Wildflower Hill
by Kimberley Freeman
Kindle Edition-

Hailed by bestselling author Kate Morton as “a gorgeous story of family and secrets and the redemptive power of love,” Wildflower Hill ...

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  "Wildflower Hill" by Amysue1112 (see profile) 09/25/12

This was a fantastic book! It was written very well, and I loved the characters. Both stories were intriguing, and I loved the way she wove them together as the book went along. I think this book will make for great discussion at our book club, and I highly recommend it.

  "Satisfying read" by tcossetta (see profile) 09/27/12

Beautifully written about generations linked and misunderstood. It\'s an adventure to help discover the family secrets of a past generation. Has all of what I like, romance, history, past and present coming together.

  "Beautiful Story" by FriendshipSisters (see profile) 10/23/12

Wildflower Hill is a throughly enjoyable read, full of mystery, romance and heartbreak. It is multi-generational historical fiction at its best. I loved both of the antagonists, Emma present day and Beattie from the 1930's. They each spoke to me in very different ways and I became so invested in their stories that I didn't want to set the book down. This is a very fast read and one that will touch your heart without being sappy. Truly a great story!

  "Beautiful Wildflower Bouquet" by nbaker (see profile) 03/13/13

This was a beautiful story of a woman who overcame obstacles to find her inner strength, the ability to say "I can" and true love. This was a rich story that made you feel compassion for the character and disgust for how quickly we pass judgment on others. It was a story of "unconventional" predicaments and circumstances in a world that accepted only "conventional" ways of life. The story of one woman's struggle to be a mother, to be independent, to find joy in life, created the foundation for a modern day woman to find the courage to overcome similar obstacles. The author did a good job of character development but I felt the story fell a bit short in the end. I am not crazy about books that leave the ending up to the reader. All in all - it was a most enjoyable read.

  "Epic Adventure Story of Love and Loss!" by hmgrogan (see profile) 09/12/13

Very well written! Loved the alternating stories of Beattie, who struggled to raise her daughter while running a sheep farm in Tasmania during the depression, along with Emma, a self-absorbed prima ballerina living in present-day London, who inherits Beattie\\\\\\\'s farm in Tasmania. Great read - I flew through this book in 3 days!!

  "wonderful!" by donovanjenni (see profile) 02/06/14

  "Good Read!" by tpurcell (see profile) 05/30/14

Our book club has been struggling as we have read many dark books. This book was selected on the basis that we did not want to read another dark book.
The book is about two characters, Emma current and the life of her grandmother, Beattie. Grandma has many secrets in her past that her family did not know about. Emma inherits her ranch. As she is going through her grandma's belongings, Emma learns and tries to put the pieces of her past together. The only part I did not care for was the ending.

  "" by [email protected] (see profile) 09/14/20

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