Flight Behavior: A Novel (P.S.)
by Barbara Kingsolver
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  "Flight Behavior" by Mickay (see profile) 01/09/13

  "Migrating Monarchs" by critzyj (see profile) 01/29/13

When thousands of monarchs change their migration pattern and settle in a small town in Appalachia, life for Dellarobia changes. She learns about the dangers of climate change on the butterflies, but also gains insight to the direction of her own life.

  "Flight Behavior" by Tillie (see profile) 02/28/13

The descriptive prose of Kinsolver has me addicted to her storytelling. She has pulled me into the life of Della Robia and the Appalachian Mountains she calls home.

  "Flight Behavior" by lking58 (see profile) 03/01/13

A beautifully written story of adventure and possibilities.

  "Flight Behavior" by ncvlib (see profile) 05/08/13

While the majority of the group did like the book, some found it a little slow. This book does provide plenty of subjects to discuss and we do recommend it for any group who enjoys Barbara Kingsolver\'s books.

  "Disappointed" by drjac (see profile) 05/10/13

  "Flight Behavior" by Bedelljp (see profile) 05/22/13

Resulted in a very good discussion about Appalchia, the science of the monarchs and the plight of people stuck in their circumstances. This not a book that I would have chosen, but am glad I read it as it led to a great discussion,

  "Flight Behavior" by thnxandyc (see profile) 08/06/13

A serious subject told humorously in the voice of the main character. Wonderful Appalachian setting . Heavy on science since Kingsolver is a biologist and environmentalist but basically quite entertaining.

  "Flight Behavior" by kimari (see profile) 08/14/13

  "FLIGHT BEHAVIOR" by CaroleMcwilson (see profile) 08/28/13

Most of us are Kingsolver fans and, while this book was informative in a number of areas, it was not her best. Glad I read it, but it wasn't a "page turner'.

  "Flight behavior" by Annagr (see profile) 09/03/13

Migrating butterflies woven into the life of Dellarobia is one of Kingsolver's best books. I learned about the monarch butterflies migrating patterns and the efforts to understand how climate change affects them. Could not put this book down.

  "Enlightening" by Silver's Reviews (see profile) 09/03/13

Butterflies that changed someone's mind about an affair? Butterflies that have the entire country flocking to Knoxville, Tennessee?

Yes...butterflies may be what Dellarobia needed to change her boring farm life into something more exciting and something more inclined to her intelligence.

Migrating monarch butterflies and global warming were the main focus of FLIGHT BEHAVIOR. The word "flight" seemed to have two meanings in this book. To me it meant how Dellarobia was trying to flee the doldrums of her life as well as referring to the miracle of the flight of the monarch butterflies who instinctively knew where to go. Her life was never a pleasant one in terms of family and financial situations.

The book had deep meanings but to me I was seeing the surface of the book which focused on Dellarobia's life. The reader will follow Dellarobia through her daily life, her financial struggles, and the unpleasant living conditions she had. She had to live on her in-laws' farm and deal with her critical mother-in-law.

You will feel sorry for Dellarobia and will keep hoping something good will come out of the uproar the butterflies caused on the farm. Dellarobia is an endearing character you will want to talk to, try to help, and wish you could actually meet. Her mother-in-law was someone you wouldn’t want to meet. Her husband was indifferent about everything, and her children were sweet.

FLIGHT BEHAVIOR is an excellent read even though it took a few pages to get you hooked. The characters are what carried the book instead of the storyline. Characters who had a connection to each other but in reality were disconnected and made the book unique. Ms. Kingsolver's masterful writing and detailed descriptions will take you away and pull you right in.

Science buffs will thoroughly enjoy the butterfly research as well as Ovid, the head scientist. Overall the book was enjoyable, enlightening, and one that will make you think about your family, your life, your contribution to the world as a person, and how to improve yourself as well as the small part of the world that you inhabit. 4/5

This book was given to me free of charge and without compensation in return for an honest review. I picked up this book at the BEA in June of 2013.

  "Flight Behavior" by GreenArr0w (see profile) 10/22/13

Kingsolver successfuly deals with such issues as the plight of the monarchs and global warming while involving us totally with a very bright, frustrated young Appalachian woman. We\\\'re completely in her corner!

  "Meaty for discussion" by mbell7 (see profile) 12/19/13

Barbara Kingsolver's latest book is a little on the preachy side when it comes to climate change and environmental concerns, but overall our club enjoyed the book and had plenty to talk about without getting overly controversial. Dellarobia Turnbow feels trapped in her marriage and small town, until monarch butterflies change their migration and turn up on her mountain, causing scientists, environmentalists, and more to come to Appalachia to see them. The writing is beautifully descriptive and evocative, and the various themes not only of environment but also of poverty, belief/religion, and science gave a lot of food for thought.

  "Great story but a slow start" by barbararobins (see profile) 01/16/14

The characters develop slowly and the storyline takes a bit of time, but overall the book is a success if you continue reading.

  "Flight Behavior" by AnnieLovesFrance (see profile) 02/24/14

The novel brings together a looming environmental crisis, global warming, and its effect on monarch butterflies, and a family network also at risk. The parallels were there and I enjoyed the human relationships as much as the naturalist side of the book. Our book group found a lot to talk about. Other themes included \\\"the haves and the have nots\\\", \\\"education\\\", \\\"parenting\\\" and \\\"marriage\\\". I would recommend the book to other book clubs.

  "Flight Behavior" by grammajude (see profile) 05/21/14

Almost everyone in the group mentioned how hard it was to get going reading this book - this prompted a VERY good discussion re: global warming, living in the sticks. etc. Most of the members did not like the characters and that added to the discussion.

  "" by tbobinko (see profile) 05/21/14

  "Flight Behavior" by amwest58 (see profile) 05/21/14

interesting story about a young mom in Appalachia who find a valley of Monarch butterflies. Part family drama, part cautionary tale about the impact of climate change. Very accurate depiction of life in that part of the country.

  "A little slow but good discussion" by awr115 (see profile) 05/23/14

Our bookclub found this book a little slow at times but overall a worthy book for discussion. We rated it 2.6 out of 4.0

  "" by [email protected] (see profile) 06/07/14

  "FLight Behavior" by seashell723 (see profile) 07/17/14

Our book club loved this book! Loved the elegant writing, the captivating story and characters, and an education into climate change and its impact on a small community in rural Appalachia. HIghly recommend this...another Kingsolver winner!

  "" by ronncathyo (see profile) 07/19/14

  "" by robholland1 (see profile) 02/24/15

  "" by alden (see profile) 02/24/15

  "" by nuthatch903 (see profile) 03/18/15

  "Flight Behavior" by barbarajstern (see profile) 03/19/15

Barbara Kingsolver is one of my favorite authors because she brings her biology background into the book. I really enjoyed reading about the monarch butterflies. The author also uses strong female characters and has interesting backdrops.

  "" by gemagee (see profile) 03/30/15

  "" by CathUnit (see profile) 04/08/15

  "Flight behavior" by lindaroth (see profile) 07/02/15

A fiction book about a science topic

  "Barbara Kingsolver" by JanaAW (see profile) 01/21/16

I enjoyed this author's writing . She wrote about topics that are of interest to me; monarch butterflies and global warming. I found the book dragged, causing me to read a chapter and put it down. It was a struggle getting through parts of it. I found the ending to be much more engaging.

  "" by DMS51 (see profile) 01/21/16

  "" by linzolinzo (see profile) 05/04/16

  "Flight Behavior" by markokopp1 (see profile) 08/15/16

Tough book to get into. 1st chapter goes on and on about the main character's decision to have an affair. Then the author spends a lot of time with the main character criticizing other women, mainly her mother-in-law and a woman named Chrystal. The book gets much better when it starts focusing on the butterflies and their predicament. I guess its sort of a coming of age novel for the protagonist. I would read it again, but would just skim or skip the first hundred pages.

  "Flight Behavior" by Mad Hatters (see profile) 01/27/17

A book that will have you taking an adventure into the flight of the monarch butterflies. Into the adventure you will meet an extraordinary woman and how she has to deal with a family that does not appreciate the realm of learning and yearning for more.

  "" by elm7597 (see profile) 05/10/17

  "" by [email protected] (see profile) 03/02/18

  "" by [email protected] (see profile) 12/10/18

  "" by csmiklos (see profile) 01/29/19

  "" by [email protected] (see profile) 06/22/19

  "" by [email protected] (see profile) 06/24/19

  "" by Hanknlori (see profile) 12/01/19

  "" by [email protected] (see profile) 05/16/22

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