Edge: A Novel
by Jeffery Deaver
Hardcover- N/A

Behind the well-known U.S. security organizations? the FBI and CIA among them?lies a heavily guarded, anonymous government agency dedicated ...

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  "Gelati's Scoop" by GelatisScoop (see profile) 12/02/10

I just need to get this out from the start: I loved this novel, seriously, loved it! This will definitely be in my top five reads of the year, not the quarter, the year. Synopsis first then let the love fest begin:
“When Washington D.C. police detective Ryan Kessler is targeted by Henry Loving, he and his family are immediately put under government protection. Loving is a ruthless "lifter", hired to extract information from his victims, and he will use whatever means necessary including kidnapping, torturing or killing their family.
Assigned to the Kesslers is protection officer Corte: uncompromising, relentlessly devoted to protecting those in his care and a brilliant game strategist. He also knows just how brutal the lifter can be – six years earlier, Loving killed someone close to him. As tension increases between the family, the situation escalates into a deadly contest between protector and lifter as each tries to outwit the other. And as the lifter closes in on his prey, Corte must decide whether to protect his charges, or expose them to a killer in the name of personal revenge . . . “
I have read many thrillers and not read about a “lifter” or a shepherd. The originality in the characters, their jobs, the inner workings of the agencies they work for kept me enthralled, check it out, I used the word enthralled, first time this year. I have read many Jeffery Deaver novels and was ready for the usual quality work and good read, but he hits this out of the park, grand slam. Edge has just that to it, and it is an amazing plot twister. Just when you think you have it figured out, BAM, right up to the last page. This is great stuff from an author that has pumped out some of fiction’s best characters. The character of Corte is a winner, a game geek, a manipulator, and a shepherd all rolled into one. The plotlines were amazing, the narrative intense; this is one novel that is hard to put down.
Basically I cannot use enough adjectives to describe my enjoyment of this novel. Do not pass this read up, there is too much fun contained in the pages. For those of you that have not read a Jeffery Deaver novel, this is an excellent place to start. I was considering putting up the author’s biography, but honestly it is long and incredible so I am going to leave the link to his official webpage, go for it and enjoy. One note, Jeffery Deaver’s next project, the next James Bond novel. I am sure he will take James Bond to the next level.
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  "The Edge" by ncvlib (see profile) 07/19/11

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