The Reincarnationist
by M. J. Rose
Hardcover- N/A

A bomb in Rome, a flash of bluish-white light, and photojournalist Josh Ryder's world exploded. From that instant nothing would ever be the ...

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  "I don't believe this would be a good discussion book." by lindakiddo (see profile) 09/30/07

The story is a good one. It moves back and forth in time and is very suspenseful. I thought the ending was thought-provoking. I would not hesitate to recommend this title to anyone who enjoys a thriller with an historical backround. I would not suggest it to my book club because other than "liked it" or "didn't" I can't see material for a lively discussion.

  "Terrific bookclub pick" by Ruthk (see profile) 10/01/07

This book reads like suspsense but has a lot of issues to discuss - which is what my favorite book club books always are. Another member of my club already read it and gave it to me me The topic of reincarnation alone could keep us talking but the decisions the characters makes and the end is a major conversation starter. A definate pick.

  "Do some homework and this book is an excellent Book Club read." by nycrules (see profile) 10/11/07

I liked this book, and I think it makes an excellent book club read, simply because of the history entailed in the story lines. I personally did not know much about Pagan religions, I went online and did some background research for myself. This research led to some very interesting discoveries about the Vestal Virgins. It also opened my eyes to facts which contradict modern beliefs. Such as the first Voting rights for women started as early as the 2nd century. This book was Interesting and easy to follow once I had a clearer concept on Pagan and Christian religions. The other very interesting part of the book of course was the topic of reincarnation, overall I do not know how anyone could not have a great discussion with this book, it has history, mystery, interesting characters with hidden lives but mostly it leaves you with the notions of interesting and debateable the topic is. However; This book is one that requires concentration, to keep up with it.

  "Interesting, thought-provoking, disappointing ending" by Madam Secretary (see profile) 12/05/07

We had mixed reviews about the book. Most enjoyed reading the book, going back in time, being in Rome, etc., but were disappointed in the ending.

  "Josh Ryer, after an accident, begins having unsettling memories of two previous lifetimes. His current life falls apart, as he investigates the two previous lifetimes." by cat6405 (see profile) 06/08/08

I wanted to like The Reincarnationist more than I did, especially with a bibliography that included Jung and Weiss.
This book kept my attention, but the writing was choppy and the characters not totally believable or developed.
I enjoyed the past lives having to do with Roman times and the Vestal Virgins, but many things were not resolved. And the ending was quite anti-climatic.
Our book club had an animated discussion despite the drawbacks.

  "Rich with detail" by robbieadkins (see profile) 12/26/08

This book is filled with many concepts that one could spend hours discussing. One chapter draws you into the next so it is a very enjoyable read. A great choice for any club.

  "Captivating Read!" by lollygil (see profile) 07/14/09

I read MJ Rose's The Memorist before I read this book, and found as much as I enjoyed that one, The Reincarnist become my favorite of the two. It's a great read with suspense, romance, mystery and history.

  "Interesting adventure" by blueeyes (see profile) 06/28/10

It took me a little while to get started on this book. The beginning was a little slow but the more I read the more involved I became in the characters dilemma. The Reincarnationist is full of adventure and thought provoking questions about reincarnation and the history of religions and how they began.

  "Interested topic." by mpaniaguatej (see profile) 10/03/10

I first red The Memorist and i think I enjoyed that more than this one. May be I expect too much from this book due to the fact that is the 1st of the trilogy. Anyway, it was a nice reading and opens many roads for discussion.

  "Da Vinci Code-esque look at reincarnation" by vrtikapa (see profile) 12/03/10

Not as good as Da Vinci Code, and was disappointed with the ending.

  "The Reincarnationist" by debmcvmom (see profile) 12/03/10

A disappointing story with an even more disappointing ending. A great idea but poorly developed.

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