The Secret Life of Violet Grant
by Beatriz Williams
Hardcover- $19.49

“Williams conjures up another substantive beach read steeped in history and familial intrigue.... Readers will love wallowing in the ...

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  "Tale of Two Worlds" by witchy1 (see profile) 06/25/14

I thoroughly enjoyed the story and the places that it went. A tale of two strong women from different eras and the mystery that connects them.

  "The Secret Life of Violet Grant" by beh79220 (see profile) 06/26/14

I like the book, but not sure about groups reading it as sex was the main theme.

  "" by Sabrina1 (see profile) 08/19/14

  "" by ceebeew4 (see profile) 08/27/14

  "" by Carolynr (see profile) 02/01/15

  "The Secret Life of Violet Grant" by Silversolara (see profile) 05/02/15

A suitcase full of secrets? A suitcase that opens up the proverbial can of worms which leads Vivian Schuyler to find out about her aunt who supposedly murdered her husband.

Once Vivian found out some juicy details about her aunt, she couldn't stop researching her life. This could be her big break at the magazine with this story.

THE SECRET LIFE OF VIOLET GRANT goes back and forth between Vivian's life and Aunt Violet's life. Are there parallels between their lives? Vivian wants to know about her aunt and this mysterious suitcase's contents that started it all.

THE SECRET LIFE OF VIOLET GRANT is quite entertaining. Aunt Violet is definitely something else. I thoroughly enjoyed all of the characters....well most of them. ? They range from Vivian's stuffy mother to her carefree self.

Vivian is also a "modern" woman with a mind of her own and a heart that was broken.?

Professor Grant, Violet's husband, is a bit too controlling if you ask me and a poor excuse for a husband.

Violet was a favorite. She was a self-made woman that knew what she wanted, but she also was ?a bit submissive as women were in the early 1900's. ?

?THE SECRET LIFE OF VIOLET GRANT is thoroughly enjoyable and a book I couldn't put down because of the characters and because of the steps Vivian took to uncover the clues about her Aunt Violet.?

?I have no qualms about recommending THE SECRET LIFE OF VIOLET GRANT. You will be entertained by the characters and will love the secrets of the suitcase and of Aunt Violet. Who would think a suitcase could cause all this excitement, intrigue, entertainment, and of course a fantastic story?

LOVED this book. You will get caught up in all of ?Aunt Violet's and ?Vivian’s antics.? ?

THE SECRET LIFE OF VIOLET GRAND is a truly ?delightful, witty read.? ?The ending held a secret and surprise of its own.

Ms. Williams is a marvelous storyteller. THE SECRET LIFE OF VIOLET GRANT is going to be one of my favorite reads of this year. 5/5

This book was given to me free of charge and without compensation in return for an honest review.

  "The Secret Life of Violet Grant" by [email protected] (see profile) 02/23/17

At times I couldn't book the book down. I would even skip ahead at times to read what one of the characters was going to do next.

  "The secret life of Violet Grant" by reneekehres (see profile) 02/24/17

Detailed characters..good story...easy to follow along..ending a little confusing...but I would recommend it for others to read

  "" by [email protected] (see profile) 04/05/18

  "" by [email protected] (see profile) 04/21/18

  "" by jcjwalbye (see profile) 06/26/18

Average rating by our book club = 8.5

  "" by Karenbrowntx (see profile) 06/30/19

  "Humorous beach read" by thewanderingjew (see profile) 10/13/19

The Secret Life of Violet Grant, Beatriz Williams, author; Kathleen McInerny, narrator
Vivian Schuyler, a young Manhattan socialite, is a working girl, albeit against the wishes of her family. Although she wants to be more than a gopher at the magazine where she works, she will have to work her way up from the bottom. Women did not have much opportunity in the mid 1960’s, when the book begins. Mostly, they were employed as teachers or secretaries or assistants of some kind.
When Vivian receives a notice about a package waiting for her at the post office, she rushes over just before closing time. The line moves very slowly and as she nears the counter, the post office closes. Fortuitously, a handsome young man offers to help her, He tells the clerk that he made a mistake; she was ahead of him on line. He gives her his place, but not before Vivian makes a bit of a scene demanding service.
When she gets her package, he finds himself drawn to her and he helps her lug it home. It is heavy and bulky since it is a suitcase. She could not have done it alone. Vivian has no idea who has sent this suitcase to her, and she finds there is no key to open it. When the young man suggests she break into it, she refuses. When they examine it, they see that the name on it has been crossed out and her name has been added. She and the young man decide that it was intended for Violet Schuyler, the name that was scratched out, and not Vivian.
This young man enchants Vivian. She discovers that he is a doctor and is exhausted. He promptly falls asleep in her apartment, and she happily lets him remain there. They find they are drawn to each other, and they spend the next day together as compatibly as if they had known each other for years as they are comfortable bantering back and forth with each other. However, she will soon find out that, like the suitcase, this budding doctor has many secrets.
When Vivian tells her parents about the suitcase and asks if they know anyone named Violet Schuyler, they react with shock and dismay. Her mother forbids her to look into Violet’s life because it would embarrass them. She learns that there was once an Aunt named Violet who had moved to Europe to study science and had been banished by the family when she married her professor and remained there. She had also been accused of murdering her husband. No one had heard from her for decades, and no one knew much about her or cared to find out anything about what had happened to her. Vivian decided, unlike them, she wanted to find out about all of Violet’s secrets, regardless of her mother’s wishes.
Thus begins a novel that is very amusing and easy to read in some ways, but difficult in others because it is filled with crude language and overt descriptions of sexual encounters which often feel contrived as the story dwells on many romantic relationships centered around the explicit sex. Still, as the mystery takes the reader to Europe as it descends into World War I, it gets more interesting. The ending, if not quite believable, is an unexpected surprise as all the secrets are exposed and most of the threads are knitted together.
The story goes off on too many tangents, and often the dialogue requires the suspension of disbelief as it begins to feel like a fairytale with some silly themes as Vivian goes from a strict sense of morality when it comes to friendship to stretching the envelope when it comes to romantic relationships. Instead of being about the secret life of Violet, it seemed to be about the sexual escapades of the various characters. Vivian seemed to go from being flighty to being resolute, depending on the moment, and I never quite figured out what kind of a person she really was and never did like her very much.

  "" by bpr2650 (see profile) 02/08/20

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