Oxford Messed Up
by Andrea Kayne Kaufman

Oxford Messed Up is a unique literary love story that transports readers on a meaningful and emotional journey where the academic world of Oxford, ...

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  "Oxford Messed Up" by kenapastore (see profile) 12/10/11

After attending the book launch for this book on 11/17, I quickly became engrossed in the storyline. I enjoyed learning about OCD and following the character, Gloria, through her challenges and triumphs. It was a page turner for me and we have now added it to our book club read for February!

  "Oxford Messed Up" by kwiebe2004 (see profile) 12/11/11

This is the first book I've read in a long while where I felt I knew the main character, Gloria so well and was so concerned for her that I wanted to reach out and help her. The OCD descriptions gave me new insight to the illness. Rooted for her the whole way!

  "non-stop, compelling, amazing read" by ohjill (see profile) 12/21/11

What an amazing book by a first time author! I couldn't help but lose myself in this amazing novel. it's so easy to relate to every single character and the obstacles the characters face are honest and real. You'll find yourself completely captivated in the novel that you wont want to put it down. Whether you have a personal connection with OCD or have never even encountered someone with it, the story is thought-provoking. OCD in this novel isn't exaggerated or entertaining - but rather honest and real. The depictions of OCD will be eye opening and the love between the characters will be enchanting. I can't recommend this book enough!

  "Oxford Messed Up book review" by balbrecht (see profile) 02/02/12

Again, again, again and again. Her red, dry hands, her need for antibacterial lotion...her need for normalcy. The book 'Oxford Messed Up' opens your eyes to the world of a ‘Superstar.’ A story about achievement and passion for life, no matter how you define it.

  "Oxford Messed Up" by PSAnderson (see profile) 02/03/12

I always know that I'm onto a good book when the story and the characters are alive in my head. With Gloria and Henry, I found myself cheering for both of them, especially Gloria, and was so happy when Oliver got his walking papers and the sounds of Van Morrison played on. The creative way that Andrea Kayne Kaufman brings us into the world of Gloria and Henry combines tenderness and comedy in the most unexpected moments. When I closed the book, I played my copy of Morrison’s “Astral Weeks.”

  "I want a sequel!" by esaha (see profile) 02/08/12

My measure of a good book is if I can't put it down and I don't want it to end. And that's what happened when I read Oxford Messed Up. I became so attached to the main characters that I actually missed them when I finished the book. And while great character development is my favorite component of a book - this novel had so much more. It was an education in obsessive compulsive disorder, Oxford University and Van Morrison, all tied up in a beautiful love story. I highly recommend this book!

  "Oxford Messed Up" by Mamba (see profile) 02/08/12

Best novel I've read in a long time! From the beginning, I was captivated by this beautiful and moving love story. The author's vivid imagery and rich character development had me so engrossed that I did not want this book to end.The author has managed to depict in honest, and, at times, brutal detail the difficult world of Obssessive Compulsive Disoder. Kudos to Andrea Kayne Kaufman, a very gifted writer, for this transformative book. A must read!

Kudos to Andrea Kayne Kaufman, a very gifted writer, for this transformative book. A must read!

  "Oxford Messed Up" by Pamalbrecht (see profile) 02/16/12

Wonderful characters thrown in a thought provoking adventure.
Such an unlikely paring and beautiful love story.
I would recommend it on so many levels.

  "Loved It!" by Whizzy8 (see profile) 03/06/12

The best novels are the ones which sweep you away into a different time and place and where you emerge a better person for having learned something along the way. Oxford Messed Up is such a novel. The characters are engaging and interesting. The story is well told. The best part is learning a little something about the destruction of OCD and becoming more sympathetic to the burden people with OCD carry. Although I've heard of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and knew of some of the symptoms, I feel as though now I understand it. The main character, Gloria, is utterly convincing and real and her journey to health with a dose of romance along the way made this one fun story. The surprise ending was well crafted and I'm looking forward to reading more books by Ms Kaufman!

  "Literary romance" by accrowley (see profile) 03/18/12

The intersection of music, poetry, and academia make a wonderful backdrop for the very cool romance of two 'messed up' students. I found myself cheering for them early on, and thinking of them long after I'd finished the last page. Highly recommended for a great discussion.

  "Oxford Messed Up" by ReadingGardener (see profile) 05/14/12

To use an oft quoted baseball analogy, Andrea Kayne Kaufman, has hit a home run clear out of the park with this brilliant, compelling first novel. It’s my favorite book to date of books read in 2012 and definitely in the “must read” category of personal recommendations. This gifted author paints vivid word pictures further elevated by the imagined background music of the incomparable Van Morrison. Main protagonists Gloria Zimmerman and Henry Young are instantly likeable and the supporting cast of characters is equally believable and well drawn. Gloria is an academic superstar plagued with out-of-control and unacknowledged Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder which hinders human contact and relationships. Henry is a lost soul mourning for his beloved, recently deceased mother, dominated by an overbearing, disapproving father. Of course, they are destined to help each other face and overcome their demons while experiencing the unbridled joy realistic optimism can bring to lives that were bereft of hope. “Let’s enjoy it while we can.”

This is an exceptionally well crafted story, literate, charming and with a richness and emotional depth unexpected in a first book.

  "Oxford Messed Up" by Beth4Books (see profile) 05/30/12

Our book club absolutely loved this book. Wonderful discussions.

  "Oxford Messed Up" by whaagenson (see profile) 07/18/12

I loved this book! This is a story of two extremely flawed characters, coming from dysfunctional families who find each other - and help each other. The author uses the music/poetry of Van Morrison to accomplish this task. Wonderfully well written with great character development of both major and minor characters.

  "Oxford Messed Up" by threejay (see profile) 11/17/12

  "I blew through this book in a weekend!!" by sardean (see profile) 11/19/12

  "Disappointing " by ralphb215 (see profile) 06/04/13

I had average expectations and even those weren't met.

  "" by [email protected] (see profile) 10/27/19

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