South of Broad
by Pat Conroy
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  "Interesting and diverse group of characters" by LauraAdams (see profile) 09/16/09

I liked the interesting and diverse characters but I never got the feeling that I had to keep reading to find out what happens to them the way a great book will do. Decent but nothing great.

  "good but difficult subject matter" by klacorte (see profile) 10/28/09

Well written but too much bad language used. I would have enjoyed it without all the curse words. Book divided into multiple sections. Compelling read because of all the various stories for each of the characters.

  "Read this book." by charlotteans (see profile) 11/02/09

This is a behind the scenes look at Charleston, SC with its odd and diverse characters. Akin to Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil but not quite as weird. For those that know Charleston, this is a very interesting book. Even if you don't, it will inspire you to go!

  "South Of Broad" by kathybc (see profile) 11/11/09

The discription of Charlston's charm was beautiful, you could see the homes and gardens on Toads paper route. What a strange group of friends.

  "I hated this book" by SharonBrower (see profile) 11/13/09

It's rare I don't finish a book but I could barely force myself to skim that latter half of it just so I'd know what I was talking about at our book club meeting. I think out of 11 of us only 1 could say she liked it.

  "Not his best" by pachutabelle (see profile) 11/14/09

I usually enjoy Pat Conroy. Not so much this time. Dialogue was too flippant and scarcastic. Stereotyped characters. I did like the discriptions of the city and lowlands.

  "Wonderful story set in Charleston, SC." by [email protected] (see profile) 01/12/10

Our book club members live about 2-1/2 hours from Charleston and so we loved reading about places that we have seen and love. Charleston is a wonderful historic city and Conroy has crafted a very good book with eccentric characters whose backdrop is in this location. It's a good read!

  "South of Broad" by jwilker (see profile) 01/14/10

Wonderfully written....Conroy's love letter to Charleston. Characters are rich and memorable.
One of his best!

  "South of Broad" by jburr684 (see profile) 01/27/10

Definitely not close to the quality of Pat Conroy's previous books. None of the characters are inspiring.

  "South of Broad by Pat Conroy" by Scoop (see profile) 01/30/10

Pat Conroy's descriptions of Charleston were just beautiful. Who else could make a paper route sound so poetic and interesting. While the story line jumped around quite a bit, the character studies were awesome. For a novel with so many characters, it felt like you knew them all well. The ending was so unexpected, I had to read it three times just to absorb it all. Another gem from Pat Conroy.................

  "Slow to start" by mmckeon23 (see profile) 01/30/10

We just finished "South of Broad". I found the book very difficult to get into, but once I did, I couldn't put it down! The book deals with some very difficult issues and is quite graphic, but it does make you think. It also highlights the city of Charleston well... I want to take a trip there now. If you can stomach it, you will find this book an interesting read.

  "South of Broad" by Franceswccls (see profile) 01/31/10

This was in part a love story to Charleston, South Carolina and that part of the book I liked. He writes in detail about Charleston and his characters. You do truly get a feeling of being there. The beginning was slow and the middle I just did not enjoy reading.

  "Pat Conroy" by nancywestbrook (see profile) 02/13/10

As always, Conroy has a dark family secret. Made me plan a trip to Charlestown.

  "South of Broad" by karenmo (see profile) 02/25/10

Our club rated the book 8.2 on a scale of 1-10.

  "South of Broad" by Ruth (see profile) 03/01/10

The book is beautifully written but the characters weren't all believable and the dialogue didn't always sound authentic. There are many charming as well as disturbing parts.

  "South of Broad" by mptravis (see profile) 03/24/10

It wasn't his best but there was a lot of character development, thriller, mystery, and silliness.

  "South of Broad" by Evie (see profile) 04/02/10

Enjoyed it but not his best I agree. I think it would make a very good movie. Lots of different plots and stories for each character introduced. Strong story about desegragation and high school friendships which evolve into adulthood.

  "South of Broad" by jhickey (see profile) 08/21/10

Conroy is at his best when describing the landscapes of his beloved SC, however this novel leaves one with the feeling that there is little to recommend the humans of Charleston, who are, it seems,all rude and dysfunctional!Like "Prince of Tides," this story has a dark core, but SOB seems unfocused and forced. The beautiful symbolism of "Prince of Tides" is totally missing. I put this book down in disgust several times and finally skimmed to the end for the sake of Book Club. Very disappointed!

  "South of Broad" by Doitl (see profile) 09/15/10

believable characters, mystery

  ""Loved It"" by steph-hansen (see profile) 09/22/10

Interesting storyline that had me hooked from the first page.

  "South of Broad" by pillowbee (see profile) 10/02/10

South of Broad, which primarily takes place in Charleston, SC with visits to San Francisco, CA, and even Chimney Rock area is about the life of Leopold Bloom King, which has been shattered by a family tragedy. Friendless and adrift, he searches for something to sustain him and finds it among 8 students he meets during high school. These young people are from very different class, racial, and religious backgrounds with the resultant, respective baggage, yet they become life-long friends. The reader follows their lives over two turbulent decades, as they endure marriages, happy and troubled, unrequited loves and unspoken longings, hard-won successes, devastating breakdowns, as well as South Carolina’s dark legacy of racism and class divisions. The plot follows many twists and turns leading to a final test that none of the characters are prepared to face.

We felt this was not a heavy intellectual read but was an enjoyable “beach read.” There was also agreement that Conroy’s characterizations sounded a bit too clichéd as did the broad social issues presented that the characters attempt to address.

Critics have commented that this novel, after a 15 year dry spell, does not live up to his prior novels, but in South of Broad there are still touches of Conroy’s noted “lyrical” voice in his descriptions of the rivers, tides, sunsets, streets, and homes of Charleston that his prior novels were known for.

  "A Good Read" by cat6405 (see profile) 12/04/10

I enjoyed South of Broad, although I did not find it as monumental as Prince of Tides. The strength of the friendships was admirable; the tales of sexual abuse were difficult and realistic. My book club agrees we wanted to take a field trip to Charleston!!!

  "South of Broad" by kdegal (see profile) 01/03/11

  "South of Broad" by kcwalker (see profile) 01/16/11

There is always a darkness in Pat Conroy's books, but the stories while sad are real to events both past and present. This like the others I have read have a positive ending to some horrific events.

  "South of Broad" by terrisoderstrom (see profile) 01/31/11

well written. The descriptions of South Carolina makes South Carolina a character in the story as opposed to a setting. Rich, satisfying read.

  "south of broad" by stashin (see profile) 04/01/11

excellent! well written, true life situations

  "Charleston" by lollygil (see profile) 04/02/11

  "South of Broad" by hitzie (see profile) 08/10/11

9 out of 10 folks in our book group really enjoyed the book. the tenth liked it, but thought it was a bit too wordy.
pretty good when considering the variety of ladies in our group!

  "South of Broad" by ladyjane7 (see profile) 09/06/11

My husband was so captivated with Pat Conroy's writing style that he had to read to me the part describing Leo, the main character, riding his bike delivering newspapers in the early morning hours of Charleston and all the people who become his friends and supporters during his difficult time in his youth. Because of my husband's enthusiasm, I had to read the book and I was not disappointed. There is a whole cast of characters and Pat Conroy cleverly interweaves their lives and their impact on Leo's. It is symbolic that the bike route helps to heal him when he is young. When he returns to these familiar streets when he older and has experienced so much, it is the bike route that again helps to heal him. Pat Conroy provides something for everyone in this story of the people of Charleston.

  "South of Broad" by Poteau1 (see profile) 04/24/12

Beautiful book about life long friendships, family, and love. Couldn't put this book down, and have now read it twice. I NEVER read a book twice! Loved it!

  "Pat Conroy did it again" by mybcjac24 (see profile) 06/23/12

My girlfriend recommended this book to me & I wasn't let down. From the very first page I was hooked.

  "South of " by mm69atcomcast (see profile) 09/23/13

  "South of Broad" by Wruiz (see profile) 06/17/15

I loved this book. Could not put it down.

  "South of Broad " by OEDfan (see profile) 08/24/15

Interesting characters in a well written if at times dark story. Contains some rough language and disturbing subject matter that might not appeal to some groups.

  "" by Eviee2013 (see profile) 03/23/20

  "" by wensday (see profile) 07/12/21

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