The House Girl: A Novel
by Tara Conklin
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The House Girl, the historical fiction debut by Tara Conklin, is an unforgettable story of love, history, and a search for justice, set in ...

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  "THE HOUSE GIRL by Tara Conklin" by [email protected] (see profile) 11/01/13

Josephine is a 17 year old slave in anti-bellum Virginia while Lina is a twenty something up and coming lawyer in present day NYC. The lives of these two become entwined when a wealthy Black client of Lina’s law firm starts a “slave reparations” law suit that becomes entangled with an art dealer’s contention that Josephine is the true artist and not her widely acclaimed mistress.
Both life in a high powered law firm and life in the slave owning South are presented believably. Lina and Josephine are both sympathetic and well-drawn characters. The story line for both is engaging. While the sub plot involving Lina’s mother is rather thin and too neatly concluded, the artistic element is a link for the two stories.
Book groups will have a variety of subjects to discuss; some very superficial and entertaining and others quite serious and profound. Race relations now and then permeate both stories. The question “Who is Caucasian and who is Black?” may form the body of the discussion. The value of a piece of art and how the artist’s name recognition determines price is another point for discussion. Motherless children and how they and their families cope could form another topic.

  "Similar to "Kindred"" by Seymour61 (see profile) 02/10/14

  "The House Girl" by bclarkgreene (see profile) 02/13/14

A well written novel, part historical fiction and part legal fiction, that focuses on two young women separated by time periods but linked by circumstance. Brings up serious questions through focus on slave reparations lawsuit - who is enslaved, who is free - and art. Also gives a picture of family relationships as affected by artistic creativity and the horrible treatment of slaves.

  "House girl" by jcieslik (see profile) 02/14/14

  "The House Girl" by judichris (see profile) 03/12/14

  "Good read with some flaws" by diannem (see profile) 05/16/14

The book is a good read for a book club. There is much to be learned about slavery and the author is passionate about telling the story of a group of people who have not had their story told
The jumping between time periods and so many characters and subplots overloads the reader at times though
We did have a great discussion though

  "" by SarahThomas (see profile) 06/09/14

  "Good characters, good discussion " by awr115 (see profile) 07/21/14

Our book club really enjoyed this book. Although about a slavery it is not an intense book - more about the characters. Well written, good characters which led to a very good discussion. I started off a little slow but then it really moved along

  "The House Girl" by nanovsky (see profile) 08/20/14

Our group had mixed reviews. Some found it depressing, while others found the portrayal of the life of slaves and plantation owners well down and informative. The story told from both Lina's and Josephine's perspectives was well done.

  "The House Girl" by sdalewilcox (see profile) 09/11/14

The book combines a thoughtful treatment of the reparations issue with well-described character analysis and complicated plots of two intertwined lives.

  "The House Girl" by tina55 (see profile) 10/08/14

Our book club enjoyed this book! We had a great discussion over so much in the book. The characters were well done. We wish she had other books!!

  "" by ElZelenka (see profile) 10/15/14

  "Awesome historical fiction" by michgano (see profile) 11/01/14

Gripping tale fo slavery, slave relationships, and the burning desire for freedom above all. Interesting twist on an historical search. Perhaps a few too many coincidences; but it all made for easy, goo reading.

  "House Girl worth reading" by arizonamom (see profile) 11/25/14

The book club had a good discussion on slavery, the Underground RR and reparation claim.

  "" by meldrwilliams (see profile) 06/01/15

  "The House Girl" by Janplace (see profile) 08/26/15

Very interesting and convincing plot. The slave owner got credit for the slave\'s work for years, but it was finally figured out. Solid research by the author and good attempts at a parallel contemporary plot.

  "" by [email protected] (see profile) 11/09/18

  "" by [email protected] (see profile) 02/13/19

  "" by [email protected] (see profile) 06/05/19

  "" by [email protected] (see profile) 06/07/21

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