Pride and Prejudice (Bantam Classics)
by Jane Austen
Mass Market Paperback- $4.95

For over 150 years, Pride And Prejudice has remained one of the most popular novels in the English language. Jane Austen herself called ...

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  "Absolutely fantastic!!" by MyTatteredPages (see profile) 10/29/07

This book is funny, witty and full of life! I cannot ever put it down. I've read it a few times and is my favorite Jane Austen book. This one is captivating and is especially good to read in a women's group. It shows a lot of the social rules of the author's day and is very entertaining. My 14 year old niece actually read this one with me with no complaints! That says a lot!

  "Pride and Prejudice" by treynolds (see profile) 01/30/10

Although I didn't particularly care for this book, many people really love it. I found it a little slow but am glad to check it off my list of stuff I wanted to read!

  "Pride and Prejudice" by jalison (see profile) 01/02/11

REally liked this book, a classic that doesn't lose anything over time.

  "Pride and Prejudice" by cherylwilliams5 (see profile) 08/19/12

I have seen several versions of the movie but had never read the book and am not sure how I escaped that while in high school. But, I am so thankful to our Aug hostess for choosing it and am so thankful that I read it. P&P has stood the test of time as a classic so, it really does not need my comments to further its place in history. I can say that I loved the language, the expression of the language, the insight into the era, and feel that it is a shame that it will probably no longer be required reading of young people today. Jane Austen remains to be in a league of her own even after years and years. Books such as Twilight cannot stand in the shadow of Ms Austen's novels.

  "Pride And Prejudice" by jgcolomb (see profile) 08/19/12

Slow at the beginning until I got used to her writing. Then it began to flow and I loved it.

  "Forever a classic - for a reason!" by superdi99 (see profile) 08/21/12

This book provides so much opportunity for discussion. It's character rich, has great writing, and is incredibly insightful (even after 200+ years).

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Haven’t started but we are organized now

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