The Dovekeeper
by Alice Hoffman
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  "The Dovekeepers" by mandeloi (see profile) 12/05/11

Alice Hoffman combines historical facts and fiction: woven into a beautiful, magical story of the Roman invasion of the Hebrew Nation in 70 C.E.

  "The Dovekeepers" by robinpranga (see profile) 12/08/11

By far this is the best book we have read since we started our book club. It was extremely well researched and beautifully written. It was amazing how the author was able to tell the inspiring stories of four strong women and keep the story moving forward. This book will stay with me for a long time!

  "Loved.This.Book." by laurajohnson (see profile) 01/01/12

Loved.This.Book. Seriously could not put it down. I was truly transported to another time. Yael may be my favorite character from any book I have ever read. Her determination, bravery and passion inspired me. This is a tome at almost 600 pages but it seemed to fly by. Highly highly recommend this book. 5++ stars.

  "The DoveKeepers" by kbeckel (see profile) 01/25/12

  "the Dove Keepers" by andreafieldhouse (see profile) 01/25/12

  "The Dovekeepers" by cuddlebear1205 (see profile) 02/04/12

A novel inspired by the war on Jerusalem. This novel was written to give the women of that time a voice and makes you want to visit Masada to immerse yourself in the history of such a brave people. I found it to be wonderfully insightful and a very good read. Highly recommended.

  "The DoveKeepers" by vanasse (see profile) 02/10/12

Wonderful, moving, sad, informative!

  "Well written, but I didn't care" by ingsink (see profile) 04/07/12

Though this historical fiction is very well written I found I did not identify or sympathize with these four (really five) ladies whose voices narrated the novel. This is ultimately a tale of survival. In a doomed situation some find a way to survive, but there is no real hope or triumph and most disappointing ... no real love. The food for club was good... era apro yummies.

  "The DoveKeepers" by LGreco (see profile) 04/13/12

  "A Must Read!" by Katha (see profile) 04/22/12

The complexity of the characters and how their relationships became intertwined added to the depth of this historic fiction. It was as though each individual was an integral part of a puzzle that when pieced and woven together a complete story was told. Highly recommend!

  "The Dovekeepers: A Novel" by mkrupiak (see profile) 05/04/12

It was a good story, really good, but it was very slow and drawn out. I wish the author had been more direct.

  "The Dive Keepers" by Danyella3721 (see profile) 05/08/12

  "The Dovekeepers" by Ruth (see profile) 05/08/12

The Dovekeepers by Alice Hoffman was adored by many in the book club while others found it difficult to complete. The book is beautifully written, full of rich language and remarkable characters. Some found the book too wordy while others embraced the language. The book can contribute to a rich discussions about the role of women, the role of women, and life in ancient and modern times.

  "TheDovekeepers" by lisurb62 (see profile) 05/29/12

  "The Dovekeepers" by Mfberstene (see profile) 05/30/12

  "The Dovekeepers" by schultzmom (see profile) 05/30/12

This story primarily takes place at Masada, which is the fortress King Herod build. The Jews escaped there after they revolted against the Romans, and the Temple was burned. The story has 4 parts and is told my 4 women who play instrumental roles in the book. It is a wonderful piece of historical fiction, that sheds light on a little known event. If you like historical fiction, and/or books about women this is a must read.

  "The Dovekeepers" by Luvoldnew18 (see profile) 07/14/12


  "Slow book" by Chris@JAX (see profile) 07/27/12

Interesting that this book was based on historical events. Should have been pointed out in the beginning. Loved the premise of the book and the characters, but the writing went on forever, and ever and ever. The book could have been written with half the verbiage. Great story, interesting characters, but the writing style is too wordy.

  "The Dovekeepers" by realkat45 (see profile) 08/18/12

Really, really loved it. So well written, very informative, but also beautiful.

  "If you liked "The Red Tent"..." by jouelle3 (see profile) 08/18/12 may also like this book about how four brave, strong women survive in ancient Judea. Based on historic events.

  "The Dovekeepers" by WRiggs (see profile) 08/22/12

Everyone in our Book Club loved this book! We've read and loved many of Alice Hoffman's books in the past and this was different than her usual books. Most of us knew nothing about Masada and this was a great book of historical fiction. We loved the characters and how they interrelated in the story. Definitely recommend this book!

  "Overly long" by krilljack (see profile) 08/28/12

Liked but did not love this book. Overly long and many book club members didn't finish

  "The Dovekeepers" by Alison8641 (see profile) 10/05/12

A mesmerizing story woven amidst the true event of Masada. The four main characters are unforgettable and while the story is quite sad, it is inspiring at times also. The strong women's voice throughout the novel is deeply felt and the use of mysticism throughout is thought provoking. Our whole book club throughly enjoyed the book.

  "The Dovekeepers is unforgettable." by jlmcpher (see profile) 11/05/12

I am so sad to be done with this book. Once I started, I couldn't put it down. I'm a big fan of historical fiction, and this book introduced me to a part of history I'd never known about. The characters were captivating. Alice Hoffman is fantastic at making them come to life. I thoroughly enjoyed the book from cover to cover.

  "The Dovekeepers" by kspencer (see profile) 11/13/12

One of the best books I have read in a long time. The stories of four women are woven together in a seamless manner, with each individual bringing something to the story. Highly recommend it.

  "Great Read" by tkiser67 (see profile) 12/20/12

The characters were fascinating especially for the time period. It is hard to imagine the hardships endured. Learned alot and loved the story!

  "A rewarding read" by Mebco (see profile) 02/04/13

The Dovekeepers was beautifully written. The four main characters were well developed, and they kept me interested in the book. The first section of the book may start off slow for some, but stick with it. You will be richly rewarded.

  "Dovekeepers" by lvplum (see profile) 02/12/13

Not loved by everyone in our group, but sparked a really good discussion about history, women and strength. The fact it was based on an actual event made it even more meaningful. It was very well researched and and we all felt we learned so much about that time period in history.

  "Beautifully written" by Disneyanna (see profile) 02/12/13

Beautifully written and inspiring story. Enjoyed the historical aspect. Long and somewhat repetitive, but rewarding in the end. If you're within the first 100 pages and feel like giving in-keep reading!

  "Captivating read" by Hooker1 (see profile) 02/25/13

This was a poignant book for women from a historical perspective. It was a beautifully interwoven story of four women's journey to their destiny. Their friendships, solitude, and strengthen was palpable and inspiring.

  "The Dovekeeper" by nosrednas (see profile) 02/28/13

  "The Dovekeepers" by PBenton (see profile) 06/24/13

I found this book to be very informative in regard to the lives and thinking of the early Christians. Even though it was fiction, it had the feeling of real situations that could easily have occurred.

  "The Dovekeepers" by kilgroep (see profile) 07/30/13

The book club rated this book as a 4. Needed to have' more background knowledge about Jewish.

  "Recommend reading" by janiceb (see profile) 08/11/13

The book is well written and in a style that made you feel that you were with the character. However I did not like the book at all. The first character walked in the dessert and I felt that I was there pulling myself through that sand during the entire book.

  "..." by Rebecca75 (see profile) 09/11/13

Loved the book and would recommend it. It was difficult to read at times due to reality of its content, but would read it again.

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