Little Bee
by Chris Cleave
Paperback- N/A

Sarah Summers is enjoying a holiday on a Nigerian beach when a young girl named Little Bee crashes irrevocably into her life. All it takes ...

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  "Little Bee - Large Inspiration" by jehecht (see profile) 07/20/09

This book was both uplifting and sad at the same time. It was beautifully written and easy to read. It made me realize that the problems in my life are really nothing. Great insight into other cultures and challenges.

  "I loved the character of little Bee" by petsitter43 (see profile) 07/21/09

Little Bee was such interesting character, I thought she ws very insightful for her age

  "A difficult book, about things that we don't hear much about in the West. Eye-opening" by ellentambo (see profile) 07/29/09

Well Written, and in some aspects funny. But the main story is about something horrifying and gruesome. A good pick for clubs if you are prepared to talk about real issues.

  "Little Bee - Chris Cleave" by simplyhumble2003 (see profile) 07/10/10

This is a book of love and determination, bringing two people together in the most unusual way.

  "Moving story!" by geeknee (see profile) 07/14/10

  "I" by lasuhe (see profile) 08/16/10

This was a beautiful story on the human spirit. It's amazing how people keep going after some of the horror they endure.

  "Little Bee" by masmiley38 (see profile) 10/12/10

"Little Bee" is a book I'll remember long after the last page is finished. Not like any book i've read in a long time. It is beautifully written with lots of themes in the book. Infidelity, refugees, parenting, death, love affairs, and vacations. Can't wait to discuss with the book club!

  "Little Bee" by tkiser67 (see profile) 11/03/10

I enjoyed the book but could not read a lot at one time. The story skips around and at times is confusing.

  "chapter six" by maxco2 (see profile) 11/07/10

We enjoyed the book but didn't like some of the characters

  "Annoying" by scassidy (see profile) 12/03/10

I found the characters one-dimensional and their decisions/choices annoying and unsympathetic. Too many plot points were contrived and unbelievable. I just didn't buy it.

  "NOT WHAT YOU THINK BY TITLE" by georgeannschmidt (see profile) 01/12/11

  "Little Bee" by lweiden (see profile) 02/09/11

Little Bee is an unpredictable book. The events that take place in the lives of the characters are realistic and unforeseen. The author has a wonderful way of looking at things and makes some profound observations about life. There are some graphic horrific scenes in the book, but not unrealistic. Our book club had a great discussion about this book, with many differing view points and emotions. It’s a great read.

  "Unbelievably Cruddy Ending" by sbsalsa (see profile) 03/20/11

Don't waste your time. Not only does the author drone on and on about things that don't really matter to the story, there is never a real story or real point being made except pointless things...that don't really relate to one another. So SLOW. Could have been much better but the author apparently got tired and dropped the ball, virtually literally.

  "Little Bee" by jgrimwood (see profile) 03/26/12

I could hardly put the book down. Chris Cleave is an incredible writer. You will enjoy every minute of this read.

  "If you want a good cry..." by lmccamy (see profile) 03/28/12

The book was incredible - I read the whole thing in 4 nights. However, I also cried like a baby each of those 4 nights. Makes you feel lucky for the country we live in.

  "Not a good read" by tallybean (see profile) 04/17/12

While I found this book to be a "fast" read, it was not a good one. I found the characters to be flat, and the ending to be atrocious. I was also expecting something with a bit more humour and light-heartedness, but instead just got a sad book about sad people making sad decisions, with some horrific violence and terrible decisions thrown in from time to time. My book club did not enjoy this one.

  "Little Bee" by lhairtrucker (see profile) 06/04/12

The book held my interest. At times I was irritated with the characters.It is very sad to think that these things happen in our country.

  "Beautifully written and makes you think" by Pr31ab (see profile) 07/15/12

Chris Cleave writes very eloquently. Readers will enjoy the way the plot develops and becomes intertwined as you discover the relationships among the characters. The only critique that can be made is that he portrays very serious events in a lighthearted manner that can affect those that have been through similar situations. Also, I am not sure he captures the true feelings and reactions that the majority of women would have in the situations or events his female characters are involved in. Although, it was brought up in our book discussion that this was possibly done on purpose as in real life, humankind does not give enough attention to the most serious life events; rather, we sweep them under the rug in hopes that they will disappear.

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