The Sugar Queen
by Sarah Addison Allen
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  "Favorite book" by Kathy E. (see profile) 11/02/08

Allen's books get better with everyone she writes. This book is full of twists and surprises. I thought the charaters were well developed.

  "Another tempting treat from Sarah Addison Allen" by SebastiansMom (see profile) 06/16/09

If you've read Garden Spells, you know how SAA works. Delectable treats, spellbinding magic and quirky characters. Sugar Queen is no exception. Delightful story about Josey and her hermit life taking care of her mother and not living for herslef.

Josey's life is turned upside-down when she discovers resident bad-girl Della Lee hiding in her closet, blocking the secret door to Josey's stash of sweets.

The story has little sub-plots weaved throughout - Della Lee and her bad-boy boyfriend, Margaret's past life and loves, Chloe and her two-timing lawyer boyfriend, and sweet mailman Adam. You fall in love with each of them and root for one big happy ending. However, there are still surprises!

SAA has a way of writing that magically transports you in to the book. You become friends with these characters! When you realize the pages are fewer on the right side vs. the left you want to slow down to make it last longer!

I can't wait for her next book to come out!

  "The Sugar Queen" by kmorris (see profile) 10/13/09

A good,easy read. Nice as a breather between heavier stories.

  "Fun book." by LauraAdams (see profile) 03/09/10

This book was a quick, fun book.

  "The Sugar Queen" by ally6693 (see profile) 05/18/10

I love Sarah Addison Allen, I think she writes for the ugly duckling girl in everyone. I loved this book for the woman that Josey can be.

  "The Sugar Queen" by Neyly (see profile) 10/15/10

The Sugar Queen falls outside the norm with a touch of the unexpected sprinkled liberally throughout the pages. I liked everything about it - after an initial uncertainty. The book reads quickly and though it touches on serious issues definitely falls into the "fun, optimistic, romantic" categories for me.

  "Surprising" by go_ecu (see profile) 03/15/11

  "Peppermint Patty" by toni86 (see profile) 03/26/11

If you have a sweet tooth, you will love this book! Josey is a great character and while she goes through quite a bit she does so smiling. This book really picks up toward the end and I felt it was fun and adventurous for sure and some of the smaller characters bring fullness to the book...enjoy!

  "Wait for the Hallmark Movie" by sparklymegz (see profile) 05/06/11

This book is slow, fairly pointless, and the characters are ridiculously dull. The whole thing seems far fetched, hard to believe, hard to swallow and painful. Choose another book and wait for the Hallmark Channel to make this into a movie.

  "Not very interesting" by bets174 (see profile) 05/06/11

The plot of this book is just boring. It is like an everyday account of someone with a boring life. When things do happen, it is not believable because the characters are so boring. I wouldn't recommend this book ever.

  "The Sugar Queen" by blawrence (see profile) 05/06/11

  "Sugar Queen" by katie687 (see profile) 01/27/12

A magical book. Quick read and I could not put it down.

  "The Sugar Queen" by clkadelbach (see profile) 07/20/12

Imaginative - Magical and Sweet
Easy and enjoyable summer read

  "magical" by momandme (see profile) 11/19/12

A red sweater, a grilled cheese sandwich and a closet full of surprises. This book has become one of my favorite books of all time. Inspiring, funny, sad and joyous. The charactets are written in a way that makes you feel like they are family. You root for them, you feel their struggles. Read this you wont regret it.

  "The Sugar Queen" by cherylwilliams5 (see profile) 12/16/12

The Sugar Queen started off slow and I was wondering if it was going to be a boring book. It did pick up as i continued to read and with just enough drama sprinkled in, it was able to hold my attention. At first there was a little confusion on my part as to the roll of Della Lee and the closet but as the pages turned, events started to make a little sense. While there was some surprise in the ending, hindsight actually does make all very clear in the end. The Sugar Queen is a quick easy read for those who do want a book that will make their heads hurt while trying to follow a heavy plot.

  "" by BookChicks2 (see profile) 06/26/15

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