Breakfast with Buddha: A Novel
by Roland Merullo
Hardcover- N/A

The only thing certain about a journey is that it has a beginning and an end?for you never know what may happen along the way. And so it is ...

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  "Gotta Love The Buddha!" by Diane860 (see profile) 01/30/10

Most of our book club members really liked the book. Those that were so-so changed their mind after our lively discussion. We had a wonderful discussion. We laughed and we were inspired.

We talked about the book for a long time before we even got to the questions in the back of the book (we usually go right to the questions).

Why so angry is our book club motto (at least till our next book)

  "Breakfast with Buddha" by kevans (see profile) 08/15/10

This is the delightful story of a man who is conned into taking a rinpoche on his ride across the U.S. to settle his parents' estate. The lessons he learns along the way make this a wonderful and endearing novel.

  "Breakfast with Buddha" by janam (see profile) 09/21/10

  "Enjoyable read!" by betsyho (see profile) 01/19/11

  "Two unlikely companions embark on a NY to ND road trip with surprising results." by rakkmm (see profile) 03/17/11

Conned into driving his sister's Rinpoche to the family home in ND, Otto decides to show this spiritual leader a bit of America. Along the way, this odd couple find lessons to be taught, and learned, in ordinary activities and experiences. Quirky, engaging, enjoyable, and satisfying.

  "Little characters in nice book" by quincy2007 (see profile) 05/05/11

With but two real characters this keeps you interested in the opposites; what will happen next, whether the story will succeed, and what will happen in the end. it generally works and works well, at least from the standpoint of a story line and keeping your interest in the characters even when they "apparently" have nothing to say.

  "A Bit Dated" by retiredreaderNE (see profile) 06/25/14

Our group had a good discussion. Some readers didn't get the point of the book. Is it a road-trip story? A spiritual quest story? or Just an amusing story? Probably all three. We selected it because it was available from the public library as part of the book bag program. I would not select it otherwise.

  "good book" by auntme3 (see profile) 07/25/15

Our book club rating was 4.25 on a scale of 1-5. We enjoyed the authors use of humor. Yoga and a swimsuit had us laughing!

  "Breakfast with Buddha" by smiley (see profile) 07/26/15

Thoroughly enjoyed reading this book! It is interesting to see the change that comes over Otto as he travels with Rimpoche to North Dakota, introducing him to the United States. Very humorous at times!

  "" by streeter (see profile) 09/30/15

  "6 days on the road wirh Buddha" by arizonamom (see profile) 11/29/17

Much discussion was had on the change in the main character, Otto, while traveling with a guru from NYC to NDak. Interesting and at times humorous.

  "" by [email protected] (see profile) 04/03/23


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