Mrs. Poe
by Lynn Cullen
Hardcover- $22.28

A writer and his demons. A woman and her desires. A wife and her revenge . . .

Inspired by literature’s most haunting love triangle, ...

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  "Well written and researched" by janiceb (see profile) 10/26/13

The book is well written with good character development. Author brings out a side and depth to Poe that is rarely shown. Very good love story.

  "Mrs. Poe" by heidiolson (see profile) 11/21/13

This was a solid read but should not be in the same \\\"category\\\" as The Paris Wife or \\\"Z\\\", they are both a MUCH better read.

  "Fun step back in time" by krulak15 (see profile) 02/03/14

I enjoyed getting to know literary figures on a more personal level in this well-imagined New York of the mid 1800s.

  "interesting" by CollyO (see profile) 02/24/14

  "Mrs Poe" by evelynmcknight (see profile) 04/16/14

I really enjoyed learning about the other side of Edgar Allen Poe - the kind, caring side.

  "" by linettenel (see profile) 04/16/14

  "" by Squires (see profile) 04/16/14

  "Interesting Reading Followed By Great Discussion" by retiredreaderNE (see profile) 04/17/14

This thoroughly researched historical novel, reads like a who’s who of the mid-1840’s. The reader gets a brilliant picture of Edgar Allen Poe and also receives a vivid overview of New York City and the robust literary circle. Poe is explored from the viewpoint of his relationship with Frances Osgood. This is an excellent book for group discussion.

  "Mrs. Poe" by katehopper45 (see profile) 05/01/14

The book was descriptive of the era, which was very interesting. At times, it was slow reading, but I never stopped reading. I would recommend this book. It was interesting.

  "Mrs. Poe" by louritt (see profile) 05/01/14

I kept waiting for the story to get started. The highlight was the mention of other "period" notables. Mr. Morse of the Morse Code, Walt Whitman, etc. I found that interesting.

  "" by Danamichael44 (see profile) 08/17/14

  "Mrs. Poe" by nancytluckey (see profile) 01/16/15

Not bad - but not one I would recommend. Several gems about other famous people in that time frame, but just short of name-dropping.

  "Mrs. Poe by Lynn Cullen" by lovebooks58 (see profile) 02/12/15

Good book that I enjoyed reading. Gave a little insight to Edgar Allan Poe and his life. Was somewhat of a problem with a couple of confusing items that were not followed up on, but didn't necessarily detract from the read.

  "Mrs. Poe " by I love bookse (see profile) 08/11/15

  "Mrs. Poe - Nevermore" by nbaker (see profile) 12/04/15

I was excited to initially begin a book about Mrs. Poe and the grim, mysterious and unnerving husband, Edgar Allen Poe. However, when it takes nearly two weeks to finish a book, when a normal reading lasts only 1-3 days, at most, then surely something in the story was amiss for this reader's taste. Poe's stories, like his life, have a very tragic, melancholy air about them. I felt this story lent credence to his known life and writings, but also depicted him as very much a "lady's man" and I had difficulty accepting him as such. The flow of the story seemed extremely slow to me and I felt it could have been shortened considerably with the same effect. All in all, it was an entertaining read, with what could be considered a different viewpoint of the dark Mr. Poe, but it is important to any reader to separate the fact from the fiction. For a book club, it could have the makings of a good discussion -- or lead to other Poe stories or poetry selections. For me, I have marked it off of my "to read" list and will probably think of it nevermore.

  "Mrs. Poe" by LitChick (see profile) 06/17/16

I enjoyed this read! I'd never read a historical fiction romance before - I was constantly checking Cullen's facts and she was accurate with her characters - events of course were sometimes derived, but that's what makes it fictional. I would recommend it as a fun as well as informational read.

  "" by [email protected] (see profile) 10/18/18

  "" by kimkatzmom (see profile) 02/07/20

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