The Dressmaker: A Novel
by Kate Alcott
Hardcover- $25.95

Just in time for the centennial anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic comes a vivid, romantic, and relentlessly compelling historical ...

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  "The Dressmaker: A Novel" by gazzingo (see profile) 03/22/12

Though the topic of Titanic survivors and information on the aftermath of the tragedy was interesting, the actual story was quite predictable. It was actually a Cinderella story and many of the events were farfetched. It was an easy read.

  "Fresh New Take on the Story of the Titanic" by zodejodie4 (see profile) 04/29/12

Having been a journalist herself, it's not surprising that one of the central figures in this story is a journalist. It is precisely that character that takes this fictionalized account of a survivor from the Titanic in a fresh, new direction, one we haven't seen or one we've seen very little of in the past. Through the eyes of the journalist and the apprentice dressmaker, the title character, we see an imagining of what might have happened in the aftermath of the survival. From accounts drawn from actual testimony from the inquiries, a story of the lingering effects of that event and the choices survivors made both during the disaster and in the aftermath is sketched.

  "The Dressmaker" by athornton (see profile) 02/08/13

Easy to read- could lead to more ideas of books to read for book club.

  "Dressmaker" by amour123 (see profile) 04/18/13

Tess peeked my interest right away. wanted to find out what happens to her. Life boat incidents, did not realize the things that took place. the trials. and everyone that testified were all different as to what happened.

  "Good read and new knowledge of Titantic sinking" by Callie (see profile) 04/18/13

Pluses included character development and variety, the historical facts presented and the realism of the sinking. Minuses included the hard to believe luck of Tess; walking out on her employer and immediately being employed by the Duffs as well as meeting the wealthy older gentleman on the boat. Most would recomend it to others as a good read.

  "Great for anyone who is interested in the aftermath of Titanic" by RockinRenee (see profile) 05/30/13

Although this book centers on a love triangle, I feel that was the least interesting part of the book. What is great about this book is how the author takes a historical figure who was vilified for her actions when Titanic sunk and makes her (and her husband) human. There is also a lot of great information about what happened after Titanic sunk, as well as pointing out some of the most important political movements of the day. Lots of great description and plenty of emotion.

  "Historical Fiction" by kentuckmn (see profile) 05/31/13

Although a Historical fiction, I learned a lot more about the sinking of the Titanic and the survivors than I knew previously. The book really kept my attention and it was a very fast read.

  "The Dressmaker" by ADMINOFFICER (see profile) 06/03/13

Oh we enjoyed this book. Highly recommend for a light read.

  "Boring" by awr115 (see profile) 07/19/13

I love historical fiction but barely made it through this book. Boring characters and a story that was unconvincing. A real disappointment- based on the premise - I thought it would be really good

  "." by reds285 (see profile) 10/26/13

  "this book should have gone down with the Titanic" by dchase21 (see profile) 04/25/14

Poorly written unconvincing love story masquerading as historical fiction. Danielle Steel survives on he Titanic. A complete waste of time. some interesting facts about the Congressional hearings but don't waste your time reading this go to and read the transcripts.

  "The Dressmaker" by Circle199 (see profile) 08/18/14

Everyone was mostly interested in learning things about the Titanic that they did not know. The club overall thought the book was interesting and insightful. Personally I thought it was a little slow and focused too much on possible love interests than in the history.

  "The Dressmaker" by bkmnmpl (see profile) 04/15/15

I enjoyed this venture into the aftermath of the sinking of the Titanic. This novel focuses upon the social, political, and financial consequences of this disaster. Alcott also throws in some interesting characters and a bit of romance.

  "" by nuthatch903 (see profile) 04/22/15

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