The Mother's Promise: A Novel
by Sally Hepworth
Hardcover- $16.55

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  "The Mother's Promise" by Silversolara (see profile) 02/21/17

A mother's love is constant no matter what, and Alice definitely has a mother's never-ending love for her daughter Zoe.

Alice and Zoe are close and even closer than a mother and daughter normally are because Alice does not have a husband or any family, and obviously Zoe has no father.

Zoe ?along with the absence of family and friends ?has a social anxiety disorder? that causes more worry for Alice and deeply affects Zoe. When Alice finds out she has ovarian cancer, the exact cancer that caused her mother's death, her worry about Zoe is even more stressful.

We follow Alice and Zoe as they struggle through the battle of cancer treatments and resolving Zoe's anxiety issues.

During the treatment of her cancer, A?lice makes friends with her social worker, Sonja, and with her nurse, Kate, who also have problems of their own.

The subject matter of THE MOTHER'S PROMISE was a bit of a downer because of the cancer as well as other social problems, but it also was wonderful because of the development of friendships and the concern the characters had for each other.

Alice, Zoe, Kate, and Sonja were warm characters that worked well together, supported each other, and were perfectly portrayed.

THE MOTHER’S PROMISE was beautifully written and pulled you into the story and the lives of the characters as the difficult situations and life issues were addressed. You can't help but become attached to Zoe and all the characters and cry along with them as the situations escalate.

Ms. Hepworth will again take women’s fiction fans on an emotional ride of real life situations and real emotions.

Get out the tissue box as you deal with the characters’ feelings and make them your own.

ENJOY!! 4/5

This book was given to me free of charge and without compensation by the publisher in return for an honest review.

  "The Mother's Promise" by nbaker (see profile) 03/13/17

Kate is a nurse and coordinator for patients needing assistance as they progress through an illness, injury or cancer treatments. She can organize help while patients are in the hospital or at home. She is married with two stepchildren and desperately wants a child of her own. Two miscarriages are casting billowing dark clouds over her dreams and her husband is ready for her to stop trying.

Sonja is a social worker who assists Kate with patient's needs. She is married to a wealthy businessman whose behavior and sexual manners became somewhat aggressive and controlling since they married. Daily she doles out words of advice and encourage to others in abusive relationships and yet lacks the courage or insight to see the reflection in the mirror of her own life.

Zoe is a teenage battling severe anxiety issues. Afraid to make eye contact with anyone other than her mother, a social life that is nearly non-existent and suffering the smirks and side jokes of all her classmates, her life is the epitome of stressful and lonely -- to say the least. Zoe hasn't a clue as to who is her father. Her world revolves solely around her mother who provides her refuge from her fears and anxieties.

Alice is Zoe's mother. She is a caregiver to the elderly and sick. Her gift in life is her ability to bring comfort to others in both her professional and personal life. Alice struggles daily to bring order to a world that is void of order and peace for her daughter. Alice is the rock and safe harbor for Zoe and is Zoe's only chance for a normal survival. But Alice has just been caught in her own avalanche with little hope of rescue. When the dust settles at her feet, the signs are as visible as a neon sign shining through the darkness and it spells stage three ovarian cancer.

This is a powerful story about the strength and courage of three women and a child. Each are struggling with their own internal disappointments, fears and shame. Each shares a common bond of guilt -- guilt for not being strong enough to say "enough, guilt for an inability to bear a child, guilt for having drawn the short straw in life and leaving a child to fend for herself and guilt for being afraid of everything.

There is little to be revealed in this story that an avid reader can't figure out and yet it was a sad but enjoyable journey to take with all of the characters. Short but to the point chapters kept this story moving at a good pace. It affords an opportunity to laugh and to cry but even more -- to hope, to reflect on what you have been given and to cherish each day with those you love.

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