Digging to America: A Novel
by Anne Tyler
Paperback- $11.74

New York Times Bestseller

Rich, tender, and searching, Digging to America challenges the notion that home is a fixed place, and ...

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  "All members enjoyed this book" by GarmischBookClub (see profile) 10/26/07

  "Story of 2 families that meet and share lives with their adopted children" by MOMSWITHBOOKS (see profile) 01/30/08

Many of us enjoy Anne Tyler's books. Her character studies are strong. This was no exception. But it was far from a favorite.

  "TOO MANY DETAILS FOR NOTHING" by lilhiawatha39 (see profile) 04/21/08

Although this book presented how Americans and immigrants often deal with culture clash, the story had way too many unnecessary details. It should have focused more on the main character which seemed to be Maryam Yazdan. And I think it's safe to say there wasn't really a defined plot, there was plenty of dialogue I suppose, but just not enough character development. I hate to be harsh, but I really feel it was a waste of time.

  "Not a favorite, but liked the hidden angle of diversity vs. assimulating" by monps (see profile) 04/21/08

Although this appears to be a rather short book, it took me longer to read, than at first expected, wondering at times when the story would unfold, and when the purpose of so much detail would make sense. I found myself feeling bogged down by the lengthy, and seemingly, unimportant, minusha of the characters' daily lives.
The book does hit some major themes of feeling as an outsider when faced with the ideal of what it means to be an 'American'. The thought that someone else out there has it better, or seems to be a better 'fit', plagues just about everyone, one way or another.
Our club did find quite a bit to discuss after this reading, but, as time is rather limited for most, I'm not sure the story unravels at the pace I needed it to! I did like some of the character developement, just thought it could of been less detailed on what seemed to be the mundane.

  "Great for discussion, but not such a good read." by arid8her (see profile) 04/22/08

  "A Juicy Discussion, especiallyl if you live in a diverse community" by loishobart (see profile) 04/25/08

Everyone in our group enjoyed reading this book which fueled us for a very rich discussion. WE are a very diverse gathering of women so had many nuggets and tales to offer. We used discussion questions from Book Movement and from Random House - and enjoyed thematic treats (American, Korean and Middle Eastern) during the evening.

For a discussion among folks who live in communities of diversity, this is a GREAT book - as we each have had our own rich experiences that cross cultures. We also have run into folks - diversity aside - who have similiar personalities to all the characters and, at the core, we really aren't all that different.

The one thing that bugged us - and we ALL noted it - was that at Chapter 9, the narrator/voice changed - and while it didn't "bother" us to the point of annoyance - we just couldn't figure out WHY - what was the purpose? Maybe we're all clueless and missed some major literary craft/technique but it seemed "huh?" as we read. We shared that we'd all stopped, went back to see if we missed something and then went on. What WAS that, Anne Tyler?

We have enjoyed other of her books and like her writing. Her characters are believable and the storylines so probable. Thank you.

  "Two families come together through their adopted daughters." by christymg (see profile) 06/07/08

A good story about relationships. Not much about the kids, more about the older adults. Good book, not so much to talk about.

  "Should be called Digging IN America" by Dannonlady (see profile) 09/07/08

Would not recommend this book at all. Bitsy is a sterotype. No one seems to realize what it IS to be an American and how we are all different. Premise isn't realistic.

  "Interesting book" by MrsFlutterby (see profile) 12/21/08

This was an interesting read but left some of our group wishing for better writing.

  "Human and complex" by Sallyone (see profile) 01/08/09

I really thought this was a significant novel, about outsider-ness, told with a kind of seamless nautralness which marks Ms. Tyler's writing as so fine.

  "Great Discussion" by lindseyschmidt (see profile) 08/01/09

This book inspired terrific discussion amongst the ladies in our group and our host created a beautiful Iranian meal to get us into the mood.

Anne created believable characters and when the traditional "who would you have play so and so" question came up...most of us could immediately say an actor/actress.

The struggles the characters faced, the cultures, the different perspectives were true to life (at least as much as a group of middle class, caucasian, women could see).

The only negative for our group came in chapter 9 when Anne took a different perspective and started referring to Bitsy and Brad as Jin Ho's mother and Jin Ho's father. It was difficult to read and difficult to understand who's perspective she was sharing. But other than that we loved the varieties of perspectives.

  "Digging to America" by baltznoah (see profile) 06/15/10

A very informative book, inspired reading non-fiction about the topic of international adoption and assimilation of immigrent families in the USA.

I enjoyed the book a great deal and recommend it to others

  "Digging to America" by kimhalti (see profile) 02/11/11

I love Anne Tyler!! And this is one of my favorites of all her books. As always there are her delightfully quirky characters and a pleasant story line. Lots of laughs but also interesting insight into the lives of immigrants and second generation Americans.

  "Digging to America" by jolds (see profile) 09/05/14

Insightful novel about adoption of foreign infants. Typical Ann Tyler character development. Plot a little slow.

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