Safe Haven
by Nicholas Sparks
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  "Safe Haven" by tpaquet (see profile) 10/05/10

One you could not put down. Great ending.

  "Safe Haven" by emptynester2 (see profile) 10/20/10

this one is unlike Sparks's other books. Great twist at the end I did not see coming!

  "Hard to put down!" by HWoodard (see profile) 11/01/10

  "Safe Haven" by SaraVick (see profile) 12/03/10

  "Read like a movie" by katefriday (see profile) 12/03/10

Not much to this book in terms of discussion; however, it was enjoyable to read. If you've seen sleeping with the enemy, you'll know the story. There is a twist at the end, typical of Sparks books, but nothing that affects the overall plot.

  "Safe Haven" by emmalynne (see profile) 12/06/10

I really enjoyed this book! It was an easy, enjoyable read. I read it in 4 days. It was addictive!!

  "Just OK" by stemfamily (see profile) 01/09/11

It was an easy read. But there wasn't much depth. I wanted more "meat". You sort of saw exactly what was going to happen. It was just OK for me.

  "Good "Fluff"" by sdare (see profile) 01/17/11

Although this book was very predictable, it was easy to read and fun. It was a nice break from the deeper books our book club usualy reads. I'm not sure if I would suggest it as a book club pick though, it lacked deep substence that would promote long conversation. Read it on your own beetween other books.

  "I cried. That doesn't usually happen!" by HotSalsa (see profile) 01/24/11

I started reading this book, just as filler between book club reads, and the first half was decent. Nothing Earth-shattering. Then it took off, grabbed me, moved me. Interesting twists thrown in there too. Then the tears came...and I'm not usually a crier. It may not lend itself well to being a bookclub-type of book, but then again, I'm new to the whole bookclub thing myself.

  "Mixed Reviews" by lynny2334 (see profile) 02/07/11

Most members of our group loved the book! They thought it was unpredictable, suspensful, and a great love story. Others felt that the main character lacked strength and found the story to be too sappy and unbelievable. It was a great choice for discussion because there were a lot of varying viewpoints which made for a very interesting and fun meeting!

  "Safe Haven" by msharry (see profile) 05/08/11

Enjoyable as individual book but not much to discuss with a book club. A good escape book--very much a LIfetime movie but sweet anyway. Everything pretty predictable until the last several sections.

  "Nice Read" by djforrest (see profile) 08/01/11

I enjoyed this book. I don't usually like the romance books because I feel if you read 1 you have read them all :/ I love the Nicolas Sparks books and this one was especially good. We had a good discussion in our book club and everyone seemed to like it.

  "More of a drama less of a romance" by chebelove (see profile) 12/05/11

Book centers around the issue domestic violence. The story goes into a direction that is not expected with a small twist at the end.

  "Disappointed" by Tgarza (see profile) 07/18/12

Completely predictable. Nora Roberts did pretty much the same story better.

  "Loved it!" by sammi_collins (see profile) 01/08/13

A love story with a twist about a tough woman who is willing to leave her past to find true love and a man who treats her the way she deserves. But the past can haunt you... This was not like any of Nicholas Sparks other love stories. It was addictive and very entertaining.

  "Throughly Enjoyed!" by SPEEDYREADER88 (see profile) 01/31/13

Like all Nicholas Sparks books, it was a wonderful read and could not put it down!!

  "Perfect read!" by kelso1507 (see profile) 03/06/13

This book kept me intrigued from the first page. Like all Nicholas Sparks books, there is a beautiful love story but there is also troubles along the way. Alex and Katie both have been through hard times but its wonderful to read their story. This twist at the end...completely unexpected and made the book for me!

  "Safe Have - Book vs. Movie" by JudyRader (see profile) 03/13/13

Our group read the book and then went to see the movie. There were many differences and it made for some interesting discussion.

  "" by booknerd17 (see profile) 02/26/15

  "" by brenstuhr (see profile) 09/01/15

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