And Then I Found You: A Novel
by Patti Callahan Henry
Hardcover- N/A

Kate Vaughan is no stranger to tough choices.

She’s made them before. Now it's time to do it again.

Kate has a secret, something tucked ...

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  "Love Lost and Found" by BookDivasReads (see profile) 04/12/13

Kate Vaughan has loved and lost and will probably be the first to tell you that it isn't better to have loved and lost than never at all. Losing those she's loved has been hard and that pain and loss have been with her every day for the past thirteen years. She's tried to move on with her life and has a successful boutique and is in loving relationship, but she craves what she has lost. In an effort to say goodbye to her past, she makes a trip to Alabama to visit her ex. Jack has moved on with his life and although he's glad to see her he doesn't want to revisit the past. Just when it seems like things couldn't get any worse, her current boyfriend shows up in Alabama . . . at Jack's house. Kate is forced to reveal the secrets of her past and only hopes that Rowan can understand and that they can move forward. Easier said than done because the daughter she gave up for adoption has tracked her down. Kate now has her two lost loves back in her life but isn't quite sure what to do with them.

Ms. Henry has provided a story that deals with love, loss and the consequences of our choices. Kate has to deal with the constant reminder from her parents of their lost first grandchild. She deals with the anguish of giving up her daughter for adoption each year on her birthday. Kate wants to build a future with Rowan but is that even possible when she can't let go of the past? Now that she has contact with her biological daughter what does that mean for her and her family, not to mention her daughter's adoptive family? The choices that Kate and others make have unforeseen consequences, some good, some bad and some downright heartbreaking. There aren't any bad guys in this story as everyone is simply trying to do what is best for their families as well as themselves. And Then I Found You is an excellent reminder that we can't live in the past and sometimes the only way to keep something in our lives is to let go . . . trite but fundamentally true. And Then I Found You isn't a happy ever after story but it is a hopeful ever after, as the reader is left with the hope that everything will work out after all.

  "Never letting go" by riegerd (see profile) 06/15/13

Kate (or Katie, as her family calls her) has tried to shed her past and begin a new life with her boyfriend of 4 years, Rowan. As he gets closer to proposing, she finds herself looking to the past to help her face her fears of forever. This journey takes her to her teenage boyfriend Jack and the secrets they share.

  "The Boundaries of Love" by nbaker (see profile) 11/10/14

And Then I Found You is a beautiful story of love, loss and redemption. The story revolves around a couple who in their teens realized they were soul mates. But people mature, interests change and sometimes the heart forgets to change with you. As Kate and Jack slip into early adulthood, their career paths and geographical foundations find themselves miles apart. A short reconciliation leaves Jack knowing that he can wait no longer and soon he finds himself married. The short reconciliation for Kate finds herself with child. Between the covers of this novel lies the story of choices, secrets, first loves and lasting loves. A beautiful story that tests the boundaries of love and the meaning of sacrifice. This would make a great discussion book.

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