The Red Thread: A Novel
by Ann Hood
Hardcover- $13.62

From the best-selling author of The Knitting Circle, a mother's powerful journey from loss to love. In China there is a belief that people ...

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  "A little short..." by thashaann (see profile) 07/14/10

The book weaved many different stories together, but was a tad too short.

  "The Red Thread" by debblocher (see profile) 09/07/10

I couldn't put this book down. I thought it was beautifully written. The author gave such a touching look into both the families adopting these little girls as well as the families that were giving them up. It also gave me a better understanding of the "one girl" society in China and how hard it is for the Chinese mothers to give up their babies.

  "The Red Thread" by margitolsen (see profile) 09/25/10

A heartwarming as well as informative story. Light read.

  "The Red Thread" by maggielov4 (see profile) 11/09/10

This book was very interesting. The reader learns a lot about Chinese culture and the adoption process. The story is personal to the author, and that is nice, however, our book club felt that the story was rushed a bit. But we all enjoyed it nonetheless.

  "Easy Read" by aflrichman (see profile) 11/19/10

It was an easy read... written very well... we liked talking about the topic of adoption (and the concept of a red thread) and how that related top us personally as woman and mothers... But b/c there were so many characters- no one got developed enough... it could have been 200 more pages and been excellent.

  "Beautifully Addictive" by Dracopoulos (see profile) 03/01/11

  "The Red Thread: A Novel" by reds285 (see profile) 03/01/11

This was a fantastic book. Everyone in our book club loved this book. A beautiful story that we would highly recommend to any book club.

  "Lovely Story" by litimberlake (see profile) 03/31/11

Good story. Easy read. Inspiring. I would recommend to my book club.

  "mamachix's thoughts" by mamachix (see profile) 04/27/11

Touching story of Chinese adoption from the perspective of the birth mothers/fathers and their adoptive families.

  "Found it interesting" by mybcjac24 (see profile) 06/23/12

Have had a string of books about the value of girls in different cultures. A bit of a surprise ending for me that has left me with more questions.

  "The Red Thread" by haz36 (see profile) 02/02/14

  "Moving Story" by lpollinger (see profile) 12/12/20

After losing her child in a terrible accident, Maya opens an adoption agency called The Red Thread. The Chinese believe the red thread connects a child to its mother. The story goes back and forth between the six couples in the United States wanting to adopt Chinese girls and six mothers in China who must give up their daughters.
It is a beautifully written and moving story of love, hope and despair.

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