Heaven is for Real: A Little Boy's Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back
by Todd Burpo, Lynn Vincent
Paperback- $7.18

A young boy emerges from life-saving surgery with remarkable stories of his visit to heaven.

Heaven Is for Real is the true story of the ...

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  "Heaven is for real, but... (3.5 stars)" by 1morechapter (see profile) 02/14/11

Heaven Is for Real is about a small town, Christian, 4 year old boy’s near death experience as told by his father. It is an amazing story, but I do have questions about it. That doesn’t really mean I believe or disbelieve the story as I’m not sure how I feel about it and probably never will be sure. First, the background. Colton gets very very ill (I don’t want to spoil the reason why) and nearly dies. Several months after his recovery, Colton begins saying things about his time in the hospital that make his family believe that he has, in fact, been in heaven. The details don’t come all at once but over a course of months and even years. Colton not only gives descriptions of heaven, but also of family members he should know nothing about. The tale is inspiring and amazing if true, but the questions I have about the story are these: This is a minor mistake, but in the book Mr. Burpo stated that North Platte was 3 hours from Denver and 8 hours from Omaha. Not true — I’ve driven I-80 and I-76 along this route many many times. It’s more like 3.5 hours from Denver and 4 from Omaha. This mis-statement was the first that raised a tiny red flag in my mind. If he was wrong about this, could he be wrong about other facts? Colton said that in heaven Jesus still had the holes in his hands, feet, and side. I don’t dispute that that may well be the case. However, there is some debate in Christian circles whether the nails were actually in Jesus’ hands or his wrists. I don’t know the correct answer to this, but Colton pointed to his palms when describing them. I’m just saying that some Christians would have a problem with this. Colton said he remembered clearly what Jesus looked like. He would always say that all the pictures he saw of Jesus were wrong, until he saw one painted by Akiane Kramarik, another child who states she has seen visions of heaven. However, the painting is of a ‘Western’ Jesus, where in reality, Jesus was Jewish and should have Jewish/Middle Eastern features. (There is more to this review on my website.)

  "Hardly believable" by Cuppycake (see profile) 02/22/11

I am not a sceptic of whether this can happen, I just don't believe it happened to this family. He made it very hard for me to believe a single thing he said.

  "Heaven is for Real" by pennyj (see profile) 03/08/11

It is very believable. Made me feel happy, comforted and awed.

  "Heaven Is for Real" by paboep (see profile) 03/08/11

  "Heaven Is Real" by cabang (see profile) 03/08/11

We all loved this book. Actually we thought it was amazing.

  "Heaven is for Real" by Valeria36 (see profile) 03/30/11

  "From the mouths of babes" by gundysmom (see profile) 04/02/11

  "Cute kid, but the book was not very convincing or very well written." by aesheehan (see profile) 05/03/11

Many of the incidents that were described as "amazing" or "astounding" could have ordinary explanations. Also, I found it interesting that the sketch of Jesus looks kind of like Kenny Loggins. I'm not saying the child made anything up. He obviously had some kind of near-death experience, as do many people. I'm just not convinced that he experienced "heaven", but more likely his own version of what heaven must seem like to a Pastor's young child.

  "One of the most moving books" by TDavis (see profile) 05/10/11

I started reading this and just couldn't put it down. I even ran out and bought my mom a copy. To see Heaven through the eyes of a child is so Beautiful. Sometimes we get so caught up in our own way of thoughts as adults that we forget to believe as a child does. I will keep this book in my collection. Very touching.

  "Heaven is for Real" by Lacy3711 (see profile) 05/13/11

I liked this book. I read it because I have been starting to follow God more and the idea of a Heaven is so nice. It is a nice idea to think that this really happened for this boy and at the same time it brings up many questions. If you can believe the father then he answers many queestions about Heaven. Would recommend to people who have lost someone.

  "This was a quick, easy read that provides hope and inspiration." by ajukes (see profile) 05/16/11

  "What a life changing book for many people." by tonigiles (see profile) 05/25/11

This should be read by everyone. If you ever had a doubt about Heaven, you won't after you read this. Loved it.

  "Poorly written" by Seeton5 (see profile) 05/31/11

I felt like this book was written for a little kid by a little kid... I recently read 90 Minutes in Heaven and actually recommended it... would never recommend this book... unrealistic, childish and, although I believe this could happen, this book seems it was written for the money.

  "Comforting and promising" by bookreadermama (see profile) 06/01/11

I thought this was a wonderful story. Gives so much hope to what is and what may be... I think if you consider the fact that this story is from a child's perspective, you will expect that kind of story telling. This is being told by a father for a child who had this experience. I found it heartwarming- as a mother of 3 and someone who has delt with a lot of loss in the past few years, I think it is comforting to know that there is a Heaven and that once in a while God gives us brief glimps of what we have waiting for us. I thank the Burpo family for coming out and sharing this story- regardless of all the ney-sayers and of all the people that may not want to believe- I for one am grateful to have read this story and give my family hope for our eternal home :)

  "Heaven is for Real" by nancymtang (see profile) 06/02/11

  "Heaven Can Wait" by JanVanEe (see profile) 06/08/11

This book received mixed reviews from our club. Many were totally enthralled while others doubted the veracity. It provoked a lively and thoughtful discussion.

  "Book Divas review of HEAVEN IS FOR REAL" by CarolineClemmons (see profile) 06/10/11

Our members enjoyed this book and recommend it to other book clubs.

  "Mixed Reviews for "Heaven is for Real"" by mabook (see profile) 06/10/11

Most of the people in our group were disappointed with this book. While the story seemed genuine, most thought that there wasn't enough "meat" to the story. Some were very skeptical of the content, considering that the boy's father was a pastor and might have inadvertently tainted his depiction of events. Nevertheless, most thought it was a quick, easy read and contained some pieces of inspiration.

  "Heaven is For Real" by mariesenay (see profile) 06/11/11

Most of the book was pointless filler because there was not enough of a story to warrant a book. The whole book club thought the book was unconvincing since the little boy's father was a pastor so the boy was exposed to more religious information than most children.

  "Heaven is For Real" by nbaker (see profile) 06/14/11

A very insightful book that causes one to reconnect with the promised beauty, serenity and peace that will be ours in heaven. Oh, that we could all be children again and view the world without sceptism, without question, without need of explanation - just believe and accept. Jesus DOES love the little children.

  "Great Book" by SharonBrower (see profile) 06/15/11

This could really open a spiritual discussion for your book club.

  "Heaven is for real" by swright (see profile) 06/16/11

Extraordinary, matter of fact pictures! All painted by one child's journey to heaven and back! Absolutely incredible!

  "Easy, great read" by laurieleigh04 (see profile) 07/08/11

This book is so inspiring. I read it in 2 days. Our club loved the book and found it very refreshing. It's amazing the things that this 4 year old child experienced.

  "Heaven is for Real" by wilharleybook (see profile) 07/25/11

  "Blessed" by lovelia (see profile) 07/28/11

A warm wonderful story t hat provides insight and hope for children as well as adults

  "Heaven is for real" by fearless (see profile) 08/11/11

It was an interesting story but I don't think I believe everything that happened

  "Heaven is for Real" by parksk4 (see profile) 08/17/11

I found this book to be wonderful and inspiring. I have read a lot of near death and going to heaven books. This book made me cry and laugh, it is the only near death experience book that I believe. It has touch my heart. You have to read this book!!

  "Heaven is for Real" by agmeador (see profile) 08/19/11

Thought provoking story. Thoroughly enjoyed it, can't wait to see Heaven for myself!

  "Heaven is for Real: A Little Boy's Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back" by mytann (see profile) 08/22/11

  "Heaven Is For Real" by gregorylibrary (see profile) 09/15/11

Simplistic in narration but a powerful message of hope.

  "Heaven is for Real:A Little Boy's Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back" by csmutny (see profile) 09/21/11

This is a quick and riviting read. It does have elements that can be found in the Bible as well as things other people who have had near death experiences have noted. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and was delighted with the outcome for the boy himself.

  "Heaven is for Real" by mik-it-geek (see profile) 09/26/11

Really enjoyed the book! It is easy to follow and thought provoking. Don't forget to look at the pictures at the end. It is worth reading and discussing.

  "Heaven is For Real" by kkazonovitz (see profile) 11/27/11

  "Heaven is for Real" by dawnmgeoppinger (see profile) 12/06/11

  "Very inspiring!" by CrystalH (see profile) 06/24/12

  "Heaven Is For Real" by oatleysharon (see profile) 06/29/12

  "Heaven is for real" by wendy55 (see profile) 06/30/12

The book was a quick, believable read. As would be expected, it prompted "Heaven" discussions and provided wonderful hope to its Christian reader. We liked the way the story was told, weaved through a families daily life/ trials. It was enjoyed by all.

  "Heaven is REAL" by FriendshipSisters (see profile) 07/02/12

There's really not much to say that the synopsis does not. This is a short book, (158 pages), and is a very fast read. "Heaven is for Real" is well written and gives the reader a glimpse into heaven. The book was OK for me, just not "heaven" shattering, maybe that is because I already believed that Heaven IS for Real!

  "Lovely" by Trinireader (see profile) 08/15/12

Such a beautiful story, it touch my heart.

  "I knew it!" by Julz721 (see profile) 09/29/12

This is a great quick read. One that helps to confirm GOD's promises and offers us hope and meaning. I could not hep being just a bit annoyed by the parent's the parents for some of the decisions they made or did not make, but then wonder if the outcome would have been different or did GOD mean to use this little boy regardless of how his parents chose to deal with his illness.

  "Fast read and great discussion for book clubs" by jaegeral (see profile) 05/14/14

Our group enjoyed this book and it inspired a great conversation on just what heaven will be like and religious differences. We had varied perspectives - some sceptical some believers.

  "Heaven is for Real" by pdtimekeeper (see profile) 06/13/14

I had high hopes...but was disappointed

  "Heaven is for Real" by sonyaef (see profile) 07/18/15

The title speak for itself!

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  "" by [email protected] (see profile) 12/18/17

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