The Stranger
by Harlan Coben
Hardcover- $17.47

#1 New York Times bestselling master of suspense Harlan Coben delivers his most shocking thriller yet, proving that a well-placed lie can ...

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  "" by jmbays (see profile) 05/11/15

  "" by zacjosh (see profile) 08/09/15

  "The Stranger" by Suziq7 (see profile) 10/21/15

Good read. Lots of unexpected twists and turns. Didn't want to out down, once I started getting into it. Definitely not what I expected, but great book!

  "Sinister, intense, dark, and addictive" by ccroft78248 (see profile) 11/09/15

Wow, what a good read! This is a fast paced easy to read novel with a lot of twists and turns. It's creepy and intense, but rouses the curiosity so that you do not want to put it down.

  "The Stranger" by mamabearreads (see profile) 12/17/15

Easier read with a plot that keeps you interested.

  "" by abutts (see profile) 02/26/16

  "" by judecatt (see profile) 04/26/16

  "" by pwin1185 (see profile) 05/26/16

  "" by wendy55 (see profile) 09/09/16

  "Unputdownable " by ebach (see profile) 10/15/16

Once again Harlan Coben has written an unputdownable novel.

As always, Coben gives us a multilayered story that is actually story upon story upon story. That's what makes it unputdownable, but that also makes for lots of characters names to remember. So pay attention and don't read it too fast.

The main story is about Adam and Corinne. A stranger has revealed to Adam a secret Corinne has kept from him for a couple of years. After he confronts her with it, she disappears. Now the mystery(s) begins.

Every one of the stories involves a devastating secret and usually blackmail. They are all intertwined, and each builds on Adam's mystery. Each also keeps the reader trying to guess the solution. But I've never been able to guess the solution to Coben's mysteries. I didn't guess here, either.

  "The Stranger (Never Talk to Strangers)" by nbaker (see profile) 02/20/18

This was my second book by this author (Six Years being the first). This was an engaging story that grabbed me in the first chapter.

The stranger didn't shatter Adam's world all at once. That was what Adam Price would tell himself later, but that was a lie. "You didn't have to stay with her," the Stranger said. "That's why you stayed. Corrine told you she was pregnant. ....... She lied."

Words from a stranger create doubt, broken trust and insecurities in a marriage that has become stagnant and routine. A spouse is confronted with accusations they don't want to hear and a spouse disappears to who knows where. The Stranger still isn't satisfied and there are more secrets to divulge, but how are they connected? Is there motive behind the actions of the Stranger or is it just no longer a secret if you can get it off your chest?

Maybe there is truth in the saying "Facts are stranger than fiction"? But the hardest part is discovering what is fact and what is fiction -- and once discovered, which do you choose to pawn off as the truth? Perhaps it boils down to which is more believable?

As a child we scoff at the advice of our parents, putting it off to them being overbearing, manipulative or controlling. But, for the most part, their advice is not only true but warranted. And nothing could be more important than when you were told "Never talk to the Stranger."

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