Handle with Care: A Novel
by Jodi Picoult
Kindle Edition-

Things break all the time.

Day breaks, waves break, voices break.

Promises break.

Hearts break.

Every expectant parent will tell you ...

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  "Mom brings Wrongful Death Suit for the birth of handicapped daughter" by lollygil (see profile) 04/28/09

The story poses questions about aborting a disabled child. It was not a fun book by any means.

  "Handle With Care" by thefrugalreader (see profile) 04/29/09

Jodi Picoult takes every mothers worst fears, tangles them up and writes a novel you can't help but read. By writing the book in many points of view she takes your opinion of a subject and turns it on its ear.

  "Handle with Care" by jendorf10 (see profile) 05/15/09

It made me cry the first chapter and the last chapter but not all the way through! The book is written from the family and friend's perspective to the little girl with OI. The story has the usual Picoult twists and turns. Our group got a lot of information from the novel and the discussion we had was longer than many of our meetings in the past.

  "Handle with Care - somewhat predictable and overdone" by nbknight (see profile) 08/18/09

Interesting & informative regarding the rare genetic condition OI. Our book club researched information through the OI Foundation, and viewed a video featuring adults and children actually living and coping very well with the condition. The writer worked too hard on the irony, to the point that it became somewhat overdone. The references to the recipes, the fact that Charlotte actually went through with the lawsuit against her BEST FRIEND & personal OB MD, was hardly convincing to our group. Ironic also with the lawyer's background, and the problems of Willow's sister. Just a bit too much for me. Many of us found the plot predictable. Many guessed at the ending.

  "Piccoult is the Queen of the crappy ending." by CinCrook (see profile) 10/16/09

She is an excellent writer, her books are always thought provoking and informative. But of the books I have read most of the endings have been terrible, hurried and rushed.

  "Handle With Care (Jodi Piccoult)" by evelenaverge (see profile) 11/24/09

I enjoy reading Jodi Piccoult, but enough already! Handle With Care is quite similar to My Sister's Keeper (which I read not too long ago and watched the movie a couple of weeks ago). It will be at least a year before I read another Jodi Piccoult novel.

  "Jodi Picoult's Handle With Care" by Missidw (see profile) 11/29/09

I have to admit that I am byass to the author Picoult. I truly liked the book. I did not particulary like the ending but not every story is meant to have a fairy tale ending. I would recommend this book as a " Must Read ".

  "Handle With Care" by ohsherry709 (see profile) 12/02/09

It was an easy read and kept me captivated from start to finish. I had only read one other Picoult novel (Change of Heart) and I enjoyed this one much better. I think that she is skilled in presenting ethical issues from various perspectives.

  "Handle With Care" by lizblair (see profile) 12/06/09

I think the author has a wonderful way of putting thoughts on paper.At times would stop and refect on the wriiten words. Other than that I can't say I enjoyed the story in this book. I guess the setting in New Hampshire reflects what it says on their license plates "Live Free or Die.

  "Handle with Care" by Vickoula (see profile) 12/10/09

I found this book a bit heavy, I do not recomend it around the holiday season. Jodi Picoult has redeamed herself as an author for me after reading this book....the first and only other book I have read by her is the Tenth Circle...I had sworn off her book list...I will read her again, keeping in mind that her subject matter is heavy.

  "Not for book club selection." by teatime (see profile) 02/01/10

Some liked it and some did not. Sad story all the way to the end. For book club, another title would be better. Better suited for individual reading in my opinion. I do feel for anyone affected by this horrible disease and its consequences.

  "Handle With Care" by amyblaine (see profile) 02/16/10

it was too much like My Sister's Keeper and I had a hard time getting into it.

  "A lot of discussion" by kdy12570 (see profile) 05/20/10

Overall, we had a lot to talk about with this book--it brought up a lot of discussion. Even though none of us liked the ending to the book, we still would consider reading another Jodi Picoult book for our book club, especially since we know she picks controversial topics we can really tear apart.

  "Gloomy and depressing" by leiannie (see profile) 06/26/10

This book kept my attention and was an easy read, but I found it depressing. I know life can be depressing at times, but I, personally, don't prefer that sort of thing for my distraction and relaxation activities. However, it was well written and very realistic.

  "Handle With Care" by denloew (see profile) 08/24/10

It was a well-written book and most of the Brookside Book Club liked it but felt it was way too sad. I for one, wanted to read it fast so that I could be done with the sadness of it. It was interesting to see different perspectives of family members when there is a disability/disease in a family.

  "Great for Discusussion" by denloew (see profile) 09/01/10

It was a well-written book but very sad

  "Handle With Care" by KTManning82 (see profile) 03/03/11

Typical of Jodi Picoult to write about terrible misfortunes and abruptly end the book in a way which in no way makes it worth reading. Hated it!

  "Another Sadly Disfunctional Family" by msharry (see profile) 11/13/11

I was totally absorbed in this book but wondered through the last 3/4 of it how the mother could be so blind to the effect her actions had on her family. Do the ends justify the means? Is lying to help someone else wrong? Can a child understand that fighting and hateful words mean she is loved? Can no one see the damage to both children? How many lives is it okay to ruin to improve one? Lots of questions and sad answers.

  "Excellent Writing from Multiple Perspectives" by mjb081608 (see profile) 04/04/13

Piccoult, did yet another outstanding job in terms of telling the story from many people. The research that also went into this book is amazing and very easy to understand.

  "" by mbheil (see profile) 08/20/15

  "Handle With Care Needs Kid Gloves" by nbaker (see profile) 12/30/15

This book package needs to have "Fragile" written all over it. It broke my heart in more ways than one. Meet Willow, a six year old born with a rare genetic mutation called osteogenesis imperfect ("OI"), which in short means soft or brittle bones. Willow contracted 7 broken bones while in the womb and even more during delivery. A condition that will plague her all her life, Willow and her family must deal with the reality that something as small as a sneeze could cause a bone fracture.

A mother whose life is consumed with protecting her younger daughter as best she can, an older sister who feels neglected and overlooked just because she is "normal" and a husband who can't possibly make enough to support the financial burden of treatment and hospital bills make up a family headed for disaster. An attorney who is fighting her own internal turmoil and anxiety while looking for her true birth mother, agrees to take on a "wrongful birth" case wherein the mother hopes to cash in for dollars to help with her daughter's care. The only problem with the case is that in order to claim a wrongful birth, the mother must prove that the doctor should have discovered the prognosis earlier and allowed her the opportunity to terminate the pregnancy, if she so desired. The biggest problem -- the female OBGYN is also the mother's best friend.

There are many moral and ethical issues that lie seductively hidden in this story. Some issues I could nod my head and say "that's right" and others left me wondering how I truly felt about the cost (emotional and monetary) of pursuing. This is a good discussion book and an excellent insight to the toll that any disability takes not only on the disabled but the caregivers as well.

It is always easy to say that we would react a certain way given a set of circumstances, but the truth is that thinking how one would react and actually finding yourself in that situation and having to truly make a snap decision on a matter are two different things. As a wife, mother and grandmother, I am very much aware of the sacrifices we make in our daily lives to bring about fulfillment or enrichment in the lives of our loved ones. I know what it is like to put your own desires or wants on the back burner in order to further the advancement of someone else. But this story poses many scenarios to the age old question, "What price glory?" How much is too much to ask? Where do you draw the line?

This was a very emotional and moving story that left me with a renewed sense of appreciation, gratitude and respect for all caregivers and their relentless energy and patience. Kuddos to the author for yet another eye-opening story that will make any reader count their blessings.

  "Handle With Care" by LadyofLove (see profile) 03/10/16

This book gave a great deal to discuss as far as moral choices are concerned as well as questions regarding what constitutes love.

  "" by [email protected] (see profile) 04/20/17

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