The Weird Sisters
by Eleanor Brown
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The Weird Sisters

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  "Wonderful" by MeghanM (see profile) 03/15/11

I loved this book. The family dynamic is realistic. The sisters relationship is complicated frustrating and rewarding. Very well written and inspiring to anyone with a sibling (or two), anyone with a family that seems a little different than most, and anyone who has faced personal disappointment and had re-adjust her plans. This book is relatable to all.

  "The Weird Sisters" by dbriscoe (see profile) 03/21/11

  "The Weird Sisters" by Withers (see profile) 03/24/11

  "The Weird Sisters" by debbie.obrien (see profile) 03/31/11

A totally delightful book with characters so dynamic you feel like you've always known them. I love the collective voice - brilliant!

  "Fantastic Book!" by debbie.obrien (see profile) 03/31/11

Couldn't put it down!

  "The Weird sisters" by msharry (see profile) 05/10/11

Lots to talk about with this book--another disfunctional family--all searching for something: control, order, attention, meaning....How childhood roles continue into adulthood until we finally grow we make assumptions about each other and these assumptions color our relationships and our own self-image...what it means to be a one can love without liking. I didn't have much patience with any of the characters--perhaps it is because of my advanced age---but I just wanted to shake them and tell them to get over themselves already. The struggles for identity and meaning suffered by 20- and 30- year- olds probably are experienced by all of us in one way or another, to one extent or another--these folks just seemed to wallow in them.

  "Interesting look at a family" by tonigiles (see profile) 05/25/11

This was a fun book. Interesting how they all three are talking/narrating and jumping back and forth. Love the Dad, some Dad's don't talk and other's talk in Iambic Pentameter. Families never seem to change that much over time and this is just a good story.

  "I really wanted to like this book...." by mlbenedict (see profile) 06/01/11

I just couldn't get into this book. I'm not sure if it was due to the first person plural narrative in spots, or the general whininess of the sisters and the fact that there was an inplausible ending, IMO.

  "The Weird Sisters" by robinpranga (see profile) 06/30/11

I loved this book. Reading about the relationships between the sisters will definitely get you to reflect on your own family dynamics. The ending gives us all hope that it's never too late to make changes in our lives.

  "Sisters" by stell4r (see profile) 09/03/11

  "The Weird Sisters" by barnqueenb (see profile) 09/13/11

I really enjoyed this book and since I have an older sister, found many parts to be amusing and true. As I got more into it, I found I didn't want to put it down.

  "The Weird Sisters" by Neyly (see profile) 10/28/11

I like the book. The reader visits the Andreas family at a low point - but the author leavens the lows with insight and humor. The mother fights breast cancer - chemo, surgery, radiation, and more chemo. All three sisters come home - ostensibly to care for Mom. Each sister, however, lands at home at a crossroads in her own life - lifestyle decisions needs must be made. The interplay between sisters feels realistic. As with most families, I like some members better than others but rooted for an upbeat ending for all. Plenty of discussion fodder for book clubs.

  "Repeating our chidhood" by FTessa (see profile) 04/10/12

I really enjoyed this novel. I loved the exploration of family dynamic, was engaged in the story, liked that there was no “magic fix” to their self-created problems.

The Andreas sisters have always felt that they had a lot to live up to – their parents’ expectations, of course, but also the burden of the great women characters for whom they were named, and their feeling that everyone expects “great things” from each of them. Now they are adults, all back in town to help their mother as she deals with breast cancer. Life has buffeted the sisters and things haven’t turned out quite as they expected, but they seem to cling to the roles they’ve always played and that they feel define them, and this sets up the central tension of the novel.

Brown explores issues of communication, of sibling rivalry, of the dichotomy of seeking independence and yet shouldering responsibility. The sisters have some hard lessons to learn before they can move beyond their disappointments and setbacks, and face the future as true adults.

Book on CD performed by Kirsten Potter. Potter’s performance is just about perfect; giving clear voice to the many characters (I particularly like how she voiced the father and Cordy). I would definitely read another book by Brown, and listen to another audio performed by Potter.

  "Great Discussion" by NRPublicLibrary (see profile) 04/11/12

This is a great book for discussing siblings, birth order, parenting and what it means to be a grown-up. It also has some of the best quotes in it this being our favorite-
“What I mean is, I still feel like me. It’s not like I wake up and think, I am a responsible adult. I just look in the mirror and see myself. The same stupid person I’ve been looking at for years.”

  "The Weird Sisters" by Shirley2012 (see profile) 05/30/12

A Shakesperian professor who lives within his own literary walls. Devoted to his wife, but aloof with his 3 children. The 3 sisters are pretty reflective of their birth order and at times really unlikeable, but are believable and realistic. Good reading, entertaining, and intriguing family dynamics. Recommended.

  "The Weird Sisters" by cpapuga (see profile) 05/31/12

Our group enjoyed talking about some of the situations brought up by this book. Does birth order play a part in who we are? What defines when we truly become "adults?" Is the influence from our families always a part of us?

Since we have a few English teachers in the group, they especially liked the Shakespeare references and quotes.

None of us liked any of the sisters that much. Read the book and see what your club thinks!

  "The Weird Sisters" by Deemann11 (see profile) 12/01/12

This book is an interesting look at the relationships of three very different sisters who as the cover says, "love each other but don't like each other very much". The author has done something interesting with the narration which only one of our club members noticed right away. We were glad that we read this book.

  "The Weird Sisters" by lcmerchant (see profile) 12/01/12

My book club enjoyed this book. It made for good comparsions to our own families' dynamics.

  "Quirky and Fun" by critzyj (see profile) 12/12/12

This is a story of three sisters, very different from one another, but deeply connected. Their family interactions were interesting and fun.

  "The Weird Sisters" by sgr62 (see profile) 02/14/13

Interesting take on the relationship between sisters. Also it is written from the perspective of all the sisters so this makes a little different. It was a quick read and too heavy.

  "OK but ..." by mooresar (see profile) 03/02/13

Our book club unanimously agreed that the book was too predictable/pat. The characterizations of the older, middle, and younger sister provided nothing new and the Pollyanna ending left much to be desired. Several of our members disliked the narrative voice, finding it distracting and confusing. It t would make a great beach read as long as you don't mind predictability..

  "The Weird Sisters" by tinashop (see profile) 06/12/13

  "The Weird Sisters" by miertschin (see profile) 06/12/13

This book delves into sisterhood and birth order and how it shapes who we become as adults. It is a fantastic discussion book.

  "The Weird Sisters" by Silver's Reviews (see profile) 07/17/13

Three sisters, three different outlooks on life, three different opinions about working, three different attitudes concerning just about everything, but they all had the same reason for coming home.....their mother needed help because of her breast cancer.

Rose was the practical, organized sister, Bean was the attorney turned thief, and Cordy was still the spoiled child she always was. They all had some secret or concern as they returned to their childhood home.

Their childhood home was one of love, of books, and Shakespearean quotes....the entire family quoted Shakespeare as they spoke and thought nothing of doing so. None of the girls was ever without a book in her hands.

Just as in childhood, the adult lives of each sister went opposite ways in terms of interest and responsibility, but their love and concern for each other was evident. The emotions of the characters and the descriptions of situations especially during childhood flashbacks was perfectly depicted allowing the reader to experience the hominess of small town connections and the nostalgia of coming back to your roots.

You will enjoy each sister for her strengths and shortcomings, and you will admire their parents for their love of each other and for the love of reading they instilled in their daughters.

I really enjoyed this book...if you have sisters, you will cherish it, and you will most likely be comparing these characters to see which sister you are!! If you don't have sisters, the bond between all the characters will "warm your heart" and have you thinking about your own family and sibling relationships. 5/5

P. S. The Three Witches or Weird Sisters are characters in William Shakespeare's play Macbeth (c. 1603–1607)...information taken from Wikipedia.

  "It kept me entertained!" by Wvgirlygirl27 (see profile) 09/09/13

I love the perspective that this book was written in, it was different and quite refreshing! Nice touch! However, the majority of my book club didn't like the book so I had to give it a thumbs down. It is a good personal read but wasn't ideal for a book club selection.

  "The Weird Sisters" by [email protected] (see profile) 11/09/13

It spurred a fun conversation in our group about birth order and the quirks in our own families.

  "A Fun Read" by pjbw331 (see profile) 01/07/14

Enjoyed this book. I would highly reccomend it to anyone.

  "Weird Sisters" by susanokc (see profile) 01/28/14

  "The Weird Sisters" by blackstone727 (see profile) 05/28/14

Great character development, but not much as far as a plot is concerned. It left me with a good feeling.

  "The Weird Sisters" by aubreysmom (see profile) 06/02/14

I had a hard time like , or connecting with the characters. It wrapped up a bit too quickly and neatly at the end for my taste.

  "Wierd Sisters" by [email protected] (see profile) 03/20/16

Very fun. Could relate to all sisters in some way. Simple but kept my interest

  "Strange style, good story" by scotlass66 (see profile) 04/23/16

The author's style was a little difficult, first-person "we" and never sure who "we" was, but the story and characters were well-done and interesting. Lots to discuss.

  "" by laurajohnson (see profile) 08/16/17

  "" by [email protected] (see profile) 04/24/20

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