Flight Patterns
by Karen White
Hardcover- $13.61

The New York Times bestselling author of The Guests on South Battery tells the story of a woman coming home to the family she left ...

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  "Flight Patterns" by Silversolara (see profile) 06/03/16

Georgia vowed she would never return home after she and her sister had words and parted ways ten years ago.

But....never say never. James, a client of Georgia's looking for a special Limoges China pattern changed it all because Georgia had to go home to look for a similar piece that she remembers her grandmother had, and James went with her.

FLIGHT PATTERNS pulled me in immediately with the marvelous writing style of Karen White and the interesting research done on Limoges China and beekeeping.

Learning about china patterns and the nature of bees couldn't have been more enjoyable.

I absolutely loved FLIGHT PATTERNS and enjoyed the characters.

Georgia was a bit aloof but likeable.

I was a bit perturbed with Maisey's negative attitude.

Becky was simply adorable, and Grandfather was wonderful.

Birdie was an odd, mysterious character.

James was every bit the gentleman and very likeable.

My favorite part was the mystery behind the connection between the Limoges soup cup and Georgia and Maisey's family and James' family.

FLIGHT PATTERNS is a beautiful book about family, reconnecting, and has the added bonus of a few family secrets. The secrets are quite good. :)

The beekeeper's quotes at the head of each chapter were thoughtful and interesting, and the inspiring quotes throughout the book were marvelous.

Another lovely, enjoyable, memorable read that won't disappoint fans of Karen White and women's fiction.

Do not miss reading FLIGHT PATTERNS. 5/5

This book was given to me free of charge and without compensation by the publisher in return for a honest review.

  "An Awesome and Beautiful Read" by nbaker (see profile) 10/10/16

Wow - such a potent story. I'm speechless and want to just pick up the book and start it over again. Karen White has again proven why she is one of my favorite authors and this one may be my favorite so far. Her ability to speak to a heart through her poetic, descriptive style of writing is a true gift and talent.

This story crosses oceans and generations. Two half sisters (Georgia and Maisy) who have been estranged for nearly 10 years are forced to see one another again but reconciling is another story. They share the same mother (Birdie) who has been non-verbal for years, lives in a world of her own silence and her only audible voice being in the form of song. A grandfather who has been a beekeeper for many years and whose life has taken on some of the characteristics of the bees. Bees protect and serve -- they look out for the queen, they keep trouble and turmoil at bay so that harmony can abide within the hive and the bounty of honey can be fruitful.

Secrets abound in this story, coming from every angle. No one is immune to pain and each afraid to take that first step towards redemption and forgiveness scared that it could be refused or rebuked. Karen White writes of her stories characters, "our cracks were proof of our survival, evident only to those we allowed close enough to see where we'd been patched."

Her books are always so full of words of wisdom -- "We have a choice. We can count the years we have lost, or we can count the years we still have ahead of us." "There is no limit to starting over. That's why the sun rises every day -- unless you're running in circles, and then the outcome never changes." And she writes so descriptively so that her words literally take on a feeling or an emotion -- not just words on a page. She has the ability to paint a picture with words, "The wooden floorboards complained like the bones of an old woman." "Dead bees fell from the bruised dusk sky, their papery bodies somersaulting in the air, ricocheting like spent shells off the azure-painted roof of the hive."

Each chapter holds an except from a Bee Journal that only serves to emphasis how much the life of a family can emulate the lifestyle and culture of bees. Love, devotion, sacrifice, life and death -- everyone knows their part and everyone knows their duty.

Flight Patterns has definitely earned a place front and center on my bookshelf where I keep my most prized collection.

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