Best Friends Forever: A Novel
by Jennifer Weiner
Paperback- $13.36

From New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Weiner comes "a smart, witty fairy tale for grownups" (Maureen Corrigan, NPR).

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  "Good Reading for a Rainy Day" by FtLaudGal (see profile) 10/13/09

Best Friends forever is a fast read and humorous despite serious content. Kept my attention. It's a good story about two old friends who went their separate ways after a high school incident and how when finally reunited, they realize the bond of friendship was not broken after all.

  "Best Friends Forever" by bride624 (see profile) 10/19/09

It was a little bit confusing as it traveled back and forth in present and past tense, but it was an easy read.

  "boring and predicatable" by dtcfife (see profile) 12/03/09

I was dissapointed, this book was a snoozefest.

  "Real Life Friendship" by FriendshipSisters (see profile) 05/05/10

This is a good book but not a great book. We did like how the friendship between Addie and Val evolved as they matured. There is usually drama, love, sadness, heartache and eventually as women come into their own they accept one another for who the are.

  "Fun Summer Book" by WendersReads (see profile) 07/06/10

Not sure there's a lot for a book club to talk about, but it was a good beach read!

  "..." by shannono7 (see profile) 07/15/10

  "Between Friends" by CindyW (see profile) 07/21/10

  "Best Friends Forever by Jennifer Weiner" by kimbee627 (see profile) 08/13/10

  "Best Friends Forever" by robinsonderer (see profile) 01/19/11

  "Best Friends Forever" by vtreader (see profile) 02/27/11

This was an impulse buy on a night that I couldn't sleep and wanted some light reading. Jennifer Weinter's books are always fun and quick reads. This one doesn't fail - no real surprises but an enjoyable book.

  "Unrealistic Storyline" by mailewalker (see profile) 08/02/11

  "Best Friends Forever" by princesscartmell (see profile) 05/28/12

I thought this book got off to a slow start but was good overall and hard to put down once I got into it. It was dark and sad in some ways but a lot about friendship, human nature and forgiveness. A good, quick read overall.

  "Slow moving story" by Kim_K (see profile) 01/18/13

I never really got into the book. It moved very slowly and it took a long time to get the background story. The book bounced back and forth between present day and the background story, switching off chapters. While I usually find this technique interesting, this time it didn\\\'t work for me. I would have preferred to have a short \\\'current-day\\\' introduction, and then to tell the story from the start and lead back to today.

  "Best Friends Forever: A Novel" by PDGuest (see profile) 12/13/15

While it wasn't a page turner, it was a good, interesting read.

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