Eli's Promise: A Novel
by Balson Ronald H.
Hardcover- $25.19

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  "Deeply affecting, multi-layered story of the toll of war, & the price paid by survivors" by zodejodie4 (see profile) 09/01/20

From Nazi-occupied Poland, to a displaced persons camp in Allied-occupied Germany, & on to 1960s Chicago, Balson deftly weaves a narrative centered around Eli Rosen & his quest to keep a promise he made to his wife, Esther. While Eli is the central protagonist, Balson has peopled this story of strength, survival & family with richly drawn supporting characters who carry the narrative forward, inviting you into their lives & worlds. It is truly fascinating & compelling to accompany Eli on his journey as Balson artfully draws the threads of his story together across decades & landscapes through the lens of historical events. Balson has given us a deeply affecting, multi-layered story about the toll that war takes on those caught up in the carnage, as well as the steep price paid by those who are left to grapple with the aftermath of survival.

  "DO NOT MISS IF YOU ARE A FAN " by Silversolara (see profile) 09/22/20

It is 1939 - We meet Eli Rosen and his wife Esther who were hard workers, but then the German occupation happened and changed everything.

Maximilian who was supposedly their friend betrayed them by joining the Nazi party and thought nothing of his betrayal of Eli and his family.

We follow what happens to Eli and his family - of course it is heartbreaking.

It's 1946 - We move to post WWII and what Eli's life is at this time as he lives in an American Zone camp for displaced persons with his son.

He thinks Maximilian is selling visas on the black market, but isn't sure. If he finds out it is Maximilian, who knows what Eli will do.

Maximilian was paid by Eli to protect his wife, but she still hasn’t been found.

Eli’s focus is to find Maximilian, find out what he knows about Esther, and to have Maximilian prosecuted for his war and post-war crimes.

It is 1965 - We see Eli in Chicago still trying to find the person who betrayed him during the war - Maximilian - and get to the bottom of the political underworld. Could Max be involved?

ELI’S PROMISE is another heartbreaking and marvelously written book by master author Ronald Balson.

I thoroughly enjoyed ELI'S PROMISE, even though the time in Chicago was a bit confusing until we saw the true reason Eli was there.

Another well written book you won't want to miss if you are a fan of Mr. Balson and historical fiction. 4/5

This book was given to me by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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