Between, Georgia
by Joshilyn Jackson
Paperback- $15.00

Nonny Frett understands the meaning of the phrase "in
between a rock and a hard place" better than any woman
alive. She's got two mothers, ...

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  "Two families with very different lifestyles and lives." by gypsydm5453 (see profile) 01/05/08

Loved this book. It was a very easy read.
I live in "the south" and I have seen so many "Crabtees"..I just had to laugh at times. I have lived in Georgia and in Alabama so I think I've seen my share.
We talked a lot about nature vs. nurture and that is a big part of this story..along with learning to find you and then be you.
Nonny's men are so cool. Loved them both.
This book will stay on my self.

  "Another great read from Joshilyn Jackson!" by jendicus (see profile) 01/10/08

Another great read from Joshilyn Jackson.

  "Interesting point of view of southern life." by ResedaBabe (see profile) 05/01/08

  "Did not like depiction of Southern small town life." by gourmet (see profile) 05/02/08

  "An easy read that keeps you interested" by cjballard (see profile) 05/07/08

I enjoyed this book for what it easy read with interesting charachters. It won't win awards but it definitely keeps you interested and invested in the story.

Overall, I liked it and it was worth the time I spent reading it.

  "An ok book" by ezzie36330 (see profile) 03/04/09

I thought that Joshilyn Jackson could have done more with the characters. The back of the book does not describe what the book is actually about.

  "Strange story of a girl who comes back to her home town where mayhem and chaos ensue." by bchamplin (see profile) 03/20/09

It was not my favorite of the books on the club list. I am still not sure what exactly the story was about. The whole story was so strange and those character names...come on.
Anyway I have heard Joshilyn's other book "Gods in Alabama" is a much better book. Maybe I will give it a whirl.

  "A book about relationships" by gracielita34 (see profile) 08/18/09

I love the way that this book is written through a child's eye. What a smart and witty girl.

  "Not In Between on In, Between- didn't like it" by tballard (see profile) 05/27/10

Not impressed. Love her book Gods in Alabama. Disappointed in this one.

  "" by MOONZOT (see profile) 01/17/19

  "" by [email protected] (see profile) 04/13/19

  "" by [email protected] (see profile) 10/06/20

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