A Piece of Cake: A Memoir
by Cupcake Brown
Hardcover- N/A

There are shelves of memoirs about overcoming the death of a parent, childhood abuse, rape, drug addiction, miscarriage, alcoholism, ...

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  " hard to imagine that a young person was able to survise what she had gone through and was still able to become a suscess" by camm24 (see profile) 12/24/06

good story line
strong characters
good location and period

  "A look into the life of an recovering addict, her trials and tribulations and amazing survival of what she encountered through her life." by phenwomn (see profile) 12/24/06

I thought that this book was a good discussion book, although a little wordy, it still managed to keep you interested in what Cupcake was going to say and or do next. I am just amazed at how she survived all that she went through that a girl of such a young age should not have had to go through. God really had his hand on her.

  "Life is not always a Piece of cake" by Wits-End (see profile) 01/10/07

What would you do if you found your mother dead, your father is really your stepfather and your real father only wanted you for the insurance money. Cupcake Brown has a story to tell that will take you through all her trials and tribuations and you will find yourself cheering for her to pull through. This book is truly a Journey.

  "A Piece of Cake" by harpstritesm (see profile) 03/04/10

Thought provoking and an interesting look into a life that I could never imagine. I appreciated her honesty and insightfulness into her own situation. I'm not sure how many people could share such details about their own lives as she did. Incredible journey!

  "Difficult to read but soooo worth it." by kboch (see profile) 03/05/10

If you are looking for a light, feel-good book stay away from this one, but if you want a book that can make you feel from the depths of your soul-- anger, hurt, sadness, laughter, and pure joy then read this book. Cupcake's story (yes that is her real name) shows you the worst of humanity and the best. I spent much of this book disgusted by the cruelty of people Cupcake encountered in her childhood and youth only to be constantly amazed by the generousity and compassion of those who she
encountered later in her story. But truly the most amazing person in this book is Cupcake herself. She is proof that with determination and hard work dreams can become reality. I am sad to have to leave Cupcake now, but her story will never leave me. This is one of those that sticks.

  "Piece of Cake" by pbenson (see profile) 04/15/10

An appalling book that will make you want to throw it down almost immediately,(its very difficult to stomach at times) but you won't be able to because it's also terribly addictive. You really want to see her find the light at the end of the tunnel. But the tunnel is verrrrrry long and dark... Piece of Cake will expose you to a world that's hard to believe exsists in this rich country of ours. Imagine your daughter growing up this way? It's nauseting at times, especially if you think in that frame work. But in the end its incredible to see the redemptition and you will be a better person for having made the journey with Cupcake.

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