. It might be interesting for younger readers.

  "chick lit" by Franibelle (see profile) 11/03/10

maybe a good beach read for days when you don't want to think or concentrate too much.

  "The Next Thing on My List" by sharonpar (see profile) 11/03/10

  "The Next Thing On My List" by buster (see profile) 11/03/10

No relationship with characters. Book reads like a script for a light weight TV Movie. Considering the tragic situation that occurs, the thinly drawn main character lacks genuine depth and sincerity. This is one of those books I would have put away unread had it not been on our 'list'. That being said, I do appreciate the authors attempt at turning dark into light.

  "The Next Thing on My List" by DeannaClark (see profile) 11/04/10

  "Fun Read" by kristinbluedog (see profile) 11/23/10

This was a cute book that made for and easy, fun read. I read it as an "in between" book from book club and enjoyed it.

  "The next thing on my list" by lisurb62 (see profile) 12/03/10

  "LIsts" by mcrchick (see profile) 12/28/10

  "funny" by thebettertwin20 (see profile) 12/30/10

  "The Next Thing on My List" by Trumanngirl (see profile) 01/13/11

  "The Next Thing on my List" by acelis (see profile) 01/17/11

  "Chick-lit Fun" by JustMe (see profile) 01/31/11

An easy read, good humor and inspired me to make my own list. Was a fun discussion with the book club. We all shared 3 items on our list and guessed whose were whose.

  "Pretty good." by rdfstrong (see profile) 01/31/11

  "Next Thing on my list" by nmjm4me (see profile) 02/11/11

The timing of her list was interesting. Makes you think about how your list would be different depending on your age and life stages and circumstances.

  "not the best book, but had great discussion" by argoanne (see profile) 02/23/11

So the book itself is pretty simple and too conveniently contrived. The subject matter however was very interesting and led to a wonderful discussion! We all wrote lists, then passed them to our neighbor and talked about how uncomfortable it would be to comeplete someone else's list. Our consensus was that this could have been a great book if it was taken to the next level from a writing standpoint.

  "It was cute and light" by tcrown (see profile) 03/21/11

It was a good story that made you smile and laugh

  "This will make you think about life" by oldandwrinkled2 (see profile) 03/27/11

  "Good story but it didn't quite work for me" by gundysmom (see profile) 04/02/11

  "Cute!" by vikamunga (see profile) 04/10/11

  "The next thing on my list" by coakes (see profile) 05/05/11

Easy light read.

  "The next thing on my list" by brnoze (see profile) 05/12/11

We chose this lightweight read because of our busy schedules and not because of a need for deep thought provoking study. The group was asked to bring a short list of what they might put on their personal lists. Good discussions. Gave us a peek at others in group that we would not have otherwise shared. Fun!

  "Fun beach read" by tonigiles (see profile) 06/01/11

This book is just cute. Yes, the initial premise is a bit dark in a sense, but I could see how this could be realistic. It had a little bit of Janet Evanovich fun and an easy read. I liked the ending-a bit of twist - not how you thought it would turn out.

  "uplifting but not repeat" by Brilynn2 (see profile) 06/11/11

The book was very easy to read, finished in a week. I thought the story bounced around a bit. The story seemed like a story but there were some cute moments. Overall I thought the book was good but not great and I probably would not read again.

  "The Next Thing on My List" by togiak (see profile) 06/14/11

  "fun, light reading" by lindacv (see profile) 06/22/11

  "Makes You Want To Make A List Of Your Own" by Willow2676 (see profile) 09/22/11

There is so much to talk about not just the book but sharing your own dreams and experiences.

  "Light and easy read but very much enjoyed it" by Mjelawson (see profile) 10/28/11

  "Great Read" by kavigil (see profile) 12/06/11

  "A book that make you think" by rissa0525 (see profile) 02/22/12

This is a book that will make you ponder what you have or haven't accomplished in your life. A easy fun read.

  "This book should be the next thing on your list!" by ecoalson (see profile) 03/21/12

"The Next Thing on My List" is a lighthearted tale of a woman who is stuck in a life-rut and is presented with a unique opportunity to change direction by fulfilling the dreams of another woman who died before she could achieve them for herself. What a richer life we might all have if we had a list of all the experiences we would like to have and then we went out and had them!

  "The Next Thing On My List" by jamoore06 (see profile) 03/25/12

This book took me from the start. A quick read with pleasant humor and relatable moments for any woman. I literally couldn't put this book down and read it in a few days straight!

  "The Next Thing on My List" by defterp (see profile) 04/03/12

  "Light and thoughtful" by Katha (see profile) 04/04/12

While reading The Next Thing on My List I kept thinking that my daughter of sixteen would enjoy the storyline. After reading it I created my own list.

  "The Next Thing on My List" by amywhelan (see profile) 04/04/12

It was a good read. I didn't find it life changing, but definitely interesting. Not sure if it has the "book club" status, however.

  "The Next Thing on My List: A Novel" by weaver (see profile) 04/08/12

  "Love the Author!" by LDober (see profile) 05/23/12

Our bookclub not only loved the concept of this book, we were honored to have Jill Smolinski Skype into our book club meeting and talk about how she created the characters and her current quest to complete her own list. Now, we are considering doing a group list and journaling the results! GREAT read with the potential for lots of interaction and discussion!

  "The Next Thing on My List" by BethL (see profile) 06/18/12

Great book for a good book club. Enjoyable fast funny read

  "The Next Thing on My List" by lcrumbaugh (see profile) 07/09/12

This quick read inspired my book club to make our own summer lists, and we then drew one another's names and agreed to help fulfill our person fulfill their dreams!

  "The Next Thing on my List will make you write your own list..." by lizblair (see profile) 07/09/12

Although it starts off slowly, it picks up pace towards the middle and sprints to a great ending!

  "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade story...." by MDJDCouple (see profile) 07/10/12

Although it has a sad beginning, this story is a mostly inspiring tale of what to do when you are handed you a terrible life changing tragedy.

  "The Next Thing on My List" by zaxmom15701 (see profile) 07/10/12

I absolutely loved this book! It has inspired me to work on a bucket list of my own. I laughed, I cried, I got mad. The whole gammit. FYI...if reading in public people may look at you strangely. I kept laughing out loud around the pool. Also, if you choose this book for you book club, which I highly recommend, get in touch with the author, Jill Smolinski. She skyped into our book club. What a joy! Thanks, Jill!

  "The Next Thing on My List" by mbonatch (see profile) 07/11/12

I found this book to be very entertaining and a fast read. The humor and the quirky characters were endearing.

  "FUN read!" by jwookie (see profile) 07/25/12

Loved the idea of the main character, finishing another person's bucket list. Charming, witty, fun, with a little romance and intrigue thrown in for good measure!

  "The Next Thing on My List" by kmjones (see profile) 09/11/12

  "THE NEXT THING ON MY LIST" by dseward (see profile) 09/25/12

It was a fun, laugh out loud book. Our discussion was fun and entertaing. It was also inspirting to try and make your own list of next things to do in life.

  "An Inspiring Read" by Shawnee (see profile) 10/01/12

  "Update your Bucket List!" by skinnyatlas (see profile) 10/14/12

Humorous, charming and quick read about a woman fullfilling the life long goals of another woman she accidentally kills, thereby finding her own meaning in life.

  "The Next Thing on My List" by Tracylu (see profile) 10/19/12

Easy fun read

  "The Nest Thing on My List" by carolynbond (see profile) 12/13/12

It was a good choice for a busy month since it is shorter than some. Not everyone in the club liked the book, but most did. We liked the struggle to think of ways to complete the more difficult items on the list. We liked that the romantic side story was not predictable...come out as we all thought it might. We liked the development of the one "mystery item" on the list and how and when it was finally accomplished. So while the subject of the book was not "fun", the way the story developed was fun.

  "Cute and fun" by iambcad (see profile) 02/22/13

This is a fun read if your club has been reading a lot of heavy stuff and you are needing a break. Good, funny writing with a bummer of a premise.

  "Great read for your book club!!!" by jeancollier (see profile) 06/03/13

  "The Next Thing on My List" by beach (see profile) 06/16/13

I absolutely loved this book. It reminded me of the ever-so-popular movie \\\\\\\"The Bucket List.\\\\\\\" Here\\\\\\\'s the difference: \\\\\\\"The Bucket List\\\\\\\" was a wonderful movie that made a lot of people talk and possibly even think about their own lives. \\\\\\\"The Next Thing on My List\\\\\\\" made me want to become a better person. I used to volunteer a lot, and I used to love kids. For several personal reasons, I quit volunteering and stopped being around kids as much. While reading this book, I have begun volunteering again, and of all places, this time it is with an orphanage. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed volunteering, especially with those who truly need the help. Most of all though, I had forgotten how much I truly adore kids. This book made me act on my life, rather than just think about it. This is the first book I have read by this author, and it is the first book that I would say was a life-changer. I would recommend \\\\\\\"The Next Thing on My List\\\\\\\" to anyone, and will be reading other books by Jill Smolinski in the near future.

  "the next thing om my list" by whitesc3 (see profile) 02/18/15

A cute book that lead our book club to examine and share our own bicket lists.

  "" by holawasr (see profile) 02/18/15

  "Sucks you right into the book!" by Lenz653699 (see profile) 01/08/16

This is such a fun book, it truly sucks you right in within the first few pages. It is a quick read and would suggest it to anyone looking for a good book.

  "" by dmpinkel (see profile) 01/08/16

  "The Next Thing on My List" by webhau1 (see profile) 05/19/16

I thought this was a good book club book and an easier read. It prompted good discussion in our group. The writing style and the way that the story went reminded a couple of us of Janet Evanovich type of books. I liked the authors writing style.

  "" by lposton (see profile) 06/09/18

  "" by jbrod (see profile) 08/19/18

  "" by KBedner (see profile) 09/28/19

  "" by [email protected] (see profile) 11/01/22

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