The Invisible Bridge
by Julie Orringer
Hardcover- $17.75

Julie Orringer’s astonishing first novel, eagerly awaited since the publication of her heralded best-selling short-story collection, How ...

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  "Historical Novel" by SharonBrower (see profile) 04/15/11

This book will put you in Hungry and what is was like to be Jewish in WWII. I personally can't imagine having lived through what the Jews lived through during Hitler's rein and all the anti-Semitism at that time.

  "The Invisible Bridge" by teachgiftedkids (see profile) 06/16/11

After reading Suite Francaise and Sarah's Key, both dealing with the same topic, The Invisible Bridge proved to be the more graphic and detailed of this terrible time period. The strength that Julie Orringer shows when developing the characters makes the book and story one of the best I've read. Following the family through the war years allows the reader to be part of that family and to see how love can endure through tragedy. Definitely a great discussion book.

  "Good Read" by litimberlake (see profile) 07/07/11

I enjoyed the book. Insightful in that I didn't realize Hungary's took part in the jewish holocaust. I also didn't realize they had work camps. Long, long, long read!

  "The Invisible Bridge" by martykalkman (see profile) 07/08/11

I loved this book.

  "Invisible Bridge" by jodene (see profile) 07/12/11

Our book club members thought this book was very good. The author is a gifted descriptive writer who obviously does a tremendous amount of research before writing a book. We had a great discussion over the characters in this book.

  "The Invisible Bridge" by toptick (see profile) 08/28/11

I loved this book- when it was over I was so sad- I missed the characters as they had become like friends. It was universally liked by my entire book club.

  "Invisible Bridge" by mramey (see profile) 09/14/11

A beautifully written novel. The descriptions of life in Paris and Hungary are powerful and full of imagery. The story of Hungary's involvement in the war and how the Jewish men were forced into labor service, but not into concentration camps until late in the war. A fascinating look at World War II and the Holocaust from the a different angle.

  "A Beautiful Testament to the Past" by FTessa (see profile) 10/10/12

In 1937 Andras Levi, a Hungarian Jew, arrived in Paris with a single suitcase and a scholarship to study architecture. He left behind his parents and two brothers – Tibor, who was saving to attend medical school in Italy, and Matyas, who would leave school to pursue a career as an entertainer. What he found in Paris, however, was the love of his life. The times conspired against the couple – war was on the horizon and past mistakes haunted them. Families were scattered, fortunes spent or confiscated, food was scarce, and yet the familial bonds endured.

Through her writing, Orringer invites the reader into the everyday lives of people who were caught up in historical events of epic proportions. We’ve all read books (fiction and nonfiction) about the atrocities of war, in particular those committed against the Jews during WW2. Seldom have I read a work that so drew me into the lives of the characters as they go about their business, unaware of the storm brewing. I was reminded of Herman Wouk’s Winds of War. I kept checking the time frame wondering when the hammer would fall, because I knew it had to fall. This is an epic romance … an historical novel … a gloriously written testament to the love the author’s grandparents had – for each other, for their families, for their friends. It celebrates the courage of individuals, and shames those who took advantage of the weak. And it shines a light on a corner of Europe that has not been written about frequently.

Arthur Morey does a superb job on the audio book. His facility with the many languages – English, French, Hungarian, German, and Italian – lends authenticity and brings the work to life.

  "The Invisible Bridge" by kkazonovitz (see profile) 01/07/13

  "Holocaust in Hungary" by KM (see profile) 01/12/13

This is another great World War II book that teaches us some unknown history in Hungary.

  "The Invisible Bridge" by clippel (see profile) 04/15/13

I love learning history in such an engaging way.

  "Eloquenty Written Lovely Juxtaposition" by zodejodie4 (see profile) 06/14/13

It's always a strange and lovely juxtaposition when a book about such a horrific subject is so beautifully & eloquently written. Julie Orringer is masterful with her prose and the story unfolds in a compelling manner. This is one of those books that you don't just read, you inhabit the world along with the characters and they and their stories will stay with you long after you leave them.

  "Overall a good read " by janiceb (see profile) 01/01/14

The story is well researched historically and the characters are well developed. Using the Hungarian Jew for the war is a newer perspective and I enjoyed this aspect. Unfortunately there are not unbelievable parts. The book was slow. It will be a great discussion book.

  "A very well written book" by dkjaskot (see profile) 01/29/14

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was well written and gave insight into the day-to-day lives of Hungarian Jews who had to endure so many hardships and indignities to survive during the Nazi era.

  "The Invisible Bridge" by Thelma.Ambrose (see profile) 01/29/14

wonderfully written; powerful in the message of hope and strength of family during a horrible period of history highly recommend to those who enjoy historical fiction and/or romance.

  "Invisible Bridge" by lcrasor (see profile) 01/29/14

  "The Invisible Bridge" by mmharris (see profile) 01/29/14

Very moving, sad and difficult to read at times, but a great message.

  "The Invisible Bridge" by Espenshade (see profile) 01/31/14

felt like I knew the characters with the author's superb ability to humanize them. Difficult to read through some of the descriptions of the torturing of Jews during WW 2 but was necessary to build the characters.

  "The Invisible Bridge" by Maruja13 (see profile) 04/06/14

I learned much about the history of Hungry and the plight of the Jewish people during the horrific time of WWII. Orringer\'s story connects you to the characters and sweeps you through the times and the life\'s of ordinary people in terrific times.

  "" by SusanLorin (see profile) 10/22/23

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