The Daisy Children: A Novel
by Sofia Grant
Paperback- $9.77

Inspired by true events, in Sofia Grant’s powerfully moving new novel a young woman peels back the layers of her family’s history, ...

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  "The Daisy Children" by Silversolara (see profile) 08/14/18

Heading back to Texas after her grandmother died since she was named in the will was the last thing Katie expected to be doing, but it might have been something good since she and Liam were having some problems.

On her way to the airport, she and Liam were mugged and the only thing Katie had was a maxed-out credit card, sixteen dollars, and her driver's license that she managed to keep from the mugger. He took her phone, her computer, and all of her clothes.

Other obstacles were waiting for Katie when she arrived in Texas. Her mother as usual wasn't there to help, but her cousin Scarlett picked her up in a monster truck, took her to grandmother Margaret's home, and left her to the memories in the house until Scarlett could come back the next day.

THE DAISY CHILDREN takes us back and forth from the time of the explosion in 1937 of a school in New London that killed at least three hundred children and subsequently caused the birth nine months later of siblings of the children killed in the explosion to present day family members and situations.

Sofia Grant has written a captivating tale that takes us to Texas as we follow Margaret's granddaughters, Katie and Scarlett, as they find family secrets while cleaning out her home. As Katie and Scarlett search through things in their grandmother's house, secrets come out about many things that were unknown.

THE DAISY CHILDREN has an interesting story line based on this true event accompanied by Ms. Grant's beautiful writing and marvelous descriptions that take you inside the story with the characters and allow the reader to perfectly visualize everything.

Ms. Grant's beautiful writing style quickly pulls you into the book's story line and historical telling of the 1937 event.

The characters are genuine and true to their era and add a wonderful dimension to the book. Most of the characters are likable.

THE DAISY CHILDREN is a lovely, heartwarming saga revealing family secrets through letters and photographs with the story being wrapped around this little known historical event.

Women's fiction fans will adore this book and will want to recommend it to everyone who loves family drama, family history, and family secrets.

The ending was terrific, and I didn't want the book to end. 5/5

This book was given to me as an ARC. All opinions are my own.

  "If you like chick lit, you will really enjoy this." by thewanderingjew (see profile) 09/05/18

The Daisy Children, Sofia Grant, author
I don’t usually read chick lit, which is how I would describe this book. However, I received this book from librarything in exchange for a review, so I read it until the end. For lovers of that genre, this will be a great read. For others, like me, it will simply pass the time pleasantly.
The story is very loosely based on a horrific historic event which took place in 1937 in a small town in Texas. An elementary school exploded when gas collected in the basement of the building and ignited. Hundreds of children were severely injured and died. This book tries to inform the readers about what possibly might happen when those parents who suffered such grievous losses that day, had other children, sometimes to replace the ones lost. The effect of that loss on the parents’ behavior toward the children born later, and the effects on the children themselves, whose very presence kept the memory of those lost alive, could be devastating and long lasting even extending from generation to generation.
In the novel, four generations of women are examined, beginning with the first that lost a child to the tragedy. The women all seem to share a selfish, headstrong personality, and it isn’t until the fourth generation that there is somewhat of a softening to that trait in the form of some characters who morph into more compassionate individuals. I did not like many of the characters as they seemed shallow and self absorbed. They marched to their own drummers at the expense of others. They were devious, disloyal and even dishonest. Secrets, lies and impulsive behavior seemed to guide the women of the novel. They did not deal with disappointment well and blamed others for their misfortunes.
The book would have been served well with a family tree in the back, to guide the reader through the many generations and relatives; however, that might give away part of the story so the reader would have to entertain discipline and not peek to set everything straight until the last page was turned.

  "" by TPAYNE22 (see profile) 04/17/19

I thought the book was very good. Made me laugh and made me cry at times. I can relate to the strained relationship between the mothers and daughters. Highly recommend.

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