The Historian
by Elizabeth Kostova
Hardcover- N/A

To you, perceptive reader, I bequeath my history....Late one night, exploring her father's library, a young woman finds an ancient book and a cache ...

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  "I chose this rating because I discussed this book with friends who really loved the book but I did not bring this book to my own book club as they are not interested in reading about vampires." by mmcbride (see profile) 09/08/06

Reading "The Historian" is like a journey in time and space. The descriptions are vivid and you can easily place yourself in the action. The story moves quickly and mysteriously through an adventure that contains many twists and turns. A really enjoyable read for those that appreciate vampire lore with a heavy helping of 'story' mixed in.

  "Our book club loved it." by raymonds (see profile) 09/22/06

This is not a book I would have picked up on my own because of the vampires, but it was recommended by another member and we read it as a group. Almost everyone in the group was intrigued more by the history and the mystery of it than by the fact that it was centered around vampires. This would have to be on my list of all-time favorite books because of the historical basis.

  "Really Great!" by rachmarie (see profile) 02/02/07

I have no idea how much of this book is from historical facts and what is fiction (well except for the vampire part). It is really great and has a ton of interesting details in it. I really enjoyed the mystery and twists that went along with it. I can say that the length was not a problem for most of the book, though once and a while I had to put it down for a while. It was worth the time though. A really great read!

  "History, Mystery and the Supernatural" by donnadeleon (see profile) 12/30/08

The story is certainly a little dark, but this book offers plenty of suspense, is rich in historical details and weaves a satisfying mystery. Like others, I was skeptical about the vampire elements, but the author really made this work. Lots of elements for a book club discussion.

  "Just too long" by stemfamily (see profile) 05/12/09

Wow! What a LONG book! I feel like she could have told the same story with maybe 300 less pages. (mine was the 909 page book). I really liked the plot of the book. What will happen to the characters, etc, but there was just too much ETC stuff for me jammed in and it was just boring. The last 9 chapters I loved because it finally felt like it was free, smooth, get to the point flowing.
I wish the author was more precise about the time that she was telling the story. Maybe remind us what year they were in. I needed to know how old everyone was!
I would not recommend this book, unless I knew they absolutely loved history.

  "Already Been Done" by Stellamaris818 (see profile) 06/26/09

The Historian just didn't cut it for me, especially when Dracula did appear. I've ready many imaginary, fantasy, magical based books, but when it comes to this novel, the more I read, the more I became unconvinced. The plot was quite predictible and for a lack of a better word, "cheesy."

  "So much information" by dolphins17 (see profile) 10/21/09

It is fiction but based around fact. There were a few areas that were dry, but you keep reading because you are waiting for more from the other characters. I did not read it but listed to it on MP3 and it actually added to the excitement. I truly enjoyed it.

  "A slow start, but a rewarding finish." by frenziedmedia (see profile) 12/21/09

The history of this novel was as fascinating as it was disturbing. It was slow, but began to pull together in a way that kept me reading and wanting to find out what happened next!

  "Informative" by elahenaz (see profile) 07/25/10

  "The Historian" by sweetee (see profile) 08/31/10

“The Historian” by Elizabeth Kostova

When my friend Barbara chose this book for our book club, I was horrified! Not only was it 656 pages long, it was about the legendary vampire, Dracula!!!! Not my cup of tea!!!! However, I bought the book and found it to be quite engaging.

The book is a suspenseful thriller, a delightful mystery, and a unique blend of history, travel and vampire legend. Ms. Kostova researched this book for 10 years. Her writing style is unique as she weaves together diary entries, letters, and published articles to tell her story.

I could NOT read this book after dark and often times I felt chills up and down my spine. Reading “The Historian” was truly an experience I will never forget. It may well one day find itself ranked among other great works of classical literature. Ms. Kostova is an extraordinary writer.

Thank you, Barbara, for expanding my horizons! I understand that a movie of “The Historian” will come to a theater near you sometime in the not so distant future! Read it! Enjoy it!
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  "The Historian" by lemonie (see profile) 01/12/11

A little slow in the beginning, but worth getting through the first 150 pages.

  "History Researcher Finds Dracula" by ercourson (see profile) 02/09/11

Very interesting. I loved all the geography and the details. What if Dracula is still alive!?!

  "a different kind of vampire book" by JerrilynnL (see profile) 07/18/11

This was a great thrilling story told in the first person of different characters. It was less about Dracula as it was about Eastern European history, with a lot of mystery.

  "Modern Gothic" by char83 (see profile) 11/04/13

I really enjoyed reading the Historian. The story pulled some aspects from Mary Shelley\'s Frankenstein and some aspects from Ann Radcliffe\'s novels.

  "Good science fiction!" by thewanderingjew (see profile) 06/27/17

The Historian, Elizabeth Kostova, author; Joanne Whalley, Dennis Boutsikaris, Rosalyn Landor, Martin Jarvis, Robin Atkin Downes, Jim Ward, narrators
Does Vlad Tepes, Count Dracula still live? That is the subject of this book. The reader will travel all over the world with the characters as the search for his tomb begins. Will it be discovered?
Professor Bartholomew Rossi has decided to revisit his research on Dracula. He advises Paul, a graduate student, who has come to him to ask about an odd book containing a dragon symbol that he has suddenly discovered in his possession. It turns out that the book is related to Rossi’s research on Vlad Tepes. He also has a little blank book with a dragon symbol on it. He begins to explain his research to Paul and gives him some papers to read on the subject. When Rossi suddenly disappears under suspicious circumstances, Paul searches for him, and in the course of events, he meets the Professor’s illegitimate daughter, Helen Rossi, from Romania. Together, they both try and find the missing professor before it is too late, albeit for different reasons. They fear he will be terminally infected by Dracula and condemned to the life of the undead. Their search takes them to several countries and places where they believe Vlad Tepes may have been buried, where they believe he has hidden the professor. They believe that Dracula still lives. Will they be successful?
Years later, Paul is traveling with his daughter. When he suddenly leaves her a note telling her to return home, but does not tell her where he has gone, which is totally out of character, she searches through his papers. The secrets she discovers are intriguing and she sets out to attempt to find him. She believes that he may be in danger. Apparently he is searching for her mother, yet she believes her mother is dead. She did not know anything about her, however, until she found letters and papers that her father had hidden away and never shared with her. Will she find her father? Will he find her mother?
There are three parallel stories that are covered. One takes place when Paul is a student, searching for his professor, one takes place when his daughter is a high school student searching for him as he searches for her mother, and than a third takes place, years later as his daughter, now a professional herself, discovers an odd book is suddenly in her possession.
Although the story is not believable, it is well written and very interesting as Dracula’s history is related. I was drawn into it. In my audio, there were several narrators, all of whom I enjoyed. I found it advantageous to have different voices for each character, which kept them distinct. For science fiction fans, this book will be a treat.

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