The Order: A Novel
by Daniel Silva
Hardcover- $24.52

From Daniel Silva, author of the #1 New York Times bestsellers The New Girl and The Other Woman, comes a stunning new action-packed ...

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  "Another great Gabriel Allon Novel, Keep Them Coming." by thewanderingjew (see profile) 09/06/20

Gabriel  Allon is one of my favorite characters, and in this book he outdoes himself. As usual, Silva has created a murder mystery that is both entertaining and interesting. His writing style is creative and leaves the reader waiting for more. There is subtle humor and a slow buildup of tension as the threads of the mystery are revealed, unraveled and solved.

Allon has friends in high places because of the nature of his job as head of security in Israel. When he receives a request to come to the Vatican, from his friend, the personal secretary to the Pope, he answers his call. The Pope had recently died, and he wonders why he has been summoned. Since his wife had already made arrangements for a vacation in Italy, it coincided well with her plan. However, his vacation did not turn out as planned.

There are several questions surrounding the death of the Pope. The Pope had recently discovered a book in the Papal archives. What secrets did it reveal that might impact the church profoundly? Why has the Swiss Guard who was stationed outside the Pope’s apartments disappeared? Why was the Pope writing a letter to Gabriel Allon, which seems to have disappeared, as well? Did the Pope die of natural causes? Is there a secret group plotting to change the very structure of the church? Who is actually endangering the church, the powerful order of St. Helena, or the Pope with the information he was trying to send to Allon. Gabriel is intrigued by the questions raised, but doubts foul play.

In the solving of the mystery, the reader is immersed into the history of the Jews and their supposed involvement in the death of Christ. The history of anti-Semitism and its origins is explored. Corruption in ancient Rome and the attitude of the Pope during WWII is examined also, both in the body of the novel and in the notes of the author, at the end, in which he explains a good deal of the subject matter covered in the book concerning the history. He admirably attempts to answer any questions that might have arisen about several of the events in the book, about some of the characters, and about the historic influence of certain acts with regard to the behavior of the church and the Jewish people.

I recommend the book especially to those that love this series or to those students of history that question the source of anti-Semitism and the church’s involvement, and to those who question some of the recent revelations about the church, as well. They will find the theories put forth very thought provoking.

  "" by [email protected] (see profile) 11/09/20

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