Sweet Salt Air
by Barbara Delinsky
Hardcover- N/A

On Quinnipeague, hearts open under the summer stars and secrets float in the Sweet Salt Air...


Charlotte and Nicole were once the best of ...

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  "Sweet Salt Air" by dianemjb (see profile) 06/11/13

I found this a very enjoyable book, especially for summer reading. The setting was most pleasing for the season. The story and characters were well crafted and interesting with surprises to keep the book going.
The ending was wrapped up very quickly but pleasingly. I recommend this and found it most enjoyable.

  "Fun Read!" by SSBrown (see profile) 07/25/13

  "Appealing, Unique Characters" by Silver's Reviews (see profile) 09/03/13

Secrets both big and small but nonetheless difficult to keep.

Nicole and Charlotte who had been friends since grade school and who hadn’t seen each other for ten years had secrets they couldn’t tell each other. Nicole’s secret did come out, but it was good that it did. Charlotte’s secret was definitely better left unrevealed but eventually does come out.

Sweet Salt Air is set in Quinnipeague, an island filled with quaint citizens and great cooks with wonderful recipes for Nicole’s cookbook and Charlotte’s accompanying narratives. The island’s characters were diverse and filled with generations of families who lived and worked using their talents in many areas, but specifically cooking and baking. They also knew everyone’s personal business, and if they didn’t, they would make it their business to find out. Everyone on the island was family.

The description of the island was heavenly and sounded like a perfect place for a vacation even though some Quinnies were not pleased with outsiders. What brought the entire book together was the characters. The storyline fell into place around them more than the storyline falling around the characters. Leo, the son of the town’s herbal genius, was quite odd, but very likable. Charlotte and Nicole shared a friendship that was good for both of them. Julian, Nicole’s husband, was an ok character, but you will find out why he was the way he was when you delve into this appealing book.

I enjoyed the book because of the beach setting, the wonderful, homey town, Ms. Delinsky’s writing, and of course the recipe hints. Warning: Don't read this book while you are hungry. I have never read a Barbara Delinsky book before and truly enjoyed SWEET SALT AIR.

This book is a dream for all readers. It has books, bloggers, authors and is set in a beautiful location with appealing, unique characters. It is about life's choices and decisions, families, triumphs, and tragedies, along with a love story thrown in. It is a quick, delightful and VERY engaging book. 5/5

This book was given to me free of charge by the publisher without compensation in return for an honest review.

  "Sweet Salt Air" by traveler1 (see profile) 02/12/14

Predictable beach summer read. Pleasant enough.

  "" by oldbidder1 (see profile) 09/09/14

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