The Middle Place (Voice)
by Kelly Corrigan
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For Kelly Corrigan, family is everything. At thirty-six, she had a marriage that worked, two funny, active kids, and a weekly newspaper ...

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  "I loved this book - (In my heart a 4 star)" by sjmonti (see profile) 04/07/09

I would give the book 4 stars but based on the rating chart, I have to give it a 2. 2 is recommending with reservations. The only reservation I would have in recommending it is because of its subject matter. Not everyone is enthusiastic to read a book on someone elses cancer. But, even though my mom died of breast cancer and my nine year old daughter died of brain cancer, I loved the book and have no problems reading this book. I just know some people just "can't go there". I also must stress, this book is not about cancer. It is a moving, funny and sometimes tearful story of someone elses life. A very enjoyable, easy read.

I loved Kelly's writing style. It was very honest and humorous. I could relate to her in so many ways. I think everyone will love her father and understand her mother.

As I was reading the very last sentence of the prologue, I unexpectedly had tears spring from my eyes. I thought it was a very powerful sentence. I too, was very thankful that I was still someone's daughter.

  "Be ready for a range of emotions from your members (lively discussion)" by cdebusk (see profile) 06/10/09

  "The Middle Place" by mshefleym (see profile) 08/02/09

This was a great book for our book club to read since many of us are in "the middle place" in our lives- the place where you are taking care of kids and parents and trying to cope with it all.

  "Unsatisfying" by jfox108 (see profile) 10/30/09

  "The Middle Place" by patchilds (see profile) 11/01/09

I find it difficult to read stories about cancer, but this book was enjoyable and optimistic.

  "The Middle Place" by joleen (see profile) 11/03/09

We all thought I was going to be a good book about dealing with cancer, surprisingly it turned out to be a book about a woman's musings of her childhood and of she dealing with her father's cancer, not so much her own. She could have dealt more with the day-to-day struggle of cancer, how it affect her and her family, but instead it turned into a wandering book that went everywhere but where you wanted or expected it to go. In the end the author comes off as rather whinny and self-centered. We know nothing of her husband's family, nor how her children handled their mother having cancer.

  "Loved this book!" by Lacymrn (see profile) 11/14/09

  "The Middle Place" by laurareads (see profile) 12/17/09

  "The Middle Place" by twnavarro (see profile) 01/06/10

I enjoyed the book and I think it will provide some interesting issues for our book club to discuss.

  "Top Billing for The Middle Place" by LisaDVanB (see profile) 01/09/10

This was one of the best books I read in 2009. At the urging of one of our Book Club members I bought & read this. I would recommend this book to anyone, but especially someone living with Cancer and/or loves their father.

  "The Middle Place" by ksullivan (see profile) 07/25/11

I feel this book can be relatable to any women; we always have a hundred balls in the air.

  " For me it was more about being Daughter or Mother or Both? Not the Cancer Survivors." by netmayo (see profile) 12/11/11

Although cancer isn't an easy topic to discuss, this was an easy to read book. I guess I was alittle disappointed though. Didn't draw me in as much a I thought it would. I did like the ending about girlfriends.

  "Corrigan's Story Told Intertwined With That of Her Father" by zodejodie4 (see profile) 12/20/11

4 and 1/2 stars. Kelly Corrigan tells the story of her diagnosis of breast cancer intertwined with the story of her beloved father's recurrence of bladder cancer with wit, grace, charm and aplomb.

  "The Midde Place" by LeighGrady (see profile) 02/24/12

Every daughter should have a father like Greenie - someone who loves her absolutely and puts you on a pedestal - a father who has unwavering faith in the incredible woman that his daughter will grow up to be!

  "" by Petuniacheryl (see profile) 11/14/14

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