The Christie Affair: A Novel
by Nina de Gramont
Paperback- $17.99

Nina de Gramont's The Christie Affair is a stunning novel that reimagines the unexplained eleven-day disappearance of Agatha Christie that ...

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  "Did you know she had disappeared for a short time?" by Silversolara (see profile) 02/03/22

Nan O’Dea already had a history when she met and had an affair with Archie Christie, husband of Agatha Christie.

The infidelity on Archie’s part caused his wife to disappear for 11 days with everyone thinking Agatha had killed herself.

The story of Agatha Christie's disappearance was very interesting, and I wasn’t aware this happened.

Agatha’s story was enjoyable. Nan’s story was not enjoyable at first but became better especially when secrets about her emerged. She wasn’t a nice person or should I say she was a calculating person.

As the story unfolds, we get to know Agatha through the author’s detailed, fluid writing style. We also learn about Nan and her plans.

There are a few twists and surprises, and overall THE CHRISTIE AFFAIR was good.

The way Ms. de Gramont wrapped up the book was clever.

Historical fiction fans and Agatha Christie fans will enjoy this book very much. It will also be enjoyable for those who didn’t know the facts about Agatha Christie's disappearance and her husband’s infidelity. I only knew her as a terrific author. 4/5

This book was given to me by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

  "" by [email protected] (see profile) 02/05/22

I had major difficulties with the first 72% of this book. I could not understand why Nan was important or what she had to say was important. It was not until the last chapter of part 2 that it started to make sense. The best part of the book is from that point on. Do I sorta wish parts of the story were true? Yes! At one point in the story you, the reader, are given a situation and you have to decide if it is true or not. You are given the options and the conclusion is yours but by the end you know what Nan believes and since it is her story that is what matters. I truly could not understand why I needed to have backstory on Nan and what she went through. I now get it. I just wish I had been given that one piece at the start. I think I would have enjoyed the the entire book if that had been the case. Also, you should not skim or fast forward through this book. You need ALL the hints Nan gives you.

Below are texts I sent with regards to my thoughts on this book while I was reading it and may help explain why the first 2/3 bothered me so.

And this Christie book â?¦.. I might be listening to it but it is messing with me. I am somewhat confused. Also why do I even want to know anything about the mistress?? I get she is the one telling the story but idc. She is a nobody. What happened in her life whether real or pretend I could care less about.

I do not understand the purpose of the Here Lies Sister Mary chapters. I am like what are they for? Filler or is their a point I have not figured out yet. And I am 29% into it. It is well written and is not bad but geez what the mistress thinks happened is irrelevant. She has her own objective. Even at one point sound like she wants Agatha to have killed herself. ??????????? (This is not a spoiler since when Ms.Christie did disappear IRL that was a conclusion.)

  "" by [email protected] (see profile) 06/06/22

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  "Agatha Christie" by tracybowman (see profile) 02/12/23

Interesting take on those mysterious, unknown lost days of Agatha Christie.

  "" by [email protected] (see profile) 04/22/23

An interesting twist

  "" by [email protected] (see profile) 04/26/23

  "" by [email protected] (see profile) 10/26/23

  "" by [email protected] (see profile) 10/29/23

  "Imagined Twists and Turns " by ebach (see profile) 12/16/23

I started THE CHRISTIE AFFAIR with the wrong expectation. I expected this to be a reimagining of Agatha Christie's 11 days when she went missing. While that's true, THE CHRISTIE AFFAIR is even more about Christie's first husband's mistress, Nan. She is really the main character, and she tells the story that is so full of thrilling twists and turns, I enjoyed it more than I ever enjoyed an Agatha Christie novel.

Christie's first husband is spoiled and selfish and wants to dump her in favor of Nan. So your immediate impression of Nan isn't meant to be a good one. However, that will soon change with her story of hardship and romance with an Irish boy/man.

And then there are all the secrets. Four people, including Christie, know what really happened during those 11 days. But everyone keeps her secret because she is keeping their secrets of murder and deception.

As Nan also tells it, Christie, too, has a romance during her 11 missing days. Are her and Nan's romances doomed, or can Nan rewrite the ending?

NOTE: Several other reviews of this book complain that Nan couldn't possibly have known everything she wrote about what happened during the 11 days. This may be their reading comprehension. Nan says more than once that she IMAGINES much of what happened based on what the others told her.

  "" by [email protected] (see profile) 01/21/24

  "" by SandraF (see profile) 01/26/24

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