Twilight (The Twilight Saga, Book 1)
by Stephenie Meyer
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Bella Swan's move to ...

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  "One of my favorites!!!" by Kathy E. (see profile) 09/28/07

Every one who reads this book will fall in love and become addicted! It is beautifully written. Visit the authors website for a 'fix'. The author wrote this book from middle to end and then filled out the begining. I can not say enough about this book. Everyone should read it!!

  "not your traditional vampire story" by cdlooney (see profile) 10/29/07

First of all, I'm not a young adult. Secondly, I never read vampire stories or anything in the "fantasy" genre. However, my 17-year-old sister recommended this book to me and I thought I'd try it. I loved it! I've added the next two in the series to my list. I think I liked it so much because the point of the story isn't the fact that the character is a vampire, but it's about the relationships involved. The bookflap says it well. "This is a love story with bite."

  "good, not the best I've ever read, different, its like buffy the vampire slayer." by dtcfife (see profile) 11/03/07

This book was good, I thought that parts did drag a little, too much description and not alot of action. the last 100 pages picked up the pace, when she was hunted. I will read the sequels but not right away.

  "A love story - for all age groups - that just happens to have a vampire in it!" by Zebra215 (see profile) 12/01/07

I am an avid reader of all vampire stories, and I am beyond my young adult years by many months. Stephenie Meyer's book was a welcomed addition to the vampire genre. Be aware, though, this is more a story about love that happens to be about a vampire, not a vampire book that has the typical seduction, though the vampire lure is definitely there! Her explanations of certain "facts" about vampires open up all kinds of possibilities. I've got all three of her books and can't wait to read the second.

  "Romance, Action and Suspence all in one book." by xhowtheycharm (see profile) 01/24/08

I thought it was an amazing book, straight to the point just like i like them. There wasnt one chapter that got me bored.

  "The teens are obsessive about this book series!" by balloubarb (see profile) 02/09/08

Even the teens who initially were on the fence about this book now absolutely love it. And the teens who pushed for the group to read it, go online and discuss the book, and are fanatical in their devotion to the book and the characters.

  "Great Read!" by daisyjaime (see profile) 03/26/08

Even though it's classified as a "youth read" this book will engage adults as well. Characters are very developed and, even if you're not a fan of Vampire books, this is great. First book I had ever read about Vampires and I could hardly put it down, in fact, our whole Book Club agreed and we eagerly read books 2 and 3 for or next months meetings. You won't be disappointed.

  "Easy read with a plot I haven't read before" by Indygal (see profile) 05/16/08

This book is a very easy read. It is for young adults aka teenagers. I liked the plot. I have read all 3 in her series. Number 4 comes out this August.

  "Not just for the Young Adult...Really, really good!" by jaseifert (see profile) 07/04/08

A fun, quick read that is truly enjoyable. I loved the first book so much I had to immediately go by the second in the series New Moon.

Remember, it's fiction, about Vampires, so read it as fiction. If you do, you will be so captivated by the story you will not be able to put it down. Just pure fun reading!

  "WOW...Impossible to put down!" by julialily (see profile) 08/13/08

I am a middle aged female & can genuinely say that this book is a fantastic read! The author's magical ability to pull you into the story is beyond anything I've read before. It may be in the young adult section but I can truthfully say that its appeal is universal. Who could not benefit from a beautifully written love story allbeit with an unusual twist? I have yet to meet someone of any age that has not taken pure pleasure in reading this light yet sensual masterpiece.

  "I Love Twilight!!" by lilhiawatha39 (see profile) 08/29/08

I didn't read this with my book club, a friend of mine started reading it, and I didn't really think I'd be interested in a vampire story, but honestly, once you start you can't stop. You fall in the love with the characters and the story. It has romance, action, drama all rolled into one. Yes, I'd say its mainly for Young Adults, but S. Meyer has a great way of describing scenery, and her characters' personalities are so detailed and makes the story that much more interesting. I can't wait to see it on the big screen, and FYI all the books are great!!!

  "Bella falls in love with Edward, one of the towns vampires." by courtneyfletcher (see profile) 09/29/08

Great book. Very entertaining. Could not put this book down. I am committed to reading the entire series.

  "Captivating Love Story with a little twist!! It is a book I never thought I would like, but have read the whole series!! LOVE IT!!" by htrestain (see profile) 10/02/08

The book is captivating, romantic, with alittle edge to it! It was a very good 1st book in a series that continues to keep you entertained!!

  "A love story with a bite." by teatime (see profile) 11/01/08

This is a love story of an unlikely couple. The suspense builds and keeps you reading. Easy and interesting to the end. Can't wait to read the others in this series. Great for adults and teens.

  "Fantasy, love and suspense!" by donnadeleon (see profile) 11/18/08

The story was both beautiful and captivating. I was skeptical when a friend recommended this book for young adults, but it truly has something to offer for all ages. Couldn't put it down, and I look forward to reading the whole series.

  "WOW - something I'll read again and again" by frecklebeach (see profile) 12/10/08

Who knew that a vampire story could remind you of what it feels like to be a teenager?

  "A romance between Bella, who is human and Edward, who is a vampire." by kathyp28 (see profile) 01/22/09

We have a bookclub consisting of five friends. Of the five, only 2 of us really liked the book. Only one of us read the entire series.
Even though not everyone liked the book, we did have an excellent discussion, which I think is most important. Therefore, I would recommend this book for bookclubs.

  "Easy read, intriguing! Lots of opportunity for discussion." by Lori_Dabbondanza (see profile) 02/02/09

  "A Modern Day Romeo and Juliet" by wachit (see profile) 02/07/09

Although you will be swept away by the romance between Bella and Edward, this modern day Romeo and Juliet story is definitely geared toward teens and young adults. Having said that, if you buy into the premise that a young girl can have a vampire for a boyfriend without her mother or father (who is chief of police) suspecting it, then jump right into their forbidden relationship complete with competing vampires and werewolves. Very well crafted. Skip the movie though and go right for the book if you have a choice.

  "A great read" by ezzie36330 (see profile) 02/10/09

This book is an easy read for teens and adults alike.

  "Great for teens and adults!" by taradave31 (see profile) 03/04/09

  "not appropriate for preteens" by kape747 (see profile) 03/11/09

  "One of the stupier books I read" by beckylord (see profile) 03/14/09

I can see why teens get sucked into this sort of thing. By the 4th or 5th description of how beautiful Edward is I was "like, I get it!" Don't bother if you are aserious reader. Unfortunately, my book club wanted to read it because it was popular. I will say it kept my interest, but by the end I was pretty revolted by the whole thing.

  "ridiculously stupid" by ellentambo (see profile) 03/14/09

Don't bother with this book, maybe if you want some mindless "beach reading" as long as you are not embarrassed to be seen with this title as an adult. The story kept me somewhat interested, but the plot was thin with a lot of holes in it (covered up by SOOOOO many descriptions of how gorgeous the vampire was--sorry, someone who is that pale with eyes that looked like he was punched can not be gorgeous) Anyway, not a great book

  "A Great Read." by Gail (see profile) 04/16/09

This is not a book for only the teenagers. I am a grandma and I am in love with this story. This is a can't put it down kinda story and when you do, can't wait to get back to it. Just can't wait to see what happens next.
I have finished it and almost finished with the second.
Oh and if you haven't seen the movie you must see it but only after you read the book.

  "I could not put it down!!!" by tgmurphy (see profile) 05/20/09

Crazy enough, I am 36 years old and I still loved this book! My teenage daughter was addicted so I thought I would try it! It was so fun and easy to read. Stephanie Myer just pulls the reader in and never lets go! I read all 4 books in less than a week!

  "Great read for all ages" by katemurphy (see profile) 05/23/09

An amazing read for all ages. Great story filled with angst, adventure and love. I would recommend this novel to a book club of any age!

  "Twilight (1st book in the saga)" by dawnposh (see profile) 07/21/09

I though it was very well written, a real page turner. It's prompted me to read the rest of the series and I may read Meyer's other book The Host.

  "I am a Twilighter and proud!!!!" by bchamplin (see profile) 08/14/09

I love all 4 books!! I did not want the series to end, I am obsessed with Edward & Bella. I think this is a simple love story turned inside out with the vampire theme. Twilight begins with the beginning and I do think this is the very best book of the 4. But as the saga continues you are swept away, you are rooting for Edward & Bella all the way!! You want to see them happy, you want the romance, you want your husband to BE Edward!!
It was wriiten for teenagers and in some parts you can tell, but it is a wonderful and fun read at any age. Give it a, bite!!! Now if I can just get my husband to sparkle, somehow....

  "The Twilight series is breathtaking. You will be hooked." by smccue (see profile) 09/25/09

Great writing that gets you hooked instantly. Stephanie Meyer takes you into her imaginary world and it becomes difficult to decipher between the fantasy world of Edward and Bella and your real life.

  "Twilight - it's not just for teens" by Diane860 (see profile) 10/29/09

Book club, for the most part, liked the book. Several members are moving on to the rest of the series.

  "Fun, romantice, different, enjoyable, fast read" by cecile18 (see profile) 11/02/09

Liked it a lot read all in series!!

  "Not for serious readers" by mariauy (see profile) 11/05/09

The writing itself was pretty mediocre, definitely at a pre-teen reading level, but the story was interesting. It was a fun, very quick read, but take it for what it is.

  "I Totally Loved it!!!" by photospice (see profile) 11/24/09

Was surprised that I was so wrapped up in this book. I assumed that it was going to be childish and poorly written but it was totally addictive and really good. I can wait to read New Moon!!!

  "I hated to love it!" by greeneyes82286 (see profile) 11/24/09

I successfully avoided this series for nearly a year... and then we picked it for book club and I'm nearly finished with the whole series in a month. Ugh! It was amazing.

I'm disgusted with myself!

  "I Adored It!!!" by BookLover321 (see profile) 11/25/09

It was the best book I've ever read.

  "Romantic Read" by shanro89 (see profile) 03/10/10

  "Addictive" by amandabaier (see profile) 03/14/10

After reading this book, I had to read more. I read the rest of the saga within the next week. I couldn't get enough and I wish they had more in the series.

  "It's only the start..." by marvelousme (see profile) 04/01/10

Hook, line, and sinker...

  "Great!" by maclemme (see profile) 05/25/10

Love this book and the whole series.

  "Exactly what you should expect forTeen Romance" by carlymu (see profile) 06/01/10

I would have thought I would have been the last person to read this book, but after everyone in my bookclub as well as several of my friends talked me into it, I actually really liked it. Super fast read and a page turner.

  "Oh please" by AvidReader82 (see profile) 06/05/10

It's not that I hate vampire stuff, it's just that I love well-written, well-plotted books with characters I care about. This wasn't any of that.

  "Utterly Without Merit" by BSkol (see profile) 06/20/10

None of us could understand why grown women - let alone teenage girls are so crazy about this. The characters are ridiculous and one-dimentional, the plot absent. Really, really bad. Glad I got it from my library and didn't waste my money.

  "twilight" by hollypitcher (see profile) 07/12/10

  "Twilight" by Cortbear80 (see profile) 07/26/10

I saw the movie first because I had never even heard about it till the movie came out. The book is very well written is more in-depth to Bella Swans character. I can't wait to see the movie again because now I will understand the character better, now that I have read how she is really feeling when she looks at Edward. Great book!

  "fun" by katrinabrady (see profile) 08/10/10

  "Great!!!!!!" by mylife580 (see profile) 09/25/10

  "Twilight" by lexvettech (see profile) 12/08/10

I read this book several years ago after I picked it up hearing al the buzz about it. It was AWESOME!!

  "I loved it!" by rsewell (see profile) 03/30/11

I love everything about it!

  "Twilight" by luvsbooks (see profile) 04/23/11

While I loved the story and its extremely addictive, its written poorly. Its a great story but it is not written with the best English possible.

  "Instant Addiction" by chalmersmom (see profile) 12/15/11

I don't know that I have ever read a book with characters who are more alive! I challenge any reader not to instantly fall in love with Forks and its inhabitants. Meyer also develops her own unique twist on my favorite mythical character, the vampire, and uses it to convey an incredibly moral tale. She is my favorite new storyteller!

  "Twilight is really not very good" by [email protected] (see profile) 08/15/17

Heard this book was good, but if you are over 14, I suggest you avoid this immature book.

  "" by [email protected] (see profile) 09/05/19

  "" by [email protected] (see profile) 05/07/20

  "" by [email protected] (see profile) 01/06/21

  "" by [email protected] (see profile) 01/12/23

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