Sister: A Novel
by Rosamund Lupton
Kindle Edition-

When her mom calls to tell her that Tess, her younger sister, is missing, Bee returns home to London on the first flight. She expects to ...

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  "Nice Change" by fermentedbookworm (see profile) 09/12/11

A fun and addictive read, Sister takes you on the chase as the story unfolds in the current and first person. A thrill to the end, you will enjoy guessing "who did it".

  "Sister: A Novel" by Rawles7 (see profile) 09/19/11

Formatted beautifully, this is a story of hope, determination, and one woman's unfailing loyalty towards her missing sister. It is a story of what grief can do to different people, and how never giving up on those you love really can make a difference. With a brilliant twist at the end that I promise you won't see coming, this is an extremely promising first novel.

  "I liked it but it was a bit slow" by tristephanie (see profile) 01/05/12

I liked this book, but found myself putting it down quite a bit which is unusual for me. I loved the relationship between the sisters, and the overall message the author sends but I thought the book went on and on. As I was reading it was frustrating how hard the author was trying to make you change your mind by adding yet another twist, it was too obvious and I didn't like that. This was the author's first novel, so maybe next time the story will come to a conclusion sooner. There was one aspect of the story I did not care for at all and you don't find out until the end. Overall this is an ok book.

  "Sister" by kdangle17 (see profile) 01/30/12

The author took way too much time to tell a simple story. The main character was repetitive and unbelievable.

  "Sister" by cbanta68 (see profile) 02/09/12

This was an amazing, well-written book about the love shared between two sisters.

  "Sister" by ncjn5 (see profile) 05/02/12

I liked that it was different and I had no idea that it was going to end the way it did. It will probably tick a lot of people off.

  "Sister" by Neyly (see profile) 06/24/12

Beautifully written: the book jumps from the present to the past to the distant past of the characters, yet the author manages to keep the reader with her. Told in first person by one of the sisters, it tugged at my heart. I did not see or expect the twist at the end of the book; it makes me want to read it again for the scattered clues. Good, good book for discussion; everyone in the club liked it.

  "Twists and Turns will Keep you Reading" by Staciele (see profile) 09/12/13

Haunting novel told to the dead sister from the sister left living. Good read, but not much to discuss.

  "Interesting" by RitaCordelia (see profile) 05/12/15

Slow start but once I got who was talking to who, it was a fast and page turner read.

  "This is get-nothing-else-done, stay-up-late unputdownable" by ebach (see profile) 05/24/15

Rosamund Lupton's SISTER is told in a manner unlike other novels, that is, as the past-tense story of Beatrice's learning about and investigation into the death of her sister Tess, as related in her present-tense statement to the prosecuting attorney (as we would call him in the U.S.) Mr. Wright, all within a letter to Tess. Yet it does not confuse. Rather, the structure adds to the tension in this excellent novel.

Beatrice, unlike police, detectives, even her own mother, is sure that Tess was murdered but by whom and why? With her investigation, Beatrice suspects everyone, and so does the reader. This much, alone, is thrilling, but there is also an underlying tension whenever we are in the present with Mr. Wright.

This novel has an ending that shocks as only a handful of novels do. It is also my favorite kind of novel for another reason: it is get-nothing-else-done, stay-up-late unputdownable.

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